“You Should Change the Name to Nazi Zealand” French Traveler Has Passport Seized for Damaging Decrepit Road Sign


Punakaiki. You can check out but you can never leave

Earlier today we tweeted about the unfortunate situation that traveler Cedric Rault-Verpre found himself in for damaging an old road sign.

Cedric, a seasoned world traveler and surfer of couches, had been holed up for four days in the remote town of Punakaiki trying to hitch a ride out of the township without success. Rault-Verpre said he had spent four days on the side the road at Punakaiki and no one had bothered to even offer him water.

Even New Zealanders will have to use Google to find out where Punakaiki is

Even New Zealanders will have to Google to find out where Punakaiki is

The Local People finally got fed up with him hanging around their streets and reported him to police for allegedly damaging a road sign by throwing rocks at it. He soon found himself in court faced with two choices:

Pay $3,000 for a new road sign, or stay in NZ for 6 months. Mr Rault-Verpre had already paid that amount in tax on his earnings while in NZ and is effectively penniless…

French hitchhiker slams ‘Nazi’ Zealand after four-day wait ends in court

Rault-Verpre arrived at the courthouse with a backpack, carrying a large black rubbish sack and wearing jeans and a jumper.

Outside court, Rault-Verpre said New Zealand should be renamed “Nazi Zealand”.

Asked how long he had been in this country he replied, “too long – way too long – and I’ve been to 80 countries”.

He said he had been to 80 countries. “I’ve been to the worst part of the US. The worst American is not an a [deleted] like a New Zealander. In Europe we have judges, we don’t charge people and say you pay or you stay six months in New Zealand.”

Adding insult to injury his passport was seized while he made up his mind.

Duty lawyer Marcus Zintl, who he initially refused to speak to, said Rault-Verpre disputed the amount of reparation. “He is being charged for a new sign when they were already old and damaged,” he said.

What exactly does a $3,000 dollar road sign look like? Here are some from around the river where the damage was alleged to have occurred.



This is what $3,000 dollar signs look like in New Zealand

For safety reasons, New Zealand Police does not recommend people hitchhike or accept rides from people they don’t know. We however recommend that people just go somewhere else.

This is Mr Rault-Verpre’s Couch Surfing Profile

cedric-rene-verpre cedric-rene-verpre-couchsurfing-profile


Mr Rault-Verpre’s story has ‘gone global’. According to the NZ Herald, people from China, Italy, Lesotho, Canada and Germany have been in touch with friends and family in Punakaiki saying they had read the story in their papers. “A version of the story was the most popular item on the Guardian UK’s website (which has an estimated readership of over 40 million) yesterday and today.” The news site then proceeded to publish derogatory comments about Mr Rault-Vepre. This is part of the almost obligatory character assination of anyone who casts a bad light on New Zealand.

The incident was also picked up on by LaudaFinem.com who made this tweet about it. Here is is, along with the response from E2NZ:



32 thoughts on ““You Should Change the Name to Nazi Zealand” French Traveler Has Passport Seized for Damaging Decrepit Road Sign

  1. Today I saw a N.Z truck driver has killed two cyclists with his vehicle in 9 years ,he received a fine of $7000 which the judge called significant ,that’s very odd. I have friends who pay $7000 every two months as their mortgage payment,they don’t consider this significant.The main point here is that this guy is a typical N.Z physcopath,more seriously he’s also a serial killer using a vehicle to commit murders and blaming the cyclists ,a warning to anybody considering riding a bike on N.Z roads ,don’t do it ,I have been a passenger in cars where the driver has freely admitted that they want to run cyclists over.

  2. How dare this Gallic man say such a thing about our lovely country! Given his predicament I do not however really blame him. Cedric Rault-Verpre’s quandary clearly illustrates the pathetic excuse which now passes for ‘fair play’ in New Zealand… Imagine even suggesting where he could have hypothetically walked to in the four days he was waiting (as appeared in the media). Is he some sort of a French Forrest Gump? Kiwis always have an answer to everything – but more to the point – the vast majority of them don’t know how ridiculous they actually sound!

