The Haka is sexist #BanTheHaka – The Boon’s Great Kiwi Takedown

banthehaka rape

Do you really want your kids watching this? help to #banthehaka

Get behind the #banthehaka movement and help put a stop to sexual violence in New Zealand.

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4 thoughts on “The Haka is sexist #BanTheHaka – The Boon’s Great Kiwi Takedown

  1. Is the video self-parody? An American assuming the high moral ground on race relations and the treatment of indigenous people is just amazingly hypocritical.


    • Yes, its obviously satire. But, she makes a good point. The Haka that has been developed and honed by the All Blacks has been amped up to include overtly sexually violent gestures. Getting them to tone-it-down a bit would be a good way to show that NZ has no tolerance for sexual violence.


  2. The Haka has it’s origins in the times when Maori were fighting with each other. According to a NZ expert on this, Kamate’ (name of the haka) is a short story based on a warrior hiding under a womans skirt, over a hole in the ground, hoping he would not be discovered and killed.


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