/New Zealand Scores Cheap Point from Parisian Terrorist Attacks – updated

candle for Paris

We’ve long known that New Zealand’s senior politicians viewed the Sept 11th attacks as a golden opportunity to promote  New Zealand as a “safe haven”, attracting thousands to New Zealand with false promises of better lives in one of the largest migrant influxes the country has ever seen.

However, the latest ‘cheap shot’ to capitalise on international terrorism has come from Reddit’s New Zealand message board of all places.

no respect in nz

Here, the Paris attack was used to grandstand and make a point about the bombing of the Rainbow Warrrior. Incredibly, moderators at the site have allowed this offense to the French public to remain. We’re drawing attention to it here in an attempt to have it removed from reddit.

As a mark of respect, comments to this article are closed. This post will be removed when reddit admin does the same. If you’re still able to read this, it means they’ve yet to do the decent thing.

Updated 03.30 17 Nov NZ time : The offensive post still has not been removed from reddit New Zealand, but thankfully the link to the offensive picture it contained has been deleted after E2NZ drew attention to it. However, Reddit admin has yet to do the decent thing and remove the entire post.