  3. I know this page isn’t supposed to be about Rugby idiots however I’m just having my say ,my address is freely available and I have no shame in what I say.In 1983 I was unfortunate enough to attend a ghetto school called Christs College in Christchurch N.Z . It was much like being enrolled in a high security prison with defective guards .In relation to my disdain for N.Z Rugby worship and the leverage the idiot players receive ,I walked out of the boarding house I was living in at Christs College and was coward punched in the face,my jaw was broken and I had hemoreaging behind my eyes ,I was basically a twelve year old boy but had just turned 13 and had not yet reached puberty,the guy that assaulted me was called “Rectum ” by his piers ,his real name was Richard Rivers he was 18 and was a fully developed 18 year old athlete ( all be it one of the ugliest humans I have met to this day ,thus the name rectum) .Obviously I was knocked unconscious and was in a coma for two days ,when I awoke my jaw had been crudely wired and it took months of rehabilitation to eat anything other than soft food,my gutless father made a half hearted attempt at questioning the school staff however in the end I think he decided that it might affect his perceived social standing so he let it alone.Theresult of my assault by this guy has been life long hearing issues and problems with my jaw witch have cost me around $60000 in dental work during my adult life.I owned a dive company in Hawaii but could only shallow dive due to this and another assault I received at a young age here in N.Z .
    The point of my post is that after my hospital release ,I was dragged into an interview with my house master and the headmaster .Apparently the cause of my assault was my fault as a first year student I was not allowed to place my hands in my pocket at anytime and at the point of the coward punch my hands had been in my pockets! The main point here was that Rectum had just tried out for the 1st 15 Rugby squad and was concerned that his performance may not have been good enough to allow him entry into the schools top Rugby team,it was expected that I would understand then why I had been assaulted ,they also went out of their way to offer me bribes and favours for my silence ,welcome to shit N.Z.

    • @mccleoudkiwitony – I like to read your posts. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I too have experienced this kind of psychotic violence. I was on a bus with a high achieving student, really good decent kind person, he is now a dentist. The psycho that was sitting next to him gave him the coward punch you refer to. Obviously nothing happened after the incident, this guy was not punished. Violence is normal and justified here. People with brains that can think for themselves are isolated and mocked. If you want to fit in here, just talk about rugby, having a meaningless job that a trained monkey could do, be completely full of yourself, and you will be apart of the “cool” group. I would rather die than fit in with the morons. I think the French guy should of called it New Nazealand. I like New Nazealand better than Nazi Zealand.

      • Thank you ,sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy or should I just embrace a culture of senseless violence toward one another ,its historic as the incident I refer to happened over 35 years ago and also as mentioned the damage done to victims is for a lifetime,nothing has changed here and will change ,worshipping Rugby and Haka is mainstream here ,all things violent ,let the police pick up the pieces.

    • Irony of the situation, these “Rectums” are multiplying by each passing day. No wonder there are violent incidents happening every single day and Asians literally scared to death in Auckland city center. Coming back to your story, I hope the Rectum gets something “back” in return…..karma!

    • Just want to say as reluctant as I am replying to the comments on this site, reading your post has urged me to respond because like you Tony I too suffered alot abuse at school growing up in NZ. For me it was in 1995 at Sacred Heart Boarding School in Auckland which I attended on crutches for start of my first term there as had just gone through two major operation over summer holidays on my legs. Where you think that would elict some sort of sympathy from people there it instead had exact opposite effect where being unable to defend myself I was routinely abused and picked on not just by pupils I was living with but also by some of staff. I’m not going to go through all the details but you can imagine the kind of crap I was constantly subjected to by people living there when on my first day there one of the Catholic Brothers beat me with one of my own crutches to the point where rubber tip came off its end, cutting my lip open and permently leaving scar that I still carry to this day. Let’s just say by time I left, Doctors said it was miracle that I could still walk. The worse thing about what I went through is how common horrible abuse I suffered is for people growing up here in New Zealand That in this country if you’re unable defend yourself, you’re seen as having to of deserved it. That if you’re seen as being sick, weak, frail or different in this county then you’re seen to of brought the abuse you get for it onto yourself and that somehow that all just justifies their ill treatment against you because if they do mistreat you for being sick, weak, frail or different, then you should see it as them doing you a favour because you just need to harden up. That somehow being a man here in New Zealand is all about how much pain you can take, than how much of person you can be to people. For me it’s dehumanising and is the one thing that I’ve always hated most about living here. Honestly I guess why I’m saying all this is just so I can let you know Tony that I too share your pain mate and I’m sorry to hear about what they put you through. This place is bastard … 😦

      • It’s a weird and violent place and it makes no sense ,picking on the infirm is a cultural enterprise .I would say more in the way of empathy however this probably isn’t the place ,all the best .

  4. Interesting ,T.V one news tonight reported that the violent offender did in fact seek out and threaten the 4 victims of his assault in the hope that he could convince them not to pursue charges against him ,how typical.$3000 dollar fine for throwing some rocks against a road sign ,discharged without conviction for attempting to beat 2 men and two women to death,welcome to N.Z

    • The same one news was reporting about Black Caps test match with India for past 3 days and surprising there was nothing covered in todays’ news….reason? They lost on the 4th day of the 5 day test series. Same happened last year when India & Pakistan played at Cricket World Cup in Australia, all that One news covered was about a brawl in some pub between supporters of both teams (that was the biggest match in the whole World Cup series). Selective beg, borrow, steal is fodder for their propaganda filled media.
      What happened to that case of asian lady gagged & killed in Papatoetoe, couple of weeks back 2 teenage girls bashed another elderly asian woman, another elderly asian woman that was murdered in Te Atatu last year. The crime scene is horrific.

