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Being an American in NZ requires a diminishment of self

Today’s article is about how some migrants rationalise away the problems of New Zealand, rather than facing up to them and by opposing end them.

The quotes are from a post made on another forum in response to this article on E2NZ.orgAn American’s Take on Rip-Off New Zealand

This is what happens when people develop a taste for Kool-Aid, our response follows each section:

I’m an American who has lived in a few countries in Europe, Asia, currently in NZ. While some of the issues mentioned in the article are correct, the key to living in any different country is your own perception. Don’t assume/expect everything to be exactly like it is in your home country. If you want to live exactly like you do in the US, then why did/do you leave in the first place? Realize that different places have different ways of living, and people in those places do fine (mostly) living that way. And yes, sometimes the different lifestyle may not be for you — and it may take living somewhere for a while to realize that.

You may call it perception, other people may call it liking the taste of Kool-Aid. Are you really suggesting people let their standards slip? Weren’t they brought into New Zealand as skilled migrants to improve standards, not become part of the problem?

No-one emigrates because they’re looking for more of the same just in a different country. The problem is they arrived in New Zealand believing it to be as was described to them, unaware that the country is knowingly over-sold. Its called bait and switch. Drinking kool-aid to overcome the feeling of disappointment and being ripped-off doesn’t address the problem.

For instance, the lack of ambition/drive is something I’ve noticed. Sometimes I find it a bit stifling, but at the same time, I realize it also results in the laid-back lifestyle that I do like. Where people value things other than career progression and material gains. Not being able to buy whatever I want whenever I want via Amazon was a bit tough in the beginning, but I got used to it — now I don’t miss it. Yes, many retail items are expensive, so you learn to be more selective — either think hard about if you really need it, or figure out a makeshift/homemade solution (the No. 8 wire approach!).

Laid back lifestyles and ambition/drive are NOT mutually exclusive. People in other countries manage to handle both without having to struggle to make ends meet. And what of the hundreds of thousands that rely on the state (and tax payers) to pay for generations of their family to live on welfare. How do you feel about paying for them to chill out with your hard earned salary?  Maybe if people were more productive the cost of living wouldn’t be so high.

Auckland is very different from the rest of the country. AKL is similar to any other large city anywhere else in the world (crowded, expensive – relative to NZ of course!). The rest of NZ less so (although rural Canterbury can feel like the American Midwest). If you’re working seasonally in a place like Queenstown or Wanaka, it may not feel very NZ-like. Queenstown feels like any other holiday resort town anywhere else; I used to live in a ski town in Colorado, and Queenstown reminded me a lot of that.

Auckland bears little resemblance to elsewhere in the developed world and is not a ‘large city’ by world standards. You’re getting Auckland region confused with Auckland city. Auckland doesn’t even make it into the list of the top 85 cities by population

As some of the other posters have said, a lot of your experience will depend on how you approach it. My wife and I have never had anyone be rude or aggressive to us on finding we’re American. Typically they’re interested in knowing what brought us to NZ, how we find it, etc. Yes, a lot of boasting about how the US is better than NZ will probably not endear yourselves to many Kiwis, but I suspect that’s the same anywhere. One Kiwi explained it like this — it’s okay to have a lot of accomplishments, but talking about them is considered bad form.

In other words you’ve learned not to speak until spoken to, never talk about your own country unless asked and under sell yourself at work. Is this part of your perception alterating perceptions? Does living in New Zealand require diminishment of self?

NZ can feel quite isolated from the rest of the world. Can be good because it’s far away from much of the effects of global geopolitical turmoil. Can be bad if you want/like to travel the world a lot.

Can be bad if you want first world education, working conditions, roads, transport systems, infrastructure, medical treatment, medication, remuneration, freedom from nepotism, separation of state and police, genuine democracy and multiculturalism.

There is more but you get the point. What do our readers have to add?

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  1. I was just passed over for a promotion despite being completely qualified for it (6 years in the vineyard) because my Asian Supervisor hate Americans. I’m gutted. I had hoped I could rise above all this racial hatred crap, but this has been the last straw. I cannot live here when I can see no hope at all. I’ve changed jobs, I’ve lived in 2 major cities in NZ…it’s all the same.

