Political Debate in New Zealand – Fight Erupts at Auckland Mayoral Debate

On the same day the first presidential candidate debate was held for the forthcoming US election, a similar event occurred in New Zealand.

As you can probably guess it was nowhere near as civilized as the US debate.

This is how it went, you may like to adjust your volume…

16 thoughts on “Political Debate in New Zealand – Fight Erupts at Auckland Mayoral Debate

  1. This one doesn’t have video, sadly:
    The mayor, his wife, the drunken girls and the fairy wings – how the Rumble in Raetihi unfolded
    Last updated 05:00, November 27 2016
    Phyl and Don Cameron say they were attacked in Raetihi after a pantomime rehearsal.
    Phyl and Don Cameron say they were attacked in Raetihi after a pantomime rehearsal.

    It started with some fairy wings and ended in bloodshed.

    Nirvana Christensen, 23, her sister Machaela Christensen-Herewini, 21, and some friends had been boozing in Raetihi’s main street.

    Phew, for a moment there I thought some kind of vengeful magical creature was involved.
    Luckily it was only the booze!

  2. I think its fooking great.
    Adam Holland has got the spirit of Matt Heath [who is now curtailed] and has a knack of bringing out the best in people.

    Adam Holland was the catalyst to all that crazy, I wish we had more like him, might usher in a new age in NZ? ALCP has stated he is in no way part of their legalise weed party, and hes not, hes a free agent.

    Reminds me of Al Mansell from Wellington. Very clever use of psychodrama and street theater to stir the subconscious and see what pops out, and wasnt it interesting?

    Hes some confrontational things from Al Mansell on pootube:
    link 1
    link 2

  3. it’s not supposed to be civilised? It was an informal debate to talk about common Auckland issues, stop comparing these debates to something like the US Election. Even that is practically a joke

  4. Well here’s an explaination to everything in N.Z ,this also applies to their favourite man ,Steve Hansen and John Key ,the current leader of this mess ,every time they attempt to speak English here in New Ziland all I hear spoken in a monotone is,yoing,yoing,yoing,yoing,yoing,yoing put that to a lazy nasal form of mumbling and that’s truely all they say.

  5. Somewhat related:
    “Police warning after mass brawl at Manawatu schoolboy rugby match
    Last updated 20:59, October 10 2016
    A Feilding under-15 rugby match was called off after a tackle turned into a brawl, but no charges have been laid.
    Peter Meecham
    A Feilding under-15 rugby match was called off after a tackle turned into a brawl, but no charges have been laid.

    Police have warned a high school rugby coach about his behaviour during an all-in brawl involving up to 50 people.

    No charges were laid over the dust up involving under-15s teams from Feilding High School and Levin’s Waiopehu College.

    The August 27 game was called off early because of the brawl, in which it’s understood a boy watching the match suffered a broken leg.”

    So that’s what they mean by the term “hands-on coaching”.

  6. The people throwing punches and getting touchy-feely in the way of “I’ll try to get ahold of you and then pull you around”,
    should simply use the same tired excuse which most people try where alcohol is involved
    “I was drunk”.
    It’s also an indicator that a lot of these people don’t know they’re violent, mean drunks … which means they lack self-awareness.

  7. This clip is like a cross section of N.Z all in one room ,the closest comparison I can think of would be the movie “one flew over the Cuckoos nest” all the characters appear to be O.K for a short time and then start spouting off with their deepest insane behaviour .The bully woman,the passive woman,the arrogant guy,the insane religious guy and really just a bunch of insane disjointed behaviour leading nowhere and achieving nothing,my favourites are the bully woman (constantly repeating herself) you go home you’re not allowed to be here and the insane religious guy who pretty much started dancing,auctioning his votes and attempting to start a riot screaming ,there’s going to be a fight ,Actually I can’t fault any of the other idiots in this show for their Stirling and sincere performances.

  8. In my wildest dreams I would have never imagine that was serious.This clip should be on the immigration N.Z web site ,skills shortage in N.Z anybody with life skills wanted.

  9. If this is what passes for serious political discourse to select someone for a position of authority, then it is clear why NZ is what it is.

  10. I have been enjoying this site for a while now, and agree with so many of the regular posters on a number of issues. However, when I saw this story I actually thought that it was some sort of a spoof, set up by a ‘comedian’ or something, and E2NZ had fallen victim to a prank.

    But it turns out that this really happened, and is an actual real ‘debate’. Good Lord – where do you even start on this? When you read more about it, the clown doing all the shouting isn’t even remorseful about it – he reckons it was all OK becasue he was so drunk!

  11. Not surprised with it at all, actually I’d have been surprised if there was no shouting & hooliganism going on. The video ends with a moron saying Allah-hu-akbar!! They are making mockery of not culture and other religion but even a mayoral post, which reminds me of the sex scandal of Mr Brown. Poor immigrant Aucklander’s paid for this philandering episodes. Bunch of losers.

    p.s. Isn’t this considered “Business as Usual”

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