      BTW, friend in NZ tell me about how kiwi media is literally running parallel campaign on behalf of Clintons, I’m sure Trump won’t through any pennies on their faces and for this one reason I’d wish Trump to win this time.

  5. Here I go again,as a tourist or citizen beware as you are entering a completely unsafe environement in N.Z ,it is not safe as the tourism brochures imply.Rugby players who are very large and potentially violent can legally and without provocation ,knock you unconscious and then stomp on your face multiple times with judicial impunity.I have travelled the world and have never witnessed the kind of unprovoked and lethal physical violence which happens in N.Z ,if the person who attacks you is caught ,they will receive a big hug from the N.Z injustice system.This is not a one off occurance ,people are attacked and maimed in this country on a daily basis ,the courts will often take into account the perpetrators home history circumstance but will never mention the permanent physical and psychological damage done to the victim.In many instance the perpetrator will return to threaten and taunt the victim of their crime ,Columbia is now street safer than N.Z .

  6. My favourite news this week ,Rugby union player gets drunk ,provokes a fight with innocent bystanders ,knocks a guy unconscious and then stomps on the unconscious victims face many times ,hahahaha goes to court and discharged without conviction ,that guy should be serving 10 years to life in a maximum security jail,not in Nazi Zealand ,he’s a rugby player I’m just disgusted more and more with this corrupt hellhole it gets more ridiculous every day.

  7. I saw a lawyer today and I’m a New Zealand citizen. The so called lawyer told me there’s no way police can protect you from organised crime in NZ, there’s no way to sort out dangerous dogs and there’s no answer about anything I asked him that he had for me. I have to pay this idiot one hour for his professional legal services! A bunch of RACIST NAZI C*NTS!

    • Well, a friend of mine(couple in their early forties) once shared about their experiences. He & his partner were referred to a specialist for counselling to have kids at the ripe age, after speaking to them for 1 hour (and paying $350) the doctor actually told the couple, they could “perhaps” speak to each other for starting a family.

      I knew another couple that was in their early 30’s and they were shit scared to start a family in New Zealand, both of them were well educated professionals but they were really worried about raising kids with the kiwi rowdies, the “one bad news” channel reporting was enough for them to go back to Singapore.

      These are some of the problems immigrants face and compromise in kiwi land.

  8. Can the authorities in New Zealand not see how ridiculous it looks to punish someone for a minor crime by making them stay in the country longer? Are they admitting that life in New Zealand is so bad that extending someone’s time in the country is considered a punishment? In most countries, wouldn’t they respond by sending the person home?

  9. Some of the comments above yep,it’s not right to break public stuff ,it’s more the selective application of justice which shines through on this one ,I also don’t understand why the retail store waited for this article to come out before coming forward with their complaint of the sleeping bag theft .The freight train roles past my house every day and I can’t help but notice every carriage on it is painted with Graffiti ,not only must this take countless hours to achieve but would cost thousands of dollars worth of spray can paint ,paint supposedly not sold to minors.

  10. Interesting, this article fails to mention how he was approached by several people but flipped them the bird before becoming angry and defacing the sign.

    • Looking at the idea of “you’d better be happy and completely agree with us or else we’ll get you – but especially if you’re a foreigner”, maybe New Zealand had better think about what kind of society it’s going to be producing.

      Might end up something like this:

      Quick summary (from Wikipedia):
      We Happy Few is an indie survival horror video game being developed and published by Compulsion Games for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One systems. The game takes place in the fictional English city of Wellington Wells, a dystopian retrofuturistic-fashioned society formed following an alternate timeline of events within World War II, which is now on the verge of collapse in the mid 1960s. The residents of the city, seeking to forget an unspeakable horror they committed, began taking a hallucinogenic drug called “Joy” that makes them happy, but also leaves them easily controlled and lacking morality and understanding of the long-term consequences of their actions. Players will control one of three characters in the full release, who becomes dubbed as a “Downer” after choosing to stop using Joy, and must try to survive long enough to complete something important and personal to themselves, all while trying to escape the city before the impending social collapse.

