Elderly Australian Tourist Stabbed in Head at Waihi Beach, Murder Investigation Launched – Updated

Robert Murray Wilkinson died in his homeland

Robert Murray Wilkinson died in his homeland

We are appalled to learn of the stabbing of an elderly Australian campervan tourist at Waihi beach in the early hours of 1 January 2013. Robert Murray Wilkinson was aged 64 and had been living in the  Queensland suburb of Indooroopilly, Australia, for about 10 years. Sadly he succumbed to his injuries and police have launched a murder investigation (Operation Brad) Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

The stabbing took place outside of 25 Beach Road, Waihi

This is the latest in a string of attacks against campers and caravaners in New Zealand, the most horrific of them the beating and savage rape of a five year old  Belgian girl at a Turangi campsite.

According to a report on Stuff

“The 64-year-old expat who now lives in Queensland is in a critical condition in Waikato Hospital’s Intensive Car Unit with severe head injuries after the New Year’s Day attack.

The man and his wife were staying in a caravan in front of a friend’s house when the attack happened.”

Police are hoping to be able to use photographs taken by New Year revellers to find out the identity of the person responsible for the unprovoked attack.

We’ve written many times about attacks on campervan tourists in New Zealand. If you’re considering a camping or campervan holiday in New Zealand always stay at an official campsite and never camp in lay-bys or on the side of the road because there have been far too many attacks on tourists. Even staying in a registered campsite offers little protection, as evidenced by the attack on the child at Turangi.

Keep yourselves safe.

Update 8 January 2013

Police issued a news release today, saying there other unlawful incidents in the vicinity.

Waikato District Crime Manager, Detective Chris Page, said as Operation Brad, the investigation into the murder of 64-year-old Murray WILKINSON, heads into its eighth day the events leading up to the fatal attack are becoming clearer.

We knew there were a lot of people, predominantly intoxicated youths, in and around the area where the attack took place and we have confirmed there were several incidents of assaults and disorder.

“What the response to appeals for information and images has done however, is enable us to identify people, places and times as we piece together the various parts of the jigsaw of our investigation.”

Mr Page said about 30 Police staff from across the Waikato, Central and Upper North Island continue to work on the case as part of what Police refer to as a ‘whole of policing’ response…

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