  2. Nebula October 25, 2015 at 11:24 am
    “It’s inconceivable what really goes on here. And no one does anything about it, which is what baffles me. No one protests, goes on strike, no one has any balls. Because to moan, complain, seek justice etc is to be seen as being weak and un-tough, ‘bro’. I’ve seen ALOT of messed up Kiwis here who should have been sectioned years ago under the mental health act, yet are free to roam about and go about undetected as they please by everyone else, even tho its blatantly obvious theres something seriously wrong with them. Because 95% are already backward, I guess it would be an impossibility for them to see beyond the brick wall of ignorance right in-front of their face.”

    I agree with you fully. But sadly it is part of the Kiwi culture to bend over fully and take it up the arse; – to even try and begin to find a solution to any problem is way too intelligent and functional. Remember that intelligence can be regarded as seriously offensive in NZ. In regard to the “messed up Kiwis” that unfortunately get into ones line of vision, possibly they are regarded as “normal” by NZ standards. Remember that having good appearance, being friendly and personable, and showing some signs of intelligence can offend other Kiwis. You can make enemies you know….

    • Oh don’t us non-kiwi’s know it. I’m counting down the days now til I piss off back home next year. Every-time I go out in my car here in shithole Christchurch I’m constantly beating myself up that I ever came here and spent 8 years of my 20s in such a dump. I’m drinking whiskey most nights so I just pass out to get the days over quicker. I’m nothing but depressed and full of hate and anger every day. Really cant believe I wasted so many years of my life here, I hate myself for it, but then again, I did it for my son.

      • Just keep your head down and get out, before getting a conviction for pulling a bat on one of them, like I did. I still have a property there and the value has not increased at all due to the house being in a body corporate shared with total morons, thugs and hardcore crims. The local police unit being highly corrupt and incompetent would not prosecute the nasty vermin for threatening to kill, threatening to assault, vandalizing private property and even discharging firearms in the streets. Thus the place now has a terrible reputation and is worth nothing in monetary terms. I would call 111 and the local police would do nothing, but then prosecuted me for defending my property. Typical “only in New Zealand” story.

        • Mate I hear you, the urge to decimate one of them is so very tempting, which is why I refrain from going out as much as possible. I should have listened to myself the very first time i came here in 2006, because i knew the place was queer as fuck and something wasn’t right with the place.. If it wasn’t for the fact i was a dumb 23 year old at the time with no where to live I would have had more options and sense, but i didn’t.

          I’ve already got a criminal conviction for common assault for opening up a can of whoop ass on a Kiwi, and i don’t regret it at all. It felt GOOD. The vermin had it coming, and as soon as he lost big time, went crying to the cops. Typical gutless sheep shagger. I had to do an ager management course and report to a probation officer who i took great pleasure in reminding her each time how much I despised Kiwis, and the anger management counsellor was about as useful as a cock flavoured lollipop. He tried to convince me that It was me with the problem, not the other way round. As with everything Kiwi related, no point arguing/debating with them, you will get nowhere fast.

          I guess I’m looked upon now as a ‘loser’ because at this point in time i have no savings because I’ve been ripped off, no assets, despite working 2 jobs here for the last 4 years, I have absolutely nothing. But i still have my balls, which will never change. I’ve had to get my relatives to help me out with getting out of here, they were very understanding of what i had been put through. (I also have to deal with my ex, sons Kiwi mother who’s an ignoramus as well).

          I’m just glad this website exists, so people can learn from say, my mistakes and never come here, despite the cosmetic appeal of the ‘scenery’. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever wasted so much bloody time on a country full of absolute clowns in all my life. A very unique experience I will never repeat again in my life time once im out of this wretched cess pit of a country.

          • Well I am dreading going back there to the point whereby I may not even be willing to board the plane. I think of NZ as a Deliverance stage set, but there are no actors, they are in fact real people. I fear that the plane will deposit me in this hideous creepy stage set, and of course over time (any amount of time) it is going to fuck me up, and I may never get out…. As for discussing things with these freaks, they have no logic and are all hardwired back to front. Often I hear them say “This is the best country in the world” and when you laugh back in their face they think that there is something wrong with you. But they look really confused and hurt at first for a split second, until they rearrange their face and look back at you with derision and contempt.

            With a Kiwi if you disagree of course it is you that has the problem.

