The Haka is sexist #BanTheHaka – The Boon’s Great Kiwi Takedown

banthehaka rape

Do you really want your kids watching this? help to #banthehaka

Get behind the #banthehaka movement and help put a stop to sexual violence in New Zealand.

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3 thoughts on “The Haka is sexist #BanTheHaka – The Boon’s Great Kiwi Takedown

  1. Who comes up with this crap (ban the haka )
    It because part of the population is white trash and Neanderthals

  2. Is the video self-parody? An American assuming the high moral ground on race relations and the treatment of indigenous people is just amazingly hypocritical.

  3. The Haka has it’s origins in the times when Maori were fighting with each other. According to a NZ expert on this, Kamate’ (name of the haka) is a short story based on a warrior hiding under a womans skirt, over a hole in the ground, hoping he would not be discovered and killed.

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