French National Cedric Rault-Verpre Suffered Racial Abuse While Hitching in New Zealand: “Fuck off back to where you came from”



French tourist Cedric Rault-Verpre was told to “fuck off back to where you came from” in Punakaiki

A few days ago we wrote about seasoned traveler Cedric Rault-Verpre who was stuck in the remote township of Punakaiki (a township for Local People) for 4 days.

When his frustration boiled over (no one even offered him so much as a cup of water) he threw rocks at a decrepit old road sign. This led to his arrest and appearance in court where his passport was confiscated and he was told to pay $3,000.

Now we find out why his patience failed him – he was subjected to racial abuse while he waited on the side of the road.

A motorist, who has since taken-in M. Rault-Verpre said his guest’s anger boiled over after he was racially abused while trying to thumb a lift. This makes it easier to understand M. Rault-Verpre’s “Nazi Zealand’ comments. New Zealand has something of a reputation for casual racism, something that comes as a shock to outsiders.

After his Greymouth court appearance, he was picked up on the roadside by a passing motorist. “He got in the car and told me all about it,” the motorist, who declined to be identified, told Fairfax.

“It’s originated from a dispute with people on the roadside who made comments about his odd behaviour long before he throw stones at the sign. He wanted a ride. They said no. It escalated. They told him to catch the bus and he was told ‘why don’t you f… off back to where you came from’.”

The man thought Rault-Verpre had been acting like “an idiot but not harmful”. source

Ever since his “Nazi Zealand” comment M. Rault-Verpre has been the subject of a media slur campaign in New Zealand, with the aim of discrediting him.

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6 thoughts on “French National Cedric Rault-Verpre Suffered Racial Abuse While Hitching in New Zealand: “Fuck off back to where you came from”

  1. Hello Readers, Amir here..

    I can give the readers here many experiences of racist abuse that I have got over the years since I immigrated here in the 80’s and I am not a tourist.

    Settling in a small town, even if you are a tourist it can be unsafe because the people are so closed off and act like inbreds but its worse if you go to a small town to stay for purposes of jobs.

    about 15 years ago I stayed in a small north island town of New Plymouth because a construction company offered me a minimum wage job doing graphic design. I could only stay for a year. In that one year I faced frequent racist abuse on the street and bullying at my workplace.
    The first week I was there I stayed in a backpacker for a week and I met some of the most backwards people you can imagine. Than I roomate with a middle aged woman who was unemployed, with a teenage son and there was frequent argument between the two in the house.

    In 2006 I went to Whangarei for a job and I lasted 14 months.
    New Plymouth was mild compared to what i experienced in Whangarei. I roommate in the first 6 months of my stay with a white elderly man, I think 66 years old at the time. He was very poorly educated and frequently made racist outbursts about maori and asians. Although it was not his flat, he only accepted me in his place because he could not afford to pay the rent on his own.

    I remember once a conversation of european history came up, suddenly he bursts into a hateful rant that if it was not because of anglo saxons…”people like me would be obliterated into pieces”!

    The hateful rant I found so funny.

    Than after that I tried to find a new place..I found a room in the garage of a house that a woman had been renting out…turns out the woman was behind in rent to the real estate agent. One day a real estate agent woman shows up and threatens me that I have to pack same day and leave because the renter who sub rent to me is behind in I was thrown out of the house on the same day for a issue that had nothing to do to me.

    I slept in my car for few days till I found another roof over my head through a guy at my work.

    I left Whangarei with nasty experiences and met some of the most nasty vile racist humans you can possibly imagine. I had hurt no one and done nothing bad to anyone yet I was treated in that manner.

    So I advise any readers out there that please do not try to settle in small town NZ. Its infested with unemployment, gang and insular people.

  2. This is shameful story and the response to it is typical. Last night I read some of the comments on One News and I am absolutely disgusted. Most were condemning the French man, writing their usual bullshit, such as “Good riddance”, “We don’t want you” and “Why you come here if you have no money”.

    So, the poor guy was stranded in some small NZ town for 4 days and nobody gave him a lift because he “didn’t know the hitchhiking technique”! Really? And what is their excuse for not offering him a glass of water, for being total as**oles and passing him as if he was a road sign?

    Charging him $3000 for an old piece of metal? C’mmon! BTW, he worked here and paid 3K tax and this is what he gets – total disrespect and animosity.

    Welcome to NZ, a place when you can drop unconscious and instead of rushing to help you, the locals will call police:
    ” “By that stage he was lying on the road and I couldn’t quite see but I thought he was almost lying on the white line by a blind corner.”
    Mr Mouat then called the police.”

    They can cheer that the traffic to their site tripled now. But I bet this regrettable story will have huge negative consequences in long run.

