German Tourist Seriously Injured in Napier Mugging, French Tourists Pistol Whipped, Sex Attack by Motelier Results in Community Service

We are saddened to hear that a German tourist suffered a serious injury during an attack outside The Napier Waterfront Lodge and Backpackers last Saturday night. This and other attacks are reminders that New Zealand continues to be an unsafe destination for some tourists.

“A teenage German tourist has been taken to hospital after a vicious attack yesterday morning left him with a severely broken jaw. The 18-year-old and his friends were staying at the Napier Waterfront Lodge and Backpackers on Saturday night when the altercation occurred.

A witness, who did not wish to be named, said she saw a car across the road from the Marine Parade backpackers when she went outside about 2am.

The woman said two men, described as male Maori, got out of their car and became involved in a fight with two German backpackers in the entrance to the hostel…Hawke’s Bay Today understands the offenders took off with cellphones and passports belonging to the two men but the passports were recovered later the same night” …

In an unrelated incident two French tourists were attacked in a Westshore carpark after deciding to sleep in their van for the night just over a month ago. A 22-year-old man was pistol whipped before the pair managed to scare their attackers off. A 27-year-old woman was arrested in relation to the incident however she was unable to appear in court due to a pre-existing health issue.” source NZ Herald

Other tourism related news in New Zealand today

A Rotorua motelier, found guilty of a sex attack on a guest staying at his motel has been invited to serve his sentence in the very premises where the assault took place. A NZ Herald report said that police had pleaded with the judge for a prison sentence, however, the judge ignored them. In an effort to keep down the burgeoning prison population any crimes with a  2 year sentence or less are automatically eligible for home detention, or community service, in New Zealand.

Hyeon (Paul) Soo Song, 53, was sentenced by Judge James Weir in the Rotorua District Court today to 250 hours’ community work, nine months’ supervision and ordered to pay $1000 reparation to his victim. He pleaded guilty in October to indecently assaulting a female guest in her 20s at the Studio Motel on August 4.

According to Trip Advisor the Studio Hotel may be located at 315a Fenton Street, Rotorua, New Zealand. According to reviews left on the site at least two other women have had problems at the Studio Hotel in Rotorua. One review dated 18 October 2013 is headed

“Caution Suggested”

“As a woman travelling alone, my experience with the manager of this motel was not positive. He exhibited inappropriate behaviours towards me on arrival, including holding my hand and touching my shoulder and elbow frequently. His tour of the room and explanations of how things worked were elaborate and unnecessary. He also suggested that he could help by hanging up the clothes in my luggage. Of course I declined. Before leaving, he assured me that he was available for whatever I needed at any time of the night. I considered leaving and finding another motel, but had already paid on arrival, as he had asked me to do. I would not stay at this motel again and I would not recommend it for any females travelling alone.

  • Stayed July 2013, travelled on business”

Another, dated 16 August reads talks about

“Uncomfortable attention”

“Location is good and the room nice for the price paid. Unfortunately marred by over-friendliness and behaviour of the owner/manager. At first it seemed okay but attention bordered on inapproprate, without getting into details, over-stepping personal space and frequent visits and knocking on my unit door right up until 10pm one night.
The room is clean with all amenities I needed. The bath was lovely, but I learned to fill with hot water first then top up with cold because there was a limit on the hot water in my unit. Parking was there on premises but very snug due to the layout.
Ordinarily, I would have recommended this place for the price, location and room. But with the excessive attention and feeling watched, not appropriate for a solo-travelling woman.”

  • Stayed July 2013, travelled solo

Just more reminders that tourists need to take care of themselves in New Zealand because you can’t rely on the justice system to keep the nasties off the streets.

3 thoughts on “German Tourist Seriously Injured in Napier Mugging, French Tourists Pistol Whipped, Sex Attack by Motelier Results in Community Service

  1. SFNZ seek out a blog called Lauda Finem for insights into the journalistic shenanegans that go on in NZ. Their twitter acc. is @Laudafinem

  2. If you are still in New Zealand and have the right mates, I would recommend that you become a training consultant for reporters and journalists. Somehow, you can dig deep and locate things that the New Zealand media cannot find from either malice, incompetence, or a combination of both. You had the imagination to check the Trip Advisor reviews, unlike the “professionals” in the New Zealand media.

    • Thanks for sharing this. I am very curious who the mystery journalist is and I have some guesses. I thought the US was bad about censoring until I arrived in New Zealand. At least in the US the scale of the country allows alternative news sites to proliferate and people can get their news there, whereas this is nonexistent in New Zealand. The only people that seem to report the unsavoury truth of New Zealand are the foreigners.

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