Fifth Teenager Charged for Beating German Tourists in Whakatane – one adult gets bail

We’re pleased to report that the police have apprehended the fifth teenager involved in an unprovoked attack on two German tourists in Whakatane.

This brings the total haul to a 14, 15, 17 and 18 year old male and a 15 year old girl. Police have opposed bail for all of them and their identities are still suppressed.


According to an update by the Rotorua Daily Post, and despite police objections, one of the “adults” has made bail.

One adult was remanded in custody and the other was bailed with strict conditions.

They will all reappear on January 17 in Whakatane District Court.

Gang prospects

No word yet as to their gang affiliations (either Black Power or Mongrel) but brutal assaults followed by a prison sentence are the usual prerequisites for prospects. Read Gang Prospects Jailed For The Rape Of Japanese Tourist In Opotiki. Three of the arrested youths were from neighboring Opotiki, the remainder from Whakatane.

According to

 “A 15-year-old boy has become the fifth teenager to be charged with the aggravated robbery of two young German tourists in Whakatane on Boxing Day.

The four already charged appeared in court on Friday. All were remanded in custody and their identities were suppressed.

The 15-year old arrested today will also appear with the four in the Whakatane District Court tomorrow. They face joint charges of aggravated robbery.

Police will oppose bail for all five people.

Three of those already charged are males aged, 14, 17 and 18. The fourth person is a 15-year-old girl. The 17-year-old is from the Whakatane area and the other three are from Opotiki…” more here

5 thoughts on “Fifth Teenager Charged for Beating German Tourists in Whakatane – one adult gets bail

  1. Lets wait for the verdict, they might receive a slap on the wrist…By the way, any news from the Roast Busters case? Any charge yet?

    • Home detention and fines are highly likely given their ages and the fact there were no deaths. Home detention may be applied for by anyone charged with a crime for which the custodial sentence is less than two years. Hardly a deterrent are they?

      No news from the Roast Busters case yet, it is only likely to be released when it can be spun in a positive way. We predict discharges without conviction will be given due to the social standing of the perp’s families.

  2. Nobody should camp in the North Island of NZ, nobody. Too dangerous. I also would say to stay well away from the upper North Island and the East Coast of the North Island completely. Yes, it’s beautiful but there are people waiting for tourists to arrive so they can rob them and worse. Understand that you are going to stand out as a tourist, by your accent, your expensive outdoor clothing, your rental car etc. I used to live in NZ, this type of gang violence is standard, just about every day something like this reported. Go to Auckland and Wellington, stay in nice hotels. Then go to the South Island to see the beautiful scenery but stick to the cities – Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch. Be careful in Kaikoura.
    Trust no-one is my advice. The place is beautiful in parts, a lot of the people are pretty brutal. (reposting here as relevant to this post also)

    • Kaikoura is tourist central . Anywhere like that just assume there is a certain percent of the population on the lookout for vulnerable tourists and be alert. Basically anywhere that the locals are not particularly well-off and rely on tourism, be careful. Especially somewhere isolated like Kaikoura. Queenstown has a different vibe, think it may be due to the fact that the town has a lot of money behind it and it is expensive to live there.
      I really appreciate this site. I always try to give these messages to people I meet who are travelling around NZ or thinking of moving there.

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