            NZ is like a contagious virus…. you know that at some point that you are going to catch it and go down. Its just a question of how far down…. and will it kill you.

        • Hahaha when you mentioned Deliverance i could hear that bloke making the pig squeals- “reeeeeeee! Reeeeeee!” lol.

          Whats ironic is we do actually get raped liked the city guys, but in other ways. (financial mostly, and our sanity.)

          I had to laugh at the article in the Daily Mail about Sonny Bill Williams giving that kid his medal, in the comment section someone wrote along the lines of “this goes to show what a fantastic country New Zealand is”…said by some bloke who’d probably never left his armchair.

          And thats the trap right there. One public display of human compassion (or PR stunt) and that makes the rest of New Zealand a wonderful place to everyone who romanticises about it.

  3. I bought a new car ,I parked it in the supermarket overflow parking area to avoid getting door dings,when I returned I found a massive dent in the door ,this was no accident ,the parking area had a gravel surface and it was hard to push my shopping cart let alone have it roll by itself ,some lovely kiwi had taken the trouble to get a run up and ram my vehicle .I must admit to not being terribly surprised,this is a place where the locals break each other’s mailboxes and vandalise st signs.
    I think the American who wrote the original article has yet to meet the true nature of this dark twisted place,give it some time and he’ll be running back to the U.S and kissing the ground when he gets there.

    • This is why it is good not to have anything new, flash or shiny in NZ. Kwis have a penchant for destruction.
      They like everything to be damaged and fucked-up. It reflects the normal state of their minds/ psyches… super messed up.

  4. Amen. I have given it my all. I have tried to fit in, I have bought their expensive food, I have worked like a slave just for enough to survive in seriously moldly flats. You cannot even begin to compare the USA to NZ. Not even close.

    • The last time I sat down and worked out how much the fraud and incompetence of New Zealanders had cost me, it came to a little over $50,000. This was a combination of situations that should NEVER have occurred, and should have been dealt with, when complaints were laid.

      From mechanics that deliberately install faulty components or “fix” a component like an engine casing on a motorcycle by slapping on metal filler, to educational institutions that take you money and then teach by handing out CDs and booklets (or worse, photocopied pages) with almost ZERO participation from a teacher of any kind, to courier drivers that steal packages (or deliver signature required packages to the wrong address and sign for them themselves), to internet providers that take months to install your service and won’t refund your deposit unless threatened with legal action, to computer “makers” who custom build faulty machines and refuse to rectify the problem, to government institutions where you drop of paperwork in person and they STILL loose it, to builders who don’t seem to be able to make a house without a leaking roof, to bus services that are so poorly run you can’t use them to get to work reliably, to landlords that take months to do repairs. The list goes on, and on, and on. Everywhere you look in this horrible country things have the same dishonesty and incompetence.

      I took me a while, but while living in New Zealand I learned that NO New Zealanders can EVER be trusted, not even with the most basic tasks. They are simply a dishonest people. No wonder one of the longest running TV shows in the country is “Fair Go”. A show that focuses on people who have been ripped off and messed around by companies, and exposing the fraudsters and incompetence on public TV. No wonder the “do it yourself” mentality thrives here; it’s the only way to get a job done properly and avoid all the dishonesty. I’ve had many occasions of having to threaten to report businesses to the Commerce Commission for blatant breaches, and have had to lay countless number of complaints to management in various companies. Most of these were met by well practiced responsibility dodging; very few were actually dealt with properly. The sad thing is that having to do this sort of thing ALL THE TIME is NORMAL in this horrible country, and even the most basic of tasks regularly turn into major issues.

      Combined with having to hide who I am to avoid the constant harassment caused by tall poppy syndrome, the lack of opportunities, the mind numbingly boring locals, and the ridiculous overpricing, life in New Zealand can best be described as a living hell.

      • I too have lost alot of money being ripped off here, no where as near as much as you, but it’s enough to hate this vile country for the rest of my life.

      • Your description is absolutely right. The worst part is perhaps the utter ineffectiveness and incompetence of the so-called policing institutes. For example, if you make a complain to the Privacy Commission about the government failing to release information under the Official Information Act, the Privacy Commission goes through a sham process in which it always rules on behalf of the government. The New Zealand courts are perhaps even worse as the judge that you encounter might be a friend of the other party, but the judge will not recuse himself for a conflict of interest.