      We Happy Few is Compulsion Games’ second game following its 2013 game Contrast. Some inspiration for We Happy Few came at the end of Contrast’s development, as studio founder and producer Guillaume Provost had to struggle with the death of his father three weeks before Contrast shipped.[4] During this time, he had reflected on his state of life, and came up with ideas for We Happy Few in his emotional distress, particularly the idea of a society fixated on drugs and masks.[4][9] Provost presented this to his creative team, who saw the possibilities of expanding on this. Narrative director Alex Epstein considered the idea similar to Prozac Nation, and where in current times, there is a prescription drug for every conceivable malady.[9]

  11. So now he is alleged to have stolen a $1000 sleeping bag ,what does a$1000 sleeping bag look like? What does it do for the user ,must be incredible anyway what does a $3000 road sign look like ?

    • Let’s assume the chap stole $1000 sleeping bag, WTH was the store manager or sales person doing?? Was that a pocket sized wallet or what? The whole news is absolute BS and shallow to the core. The whole bloody legal system must have got behind this chap to extort money or arrange for a compromise to keep up with the lame system, that leaves their crims on the street to abuse & bully the asian communities.

  12. New Zealand or Nazi Zealand ? Listening to the news the last couple of days I’ve noticed a recurring theme of State sanctioned threats against people aggrieved by the very broken system in N.Z .first it was recipients of hip joint replacements which were known to poison people and are defective (my mother has one which now needs to be replaced 3rd time ). Acc warned the recipients not to get-their hopes up in regard to receiving any form of compensation.Today I heard inmates wrongly incarcerated for longer than their required sentences were also warned through state controlled media again ,not to get their hopes up about being compensated for their wrongful incarceration .Kiwis are known for the humble brag,now it seems also for the thinly veiled ,subtle threat.

  13. The bottom line is that New Zealand even more damage its international reputation and the “North Korea of the South Pacific” image – do not visit – et even more entrenched around the world. What about all these damaged “road signs” defaced about election promises. National Party would make a fortune.

  14. To be fair he shouldn’t have done it. I am sure many would agree its not really acceptable to vandalize things no matter how frustrated you are and where your are. . I would be annoyed if anyone decided to do that outside my place.

    I see the irony in it and maybe a more reasonable fine would have been for him to re-errect the sign using a shovel and some concrete. $3000 is excessive.

    • In my hood the elections for mayor have created an absolute joke of sign creation and devastation ,the idiots come outside my house at night and install their candidates signs ,by morning there will only be one sign left,they all remove and vandalise one another’s signs ,to my knowledge nobody has been fined anything for their juvenile behaviour let alone $3000.

      • The guy vandalised property. This is unacceptable anywhere. I realise others do it but it doesn’t make it right. Call me old fashioned.

        I agree with many things this site comments ts on. Just not this.

  15. $3,000 for a road sign. Is it as “indestructible” as the previous one?
    Or are they digging the raw materials out of the ground and manufacturing the sign using an artisanal (haha, just spelt ‘anal’ 🙂 ) process?

    P.S. That’s not the only foreigner New Zealand likes to unfairly throw the library at (they throw a wet bus ticket for many locals)
    “German student expelled after smoking dope in park
    5:00 AM Sunday May 4, 2014
    Family ‘incensed’ boy is being treated more harshly than local pupils.
    Photo / file
    Photo / file
    A German international student has been expelled from school and faces being kicked out of the country because he had one puff on a joint in his free time.

    The move has been labelled excessive by the teenager’s family, who are incensed that international students are held to a different set of standards than locals, but Tauranga Boys College is standing by its decision.”

    Tauranga Boys’ College later got smashed for their heavy-handedness … but not before plenty of time had elapsed (relative to the boy’s age):
    …The judge said there were some “reasonably fundamental human rights” involved, not just the right to education, but also touching upon immigration issues.

    Justice Rebecca Ellis upheld the decision by the authority, which included refunding school fees for two of the students and an accommodation placement fee of $200 for the other student.

    The school was also ordered to revoke the expulsion order for the two students and to advise Immigration New Zealand of the decision.

    Interestingly, Tauranga Boys’ College, as I heard from the Ph.D student I rented a house with (he’s now at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) … has a storied tradition of bullying.

  16. Good job getting the message out that N.Z is actually full of very undesirable people who really believe they are superior to anyone from another country,while this tourist threw some rocks at a road sign and was fined $3000 ,real good Kiwis were at home beating their wives and molesting little children while smoking methamphetamine .On the off chance that they are held accountable they might get home detention for 3 months and be forced to apologise for their actions ,the main thing is that we taught that foreigner a lesson and took his money.

    • Even road signs are over priced like the housing market. LOL

      I doubt they ever fined a kiwi for destroying sign boards, oh wait…they get rewarded with few hours of community service or that serco fight club

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