Counterbalance: Lancashirerose Beware of NZ Immigration Advice Sites that Concentrate on the Positives


Don't drink the Kool-Aid

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid

Thank you to the reader who sent us the link to one of those pro-NZ immigration sites  (you know the sites we’re talking about – the sort  that paint New Zealand in a favourable light to keep their advertising revenue coming in and give unlicensed immigration ‘advice’).

Here’s a question that was recently posted on such a site.

I’m waiting to hear about a job offer in Auckland. However in the meantime I have stumbled across a website called e2nz, and I’m now worried if I’m doing the right thing. I would be moving with my husband and 3 sons aged 20,8,& 4.

The site goes on about a large gang culture and widespread problem with drugs. It also says about overpriced sub-standard housing and that the education system is lacking in compared to the UK. In the UK we live comfortably and we both have good jobs and the boys are thriving in school. We wanted to move to NZ to escape the overcrowding in Manchester, the drug related problems, the mass immigration from Eastern Europe into our already overcrowded roads and shortage of housing.

Will I be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. It’s with a heavy heart that we have made the decision to move from the UK especially leaving our mums and family and friends behind. We wanted a safe and happy place to raise our family and hopefully more opportunities for the elder son. We have managed to raise him to be a good lad who is not interested in drugs.

Any advise good or bad would help as if I get this job offer, which is looking promising as they are contacting my referees, would be appreciated.

Of course, there were only two replies and one of them was from a moderator who seems to spend a great deal of time selling New Zealand on the site (constantly setting the tone for other replies). Neither responder asked why the OP had decided to leave Britain, or questioned whether New Zealand was the best destination for them and their children if they’re looking for things like excellence in education; or an anti-drug culture drugs (New Zealand has an appalling drug problem – Meth and Cannabis)

But then, you’re unlikely to get full and frank advice on sites like these, usually they have a way of weeding out “negative” posters so there’s seldom anyone able to make a response that tells it like it is. This method of positive reinforcement is common on the immigration pimp sites, which is why sites like exist – as a counterbalance to those who retail, and consume, Kool-Aid.

Also on the same site was a question about living in Gisborne. Now, if you’re really looking for ‘un-filtered’ information about Gisborne you have only to read all of our many articles tagged GISBORNE .

How easy was that?

Lancashirerose, don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

11 thoughts on “Counterbalance: Lancashirerose Beware of NZ Immigration Advice Sites that Concentrate on the Positives

  1. Very true Joy.

    Every white kiwi-wannabee constantly self justifies there decision to leave the UK on certain forums and in real life.

    Most will happily sit there and criticise the UK until they are blue in the face, this is to give themselves constant reassurance they ‘made the right choice’, iv seen it on various forums all over the internet one bad word spoken about NZ and you are jumped all over.

    My time there was very fake, everybody was trying way too hard to play happy families, like has been said above it’s a hard sell and it’s very easy to get sucked in, champagne lifestyle, lemonade money.

    It still amazes me to this day, 2 years later, I act on gut instinct and usually know what the score is, you do have a sense when there and when back home that it’s not quite as good as people made out, in fact, it’s nothing like what people make out when you sit back and have a sensible think about things.

    My problem, I was too honest for New Zealand and way too honest for the people there.

  2. Never take advice from them, they’re dysfunctional and people are always on the sell.

    NZ residents on those sites fall in to two categories.

    1. Recent migrants who are still in the honeymoon phase, it lasts about 6-12 months until the novelty wears off. Then they realise all those little niggles they’ve been having are starting to form a distinct pattern of unease.
    2. Old hands who’ve never really settled in NZ despite being there for years. They haunt the immigration sites trying to persuade themselves (and vicariously, others) that NZ was a good choice.

    If you join a pimp site and you’re still posting after 2 years take that as a sign that you’ve not integrated very well and aren’t that happy. Leave them well alone.

    • Yes, the honeymooners want to “report that they landed and are doing well”. This sometimes lasts, sometimes not. The older NZ forum hands hang out on these forums to justify their own decision. They certainly have time on their hands – probably not found much work to do. Maybe too they think if they lure more quality people to NZ, it’ll stop being sh*t. So they collude in bringing more of what they want a la cargo cult to NZ – smart people, culture and money. Infusion! It’ll be perfect then! Yiss! They can stuff their fejoas up their nostrils.