        • SafefromNewzealand is precisely the point. One (a normal, aware and intelligent person) is not safe in NZ. Usually the real crooks and criminals are quite comfy and safe though. I am going to the Human Rights Commission and even Amnesty International. to report matters. Amnesty International here in Germany has already received reports of migrant abuse in NZ. The HRC in New Zealand seems fairly impotent for some reason…
          SafefromNewZealand – I would like to have a coffee with you. I am closer to Brussels and Holland than Switzerland. Do you ever go to Dusseldorf? I discovered that Geneva is the main office of the HRC. My understanding is that the lack of law and regulation in NZ and the high levels of corruption, particularly police, needs to be reported to the international world.

      • I have to agree 100% with Xavier Money. That is what is driving me out of NZ – the willful ignorance and incompetence and fraud in nearly every aspect of life. I cannot get anything done in my own life as I am dealing with outrageous incompetence and sheer stupidity all the time. It is impossible to avoid it seems so it becomes very stressful psychologically living there. I do not want to deal with dishonest scum buckets and idiots, year in and year out, or even on a monthly /weekly basis. Unfortunately and sadly, I have grown to distrust and hate the people of that inbred cuntry. I was born a Kiwi and sometimes I am so ashamed and embarrassed about the state of things. Luckily I do not have much of a Kiwi accent and do not really present as one, and when I talk…. well it goes like all of the above. When in NZ I have to try and shut up, but often I cannot, as I am too outraged by the goings on, and thus I pay a hefty price.

        • I too deal with this on a daily basis as well mayadevi. Its why I stay in my house as much as possible, and only venture out when I absolutely have to.

      • Admin;- I just sent a reply to Xavier Money, but i am not sure what happened to it. I did not see it after I pushed the button, and usually I can.

    • I kind of chuckle [quietly and to self] when this comes up.
      Most kiwis that have been to the States generally talk to an American differently than your average uninformed kiwi. It’s because there is no REAL comparison. Apples and small rocks.

  5. Actually, I get less crap from the locals and America-haters by just being myself, the loud American that I am. “Can you speak up a little. I’m from a country where nobody whispers.” “Sorry dude I didn’t understand you, I have this accent…” “You actually LIKE Marmite? It tastes like burning tires to me.” “Cricket is like Baseball and Golf did the nasty and had a boring baby.” And the writer of that article clearly didn’t live here during the Bush administration. Things are far better here with the Black Man in the White House than when W was going it alone. But I still get occasional anti-American bias in my business life, sometimes costing me thousands of dollars of business. Screw ’em!

  6. Hi guys. I am out of Fucktard- Underbelly- CreepsandMoronsville and am now in Germany. Boy is it different here, and there are real houses that people inhabit, – not slapped up whack-shacks. There is some semblance of civility, decency and order, that is fairly hard to trace in Sheepshaggerville these days, if it ever was present there. In other words I am constantly surprised in a good way. I arrived here via Egypt which is supposed to be a no-go zone, and I feel much more unsafe in Fucktard Land than Egypt…. and I was based in the interior of Sinai!

      • Tee hee hee Nebula. I had to get out the stinking cesspit – I get really disturbed, angry and foaming at the mouth, if I don’t get out of that cuntry.
        This gun law issue whereby any drooling delinquent or crim or mental/- spastic- Kiwi – model- person can easily obtain firearms really needed to be exposed. If they shove the barrel of the gun up their arse and pull the trigger I am all too happy. But usually the inbred psychos want blood. Thank God for journalists like Heather du Plessis-Allan. Look at what the inbred vile redneck morons are trying to do to her. I have nearly done a projectile vomit across the room to hit the other wall, here in my hideout in Germany. Do you realize what a bad look this type of issue is for that cuntry? The laws of the cuntry, the injustice system, and the inbed plods invariably want to protect the crims and thugs and gangs and delinquents. Whistleblowers are always to be routinely put on charges and convicted, even if they had the moral upper hand. And upper hand in every other way including intellectually. It was done to me for exposing an issue pertaining to gun licencing and mental health, whereby local retarded plods lied regarding a serious psyche disorder to let a man, who has untreated bp disorder/ chronic alcoholic, keep several firearms and he had been talking about killing. All this in a small remote village.

