Begin the Countdown – Time to start being critical thinkers New Zealand

Our call for New Zealanders to stop being easily led, and to become critical thinkers was starting to gain traction.

People were starting to add their support to our comments, somehow this one managed to slip past ‘Boycott Countdown‘s’ delete button almost intact, although some comments have been removed from the thread, its possible to see that people were starting to ‘like‘ comments made by Etonz Bloggers.

Ours were not the only comments that Nevan Lancaster removed from his Boycott Countdown hate page, many more people spoke out against this foolhardy xenophobia, and of the damage it will do to Countdown’s NZ employees. All of their comments have since been removed.


3 thoughts on “Begin the Countdown – Time to start being critical thinkers New Zealand

  1. He is also a prolific bully. He comments on almost every post on the Boycott Countdown page – especially when someone who doesn’t agree with their stance posts – and has this morning moved to the Boycott The Boycotter Bullies page to troll there. He clearly needs the spotlight to be on him at all times. Sooner or later he is going to make the mistake of saying something really incriminating. and that will be captured and used.
    In addition he flip-flops on his stance. Supports a campaign aimed at exclusivity for NZ products but then tells people to buy ‘whatever cheapest… tins made in china instead of NZ’.
    Funny that he has so much time to troll these pages. You’d think someone who claims to own a backpackers would have better hings to do with his time.

    • We’ve experienced the same problem with an obsessive troll too, the way we dealt with him was to make public a collation of his more disgusting endeavors on another blog (these creatures crave the spotlight so we gave it to him). He backed off immediately. It always seems to be the self employed, small business owners that have the most time on their hands to troll, they obviously don’t have more productive things to do with their time.

      That anyone should consider trolling your peaceful and calm page (such a contrast to the feral ‘Boycott Countdown’ page which is basically just one large trolling site used to harass a NZ business and its staff) could be seen as an indication of the influence they’re afraid you have. One still small voice of calm can be so powerful. Take that as another validation that what you’re doing is worthwhile, certainly more worthwhile than your troll’s ‘day job’ 🙂

      • It is interesting how to see how some people react to a minority group. We’ve seen these examples over and over throughout history. Minority groups get persecuted and hassled. Unfortunately that is the case here. But I expected it.

        Humans are pack animals. We follow our pack mates – some are more predisposed to following than others – because we want to ‘belong’.
        Some follow because they want to be told what to do and what to think. Others do it because they’re afraid of what others will think of them or how they’ll be treated if they don’t. Still others simply follow for the hell of it or because they crave a place in the spotlight.
        When people break off from the pack they are regarded with suspicion. The more easily led pack members react with fear. They get confused and don’t know how to respond.
        Those big feelings overwhelm them and they react by getting angry.
        Much like a toddler or teenager whose limbic system is in overdrive and unable to be controlled by the cortex.

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