New Zealand Brutal Place for Women and Tourists. Amy Farrall, Niki Honda, Michaela Brandl et al…updated

Another sad reminder today that New Zealand continues to be a brutally unsafe place for women and tourists, whilst Christchurch has a hard time living down its reputation as the nation’s murder capital. Until the National led government recently started interfering with reporting requirements by making “procedural changes that wiped thousands of crimes off the stats” New Zealand had the fifth highest murder rate in the OECD and with good reason.

Cissy Chen, murdered in North Shore

Cissy Chen, murdered in North Shore

First, the remains of a woman’s body found in a park drain in North Shore have been identified as those of 44 year old Auckland accountant, Bin ‘Cissy’ Chen who had been missing from her Torbay home since 5 November 2012 (Guyfawkes’ Night). Police believe she had been murdered. Workers found her bones at the Totaravale Reserve at lunchtime last Monday.

The discovery of Cissy Chen’s remains comes after the brutal stabbing murder of Rongmei “Mei” Fan, 37, at her home in the Wellington suburb of Mirimar who was last seen alive dropping her children off at the local school in November last year. Visit the Justice for Mei Facebook page.


Rongmei “Mei” Fan murdered in Mirimar

Elsewhere in New Zealand, police have admitted that there could be a link between the weekend rape and murder of a Christchurch woman and female tourists Niki Honda and Michaela Brandl who were robbed and brutalised in Franz Josef, almost 400km away.

Amy Farrall

Amy Farrall and her pet dog Chop

The body of 24 year old community worker Amy Farrall was found stuffed into the trunk of an abandoned car at New World supermarket in Woolston, Christchurch late yesterday. Amy, who was employed as a  caregiver for Richmond Fellowship in Christchurch, had been missing since Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon two overseas tourists were attacked and left for dead at Franz Josef in Southland. Originally described as “two German women” (Hitchhikers left stabbed, with broken bones – Stuff) who’d accepted a lift near Whataroa, the women were later identified as a 28-year-old German woman and a 27-year-old woman of Japanese and Dutch origin. They suffered serious injuries in the attack, including stab wounds to the neck and a broken pelvis.

Police, mindful of New Zealand’s international reputation, have yet to release the names of the two tourists. The charm offensive to reassure the public about how ‘safe’ New Zealand is has yet to be launched but expect to see that begin any day now.

Update 2/4/14

As predicted, the charm offensive was launced today, two days after the story broke about the tourists: Kiwis reach out to attacked hitchhikers. It is appalling that the country cares more about its international reputation and damage limitation,  than the safety of tourists who visit there. Where’s the public information campaign to warn tourists about the dangers they face in New Zealand?


Members of have their say:


feedback two

Unfortunately attacks against women, children and tourists happen with alarming frequency in New Zealand as any regular reader of this site will know.

Our deepest condolences go out to the families and friends of all the women involved in these awful attacks.

There’s still no word about the outcome of an investigation into the attack on two Dutch tourists in Albert Town a couple of months ago.

Violent New Zealand

Also in today’s news:  The mother of a man whose headless skeleton was found in an Auckland garage is “sick to the stomach” her son’s killer is appealing the length of his sentence. Two Auckland teens have been found guilty of murdering a man who they left to die at the side of a road.  A Timaru woman was admitted to hospital after being stabbed early yesterday morning. Convicted rapist and murderer Teina Pora has been granted parole. Pora spent 21 years in jail for the 1994 rape and murder of Susan Burdett in her South Auckland home. Police are searching for a 28-year-old convict they believe murdered homeless Auckland man Maqbool Hussain. The sentencing of a South Auckland teen, who paralysed his victim by stabbing him in the neck, almost erupted into a courtroom brawl. Xodus Reece Akapere Taviliniu-Vemoa, 18, was jailed for five years and one month after pleading guilty to wounding Hayden Barton-Cootes. 19… and so on and so on… the daily life of New Zealand continues.

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Chinese woman attacked for speaking Chinese on a train approaching Petone.

Scottish visitor Stuart Martin who was left in a coma and with a boot print on his face after a street bashing in Taradale, Christchurch.

7 thoughts on “New Zealand Brutal Place for Women and Tourists. Amy Farrall, Niki Honda, Michaela Brandl et al…updated

  1. Skinny girl with limp hair and loose clothes (Kiwi deliberately dressed for this project, to make this very point, and not strutting) walk in majority-Asian Auckland for a short amount of time, and loudly proclaims “this doesn’t happen in New Zealand”. We’re onto ya, sorry, New Zealand. Just because your sexual abuse isn’t overt doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Top of the Lake is closer to reality than this “manufactured” time slice.

    • Bradley Ambrose (of teatapes fame) filmed the walk. Despite the woman being stalked by one man, NZ was still proclaimed to be a safe place for women.

      A few years ago when actor Anna Faris was subjected to sexist catcalls on an Auckland street her complaint was dismissed as invalid because she was a “pot head stoner” ( a role she played in a film) It’s little wonder NZ women habitually dress-down and rarely make official complaints about sexual abuse. The first question is invariably “what were you wearing” e.g. the young girl who complained to the police about being raped by #Roastbuster gang. Police decided to take no action in that case.

    • Allegedly by a man who was out on parole for string of offences. Strangely, the police haven’t released that information – it came from Corrections.

  2. This article has been updated. Again, we’d like to convey our deepest condolences to the friends and relatives of the women involved in these terrible attacks.

  3. I feel for these poor women suffering this type of violence. The worst part is that the (in)justice system in New Zealand usually fails to punish the perpetrator. Perhaps the perpetrator will be the cousin of the people investigating it.

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