        • It’s inconceivable what really goes on here. And no one does anything about it, which is what baffles me. No one protests, goes on strike, no one has any balls. Because to moan, complain, seek justice etc is to be seen as being weak and un-tough, ‘bro’. I’ve seen ALOT of messed up Kiwis here who should have been sectioned years ago under the mental health act, yet are free to roam about and go about undetected as they please by everyone else, even tho its blatantly obvious theres something seriously wrong with them. Because 95% are already backward, I guess it would be an impossibility for them to see beyond the brick wall of ignorance right in-front of their face.

        • Weird, I just wrote you an entire reply and it hasn’t posted even tho I pressed post comment.

          All I said was there are many Kiwis walking around who should have been sectioned under the mental health act years ago, yet they are allowed to roam freely and go undetected, or rather, ignored as it would seem.

          3 more months and I’m out of here hopefully. I can not WAIT.

        • Hi MayaDevil. Are you near the border with Switzerland? If so, perhaps we could meet for a coffee. Leave me with an e-mail address if you are keen to meet.

        • The gun laws I’ve read about seem insanely restrictive to me, but my perspective is that of someone from the southern part of the US. Here it’s trivially easy to buy any kind of firearm one could want, including military style automatic rifles, for cash with 0 paper trail.

  7. I so agree. I feel like I’ve had to hide everything I am. I never speak of my goals, dreams and if I ever mention that I’ve saved my money rather than buying drugs, alcohol and cigarettes it PISSES people off. I now shut up 100% of the time. What kind of life is that? It is no life. I think if you are from Europe or N. America, really try to deal with or fix whatever pushed you here and find a way to go back. This place will slowly kill you. People who mention the food price issue and the horrible housing issues are REAL and will affect every single aspect of your life. No matter how strong you think you are, when you walk into the grocery store and your heart drops and you feel this never ending feeling of depression because of the prices…is very, very real.

    • You’re not alone. Same here, and I did get your reaction – people are amazed when you’re not irresponsible with debt, don’t have addictions and plan for the future.
      But try not to let people know about the planning for the future – some will try to make sure “Thou shalt not finish thy course”.
      Also see this: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/personal-finance/news/article.cfm?c_id=12&objectid=11530746
      Diana Clement: Debt-driven life of rising interest

      And remember that … sometimes people get married because of money issues – there was never any love there to begin with. Take a good look at some of the friends you know, observe the body language and their words: Those with the fewest positive sentiments and least physical contact … are those who stay together for mundane reasons and are to be pitied.

    • I cant believe I am going back to NZ after 5 yrs there a return to the states for 5 yrs, now going back so wife can be with grandchildren. Food prices, housing and the inability to get a job again because I’m American. Two food importers in the whole of NZ who were in court when I left I believe for keeping food prices artificially inflated instead of competing against each other. How can 1 green pepper cost $5….how can the people not revolt! How do people survive? Always drinking, always smoking, two or more cars boats…..is there that much OLD money in NZ to support this?

      • Hi Dave. That must be horrible going from the USA to New Zealand…I used to go to a UK food shop here but refused to pay $5 for a Pot Noodle when it says on the actual packaging 89 pence. (The are about a quid in UK.) Shredded Wheat, one of our popular long running UK cereals, costs £1.89, even says it on the box in New World, yet the scumbags are charging over $10 for it!!!! Who the hell in their right mind is gunna pay that for a tiny box of cereal??? And I see that no one ever buys any of them, no wonder eh? It’s located in their rip off UK food section. I only ever buy Reeces Pieces from the US section for $2 and maybe some marshmallow pop tarts once in a while for $2. not sure how much they are in the states, but they were cheaper than anything in the UK section, except a Fudge bar and Curly Wurly.

  8. I agree, to live in NZ you really do have to diminish yourself! If you look like a homeless, drug addict you will not receive much hassle from New Zealanders, but if you look reasonably smart and with a minimum of self-respect and intelligence and are able to speak in a normal intelligent manner then New Zealanders take great pleasure in trying to belittle you. If they can. Thankfully, i hope to leave this country this year & return to UK after living in this isolated redneck cesspit for 5 years. Outside of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch there is nothing but boring farmland and small dilapadated rural towns full of bitter, passive aggressive rednecks. Unfortunately, i failed to take other websites such as Expat exposed seriously enough before i moved to NZ from Uk and after living here for a few years i have learned the hard way, what a disgusting lot of peasants New Zealanders really are!
    Do visit NZ for a great holiday, but please dont go throught the dissapointment, heartbreak and anger i have experienced since living in this second world country!

