‘Boycott Countdown’ Already Old News


Mobs behave irrationally, seldom consider facts

Looks like Nevan Lancaster is feeling out in the cold since the NZ press lost interest in his ill-conceived campaign (based on unsubstantiated claims) to damage Kiwi jobs.

He wrote yesterday:

“Media interest in this story is flagging judging by the amount of messages I am getting but Shane Jones and the Commerce commission have a lot to work on for the next few months…”

He’d written previously:

We think he sounds disappointed that he’s not getting requests for interviews. Do you also get the feeling that this boycott was more about self publicity for him than anything else?

Countdown to Sue?

Countdown supermarkets is New Zealand’s largest private employer with more than 18,400 staff. Women make up 58% of all staff and 52% of department managers. If Countdown jobs are lost in New Zealand it would be women and their children that will suffer most.

That’s a lot of jobs and families for Evan Lancaster to have put at risk, yet perversely he said his campaign was about saving Kiwi jobs.

Unfortunately almost 10,000 people jumped on his Facebook bandwagon without a second thought.

We’d like to know what he’s going to do repair the damage he’s caused. If Countdown can’t go after Shane Jones perhaps they should consider suing Lancaster for loss of revenue – rather like he sued the Rena’s owners?

Reasoning prevails

In today’s Stuff the campaign clearly didn’t have John Key’s support:

“Prime Minister John Key says he will not be boycotting supermarket chain Countdown on the back of ‘‘unsubstantiated’’ claims, but has signalled a Commerce Commission inquiry will take place…

Yesterday Key said that he was reserving judgment and that had he done the supermarket shopping at the weekend he would have made a point of going to Countdown.

‘‘These are unsubstantiated claims,’’ Key said.

‘‘Until somebody proves to me that they’re right I wouldn’t be boycotting them.’’ source

3 News was a little more forthright in its reporting. It mentioned the thousands of jobs Countdown created in New Zealand, something that the Boycott Campaign tried to gloss-over:

Countdown Deserves a Fair Go – Key

…These are unsubstantiated claims and in fairness to Countdown – and the thousands and thousands of jobs they support by buying products from New Zealand suppliers – Mr Jones should make those comments outside parliament.”

Mr Jones was speaking under parliamentary privilege, which protects him from legal action, and has refused to say anything about Countdown outside the debating chamber.” source

What a shame almost 10,000 people didn’t put their xenophobia aside and do the same as Key. But that’s the thing with mobs isn’t it – all they’re looking for is a lynching, reasoning doesn’t come into it.

Meanwhile, its the people in New Zealand who work and supply goods to Countdown that have paid the true price of this mindless attack, not Australia.

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  1. I will say this much: If you’ve ever needed hard evidence that corroborates the views that you have expressed regarding Kiwi attitudes etc., then you’ve had it handed to you on a plate with the “Boycott Countdown” Facebook page.

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