  3. Can you please let me know which pro immigration site is being referred to here. I am trying to find ways to let people in Europe and North America know about my own experiences here in New Zealand since I was recruited overseas to come and work for the government in a senior role. After being forced to leave my job of 7 years under duress, following my complaint about long term bullying by a manager, I have been repeatedly told by employment agents that, even though I have 18 years experience in project management and stakeholder management, my ‘skill set’ is not relevant for New Zealand. The majority have advised me to go back to where I ‘came from’. Although a lot more interest has been shown by companies in Europe, I don’t have the money to move there. Although I have several degrees and a Masters, in addition to 7 years experience in New Zealand, the only roles I have been sent for have been very junior ones such as data entry and working in supermarkets. However, even when I applied for these out of desperation, I was turned down because they said they had received applications from high calibre ‘better qualified’ applicants! I am at my wits’ end now and have no idea what to do. For the first time in my life, I have been forced to apply for unemployment benefit which, for me, is shameful. I really find it hard to think of a way out of this stagnant situation and would hate to see anybody else falling into the same trap.

    • We’ve got a policy of not promoting these sites. Google is your best option in this case. Besides which any attempt you make to ‘warn people off’ will be treated as a hostile act by the site’s moderating team. Your best course of action is to contact people privately.

      Sorry to hear about your situation, going back to where you came from isn’t always the best option. There are other countries that need skilled migrants, some of which offer far better prospects than NZ.

      • Amelia, please add your full detailed story here. It’s a good way of letting people know how things turned out for you in a safe cyberplace.

      • Thank you for your response. I can understand you not wanting to promote these sites that present misleading information about life in New Zealand for immigrants. Unfortunately, when you search for information on New Zealand to decide whether to move here, it is these very sites that pop up at you straight away. Had I seen the E2NZ site when I was still overseas, I would never have taken the risk of coming to New Zealand. Certainly I would not have shipped all my furniture and belongings over here.

        • They do not blatantly advertise their actual sponsorship and purpose, or else people would not consider them neutral resources. It’s important to their mission that they look neutral. So the dissuasion is subtle, sometimes. You can see the pop-up click-ons etc. relating to removal companies and real estate and pension management and other NZ businesses on their sites. has a lot of migrant stories, and on these you can often “read between the lines”, ex. this American who stresses that Kiwis don’t have the American work ethic!

  4. If the original posted reads this, I would strongly recommend that you stay where you are. I have lived in both Lancashire and New Zealand. I am aware of some of the problems in Lancashire, but I strongly believe that you will disadvantage yourselves by immigrating to New Zealand.

    It is often possible to “fix” the problems you have by relocating somewhere within your own area or country. If you do not like the crowds in Manchester, I think you can still find a quieter lifestyle in some of the smaller towns of Lancashire.

    The best illustration that I could give about the difference between Lancashire and New Zealand is to imagine Lancashire comprised solely of the chavs/drunks/soccer hooligans. Now remove the respectable English middle classes and realise that the chavs are also the ones in senior positions in government and business making the rules and targeting those whom they perceive as better.

    If you read this and want some unvarnished advice, then leave an e-mail address where I can contact you.

  5. It is a pity that I do not have contact details for the people from Manchester thinking of emigrating to Auckland and the person(s) thinking of emigrating to Gisborne. If I was able, I would speak to them personally and attempt to dissuade them from doing so, especially Gisborne, where we lived and worked for over 4 years .

    The best I can do is say to them read the pages thoroughly before committing yourselves. The pages contain true and very accurate descriptions of what to expect when you get to New Zealand. The stories and articles are written by real people and without exaggeration. is not a hate site written by unbalanced personalities but a very valuable and well run site that offers a much needed counter to the incessant stream of propaganda about New Zealand being 100% pure, clean and green.

    New Zealand is anything but. All that you read about racism, dislike of immigrants, nepotism, favouritism, greed ,unfriendliness, incompetence, corruption, poor quality but expensive housing, gang culture, alcoholism, drug abuse and poor education system is absolutely true. is essential reading for anyone thinking of emigrating to New Zealand. If you decide to go after reading these pages you cannot later complain that you were not fully informed.

    The New Zealand government’s and ordinary New Zealander’s attitude to immigrants is that you are cash cows to be exploited at every opportunity. The UK is not perfect. It has big problems with immigration and a benefits culture. But, believe me when I tell you that I far, far prefer living in UK than NZ. At least here the rule of law prevails (most of the time). The same cannot be said for NZ. I hope do not mind if I recommend you also look at a website called to understand just how serious a problem corruption is in NZ.

  6. They are sensible enough on that site these days to admit to a few negatives, so they’ve caught on that heavyhanded forced positivity just proves our point here. And they are correct that some sorts of people do well in New Zealand. Low expectations, good income and savings, awareness of what the best choices of housing, location, etc. are before going, and interests that dovetail with what’s available in New Zealand are the key to doing well there. As for the schools:

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