    • So true about calling the police rather than helping ,a friend of mine was towing a rented trailer and he hadn’t realised that he had left the brake slightly on and the wheels started smoking,instead of getting the drivers attention ,a good fellow kiwi called the trailer hire company and reported that someone was damaging the trailer .
      Kiwis have no problem victim blaming ,dehumanise somebody and then treat them like a piece of shit.The Kiwi mindset is that they don’t matter anyway as they are foreigners therefore their culture is nonexistent or fake .The only true culture is the N.Z culture .Ive seen them acting this role out in other peoples countries much to my embaressement.A kiwi tourist died in Thailand recently,he was drunk and attempting to get to his room on the fourth floor by climbing up the outside of the building,another Kiwi hero who thought he was from the same stock as Ed Hillary.Anyway the papers here reported that he was a great guy and an avid outdoorsman who died doing what he loved.Well I guess he did ,seems a lot of kiwis love getting drunk and being reckless R.I.P dude you’re a bloody legend.

  3. Further to reading more on THE FRENCH HITCHHIKER saga, if you want an idea of the inbred, Moronic and spiteful mentality of many New Zealanders today you just need to read abit more of what local media sources have written.

    For example ; the Following from New Zealands National Newspaper The N.Z Herald (They may have picked this up from The Westport News ? to be fair) …….

    ”FRUSTRATED FRENCHMANS TALE OF WOE PUTS SPOTLIGHT ON SMALL WEST COAST TOWN”. N.Z Herald 5.17 pm Thursday sept 22 2016.- quote :-

    ”The Tale of the French hitchhiker charged with damaging a road sign after apparently waiting four days in Punakaiki has proved a boon for the small West Coast Town. Visits to the Punakaiki promotion groups website have tripled this week, from an average of 120 per day to between 300 and 400” unquote.

    Yes you read it correctly.These Morons actually think its ”a good thing”, all the international attention it brought them, never mind the fact that , Racism is not considered ”a good thing” by the majority of fair minded Human beings around the globe, but in this case any attention, even Negative attention for this inbred backwaters inhabitants is considered of benefit.Never mind the fact that they are apparently gaining at the expence of a foreign visitor to this Countries detriment and humiliation. Puts ”SPOTLIGHT” on small west coast town.Even when the American film ”Deliverance” starring Bert Reynolds came out in about 1970, I bet the local Appalachian mountain folk didn’t really want a ”Spotlight” on them, unlike this lot. ”Has proved a “BOON” for the small West Coast town.” Definition of BOON from websters dictionary : ”A THING THAT IS HELPFUL OR BENEFICIAL”.
    So here you have New Zealands National Newspaper endorsing how the locals at Punakaiki have verbally if not racially ABUSED a Foreign Tourist to this Country, and they and people in the National Media of New Zealand are all saying that Racial and verbal abuse of Tourists IS HELPFUL & BENEFICIAL.

  4. In todays ”Kiwi Climate”, being racially abused, he got off lightly.Judging by the third world Toilet Culture this place has turned into in recent years its a wonder hes not in critical care or buried in a shallow grave somewhere in the bush.
    Crimes are being committed here now that until recently were the sole domain of places like Somalia & India.I don’t think a lot of Tourists are really aware of the very real potential dangers of Travelling here,obviously having been given a false impression by those with vested interests in luring Tourists to these shores, ie to cream as much of their dollars off them as possible.While I don’t condone his vandalizing a sign, I can understand his anger at being left on the roadside for four days & ignored by drivers, in supposedly ”oh so Friendly New Zealand”.The reality is , for anyone who pauses for a moment to ”think ”(that obviously rules out the majority of the population for a start) about it, the reason he didn’t get a lift is because Kiwis are wary of picking up strangers these days, not that kiwis have been targeted by hitch hikers, its actually the reverse.Kiwis have been told that foreigners pose a threat when its actually that kiwis pose a threat to foreigners . Quite a number of Foreigners have ended up either assaulted , Robbed or Murdered in recent years .The govt has done its utmost to try and minimize and cover up the extent of the problem .The other reason he didn’t get a lift is that many Kiwis are are just plain ”selfish” ,and they ”don’t Care”.Actually the ”Who Cares,( said more as a statement rather than a question) attitude” is one, deeply ingrained in the Kiwi mentality.New Zealand today is a deeply dysfunctional society, with widespread, alcohol and drug abuse and domestic violence considered almost ”normal”.People dont seem to be able to socialize without alot of alcohol or other substances.The first ”feeling” one gets after arriving here from civilization is the pervading sense of Carelessness & recklessness..Due to a failed justice system, criminals have no fear of the authorities because they know they can get away with almost anything and their sentence will be minimal compared with civilized countries that have functioning justice systems.Many kiwis today, if truth be told have no confidence in either the so called Justice system or police to protect them against increasingly blatant crimes, and therefore are actually feeling quite insecure, and are becoming used to living in a ”culture of Fear”.

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