Violence Considered as an Option in the Boycott Countdown Campaign

Its regrettable that people are starting to promote violence as a way of enforcing the Boycott Countdown campaign in New Zealand.

The campaign has become discredited by the high number of trolls adding their comments to Facebook sites, this is a screen shot of just one that seems to advocate violence. It was left here

hate sites

‎According to his profile Edwin Van De Koolwijk says he is the ‘Owner/Manager at Hanmer Backpackers.’ Which is strange because Trip Advisor says that Tristan, Yoko and Shin are.


7 thoughts on “Violence Considered as an Option in the Boycott Countdown Campaign

  1. Thankfully, most Kiwis are passive pushovers. The ones with some grit and determination have largely gone overseas. You simply need to look at the overall passivity of the population in Christchurch to get an idea how little spunk they have. The only places in New Zealand where it is socially acceptable to express what is on one’s mind are the pub and rugby pitch.

  2. Edwin is just desperate to be noticed on the page. It would be too easy to feed the troll so I’m currently more or less ignoring it until it either gets bored and goes away, or oversteps the line and gets banned.

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