Blessie Gotingco’s Muder a National Disgrace, Entirely Preventable


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Blessilda may’ve been the latest of many NZ women attacked by repeat offenders.

Blessie’s death came a month after a man released on parole murdered Amy Farrall and almost killed two female tourists Niki Honda and Michaela Brandl.

Following yesterday’s news that the man arrested hours after the murder of Blesinda “Blessie” Gotingco was ‘under supervision‘ the following statement has been issued by New Zealand’s Sensible Sentencing Trust.


Blessie Gotingco murder shaping up
to be another national disgrace


Was he on Parole, Bail, Extended Supervision or simply another recidivist violent offender that should never have been on the streets?

The Sensible Sentencing Trust say whatever the facts turn out to be, one thing is virtually a given – the murder of Blessie Gotingco was entirely preventable.

Trust Spokesman, Garth McVicar believes when the facts are revealed the nation will be shocked. “This will be another innocent women’s life ended in a frenzied, horrific, violent assault. Another tragedy that could have and should have been prevented.”

“This murder will be able to be traced back to law makers who have failed in their duty to keep us safe. Legislators who have introduced laws designed to get recidivist violent offenders out of prison and back on the street at the earliest possible opportunity.”

“I hope we are wrong, but mark my words, the murder of Blessie Gotingco is shaping up to be another national disgrace. ”


9 thoughts on “Blessie Gotingco’s Muder a National Disgrace, Entirely Preventable

  1. Totally disgusted this man allowed to live in an area where he has access to victims at all, should never have been let out of prison, a huge risk and this was known, not only , adults, but chi,dren he has a horrendous past and he lived in an apptment overlooking my daughters school! Come on! What is going on, feel devastated for blesses family they have lost a treasured mother, but also feel sick for what else could have happened…when will nz courts and judicial system learn!!!

  2. When will our legal and judicial system truly be overhauled? Blessie’s killing is truly yet another national disgrace, and entirely preventable. If these “predators” were not let out into our communities, Blessie and others that have had their lives taken by reoffenders would still be alive.

    There needs to be a thorough investigation as to how these ‘people” are even let back into the community, and I feel that Judicial Body that makes those decisions should be accountable for them – this is failing the community.

    Enough is enough NZ. There needs to be a zero tolerance for sexual and violent crime. No 3 strikes here – Once is more than enough, and those perpetrators should be removed from the community indefinitely.

    Blessie’s killer is 27. Hes already served 8 years in prision. Is he able to be rehibilated? I don’t think so. Even if he got given 30 years and no parole – he’d still be 57 on release, the same age he took an innocent womans life, returning home from work within metres of her home.

    This should be an election issue.

  3. Another very good example of the laziness, apathy and incompetence of the New Zealand people, legal systems and government. Here is a nation full of people who would rather allow their fellow citizens to be murdered than lift a finger to make sure this sort of thing does not happen.

  4. The death penalty is the one and only answer to murder, rape and drug traficking.

    Crims should not live in community after second offence anyway.

  5. Whwn will the NZ Police and goverment EVER be sued for a murder caused by the direct pathetic slackness

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