    • I too am heading back to UK next year. I spent 7 years here raising my son who’s NZ born. Going back next year for a little while to regain my sanity. I’m sure I’ll lose it again upon return to New Zealand. If I had it my way my son would be coming with me and we’d never return to this shithole, but his mother is a Kiwi and doesn’t want him to leave NZ. So I’m between a rock and a hard place. Its pure misery for me in NZ. No social life, I hate kiwis, I hate the whole damn country, and am sick to death of living like a peasant.

  9. Coming to NZ to CONTRIBUTE some of your overseas skills, work ethic, modern practices… is a futile exercise. Frustration, rejection, and ultimately resignation await.

  10. I think there’s a difference between being “selective” and not being able to afford something. I doubt people are being “selective” when they heat only the room they are in. It’s because they can’t afford to properly heat their homes. I’m not being “selective” when I can’t afford to buy fruit or vegetables. I never thought tomatoes would be a luxury!

    • Tomatoes are a pretty touchy subject here John – I was nearly lynched by the ‘natives’ when I brought that subject up before 🙂

      With regards to heating I couldn’t agree more – there seems to be a general reluctance to pay for double glazing/insulation and central heating here – the provision of which would be expected as standard practice in Europe / North America.

      Consequently power bills in winter are horrendous here for a large percentage of the population – merely heating a single room with an electric heater is enough to bring most people to financial tears.

      The fact that there appears to be no viable nationwide wood pellet / wood briquette business here despite the fact that country is 30% plus forested never ceases to amaze me.

      If you want to experience early settler life as depicted in Jane Campion’s ‘The Piano’ you’ve found the right place. It’s just disappointing New Zealand hasn’t particularly advanced from this position.

      • I can remember a promotion organised by the government of New Zealand a few years ago that was supposed to help people with saving power. They sent out pamphlets. Did they suggest insulating your home? Nope. Energy efficient heating maybe? Wrong again. You would at least think that they would suggest using less hot water, or preventing heat loss by insulating the tank? Nope. Surely they would look at energy efficient cooking methods? Not at all. Their big suggestion: install energy saver lightbulbs.

        It was right up there with another government pamphlet for retired people that looked at sources of income after you retire. The first on their list: a job.

    • It’s almost $2 for a loose tomato in New World. (Screw World, because they screw you with prices). Daylight robbery.

      • Sorry if off topic, just continuing the Big Tomato-debate: Price per kilo in the Netherlands: 4,30 NZD or 2,60 euro – from a leading supermarket, cheaper at the market. It is autumn here. In summer they are half the price. Food prices in NZ are inexcusably ridiculous.

  11. they do make some valid points, but unless you like living in damp wooden boxes and living at the wrong end of the world none of them stack up really.

  12. It sounds like this person hasn’t begun to experience Tall Poppy Syndrome yet. This so bad in New Zealand that if you even LOOK like you are the type of person who will get somewhere in life, the locals will go out of their way to prevent you from making process, and openly harass you. Actually succeed, and the level of harassment becomes even higher. Personally, I’ve had numerous times of having insults yelled at me when walking down the street for no other reason than for wearing a suit on the way home from work. Twice I’ve had drinks thrown at me from passing cars, one of which was a milkshake. There are also entire middle class neighbourhoods where you don’t dare to own a nice car, because if you do individuals will run their keys down the side of the paintwork, and do hundreds of dollars of damage. Fix it, and they will do it again. You also have to be very carful when you have nice things in your home. Most Kiwis have (or rent) falling apart houses that are almost empty. Have a nice selection of computers, a nice stereo, etc, and if it becomes known, you will quickly become a target for burglary and mugging (I’ve also been mugged three times, burgled twice in different houses, and been the victim of numerous other thefts and frauds in New Zealand).

    In New Zealand you quickly will learn to HIDE your success, because if you don’t, the constant harassment and theft will become a very real problem. On the flip side, if you are a hopeless looser no one will bother you at all. You won’t get anyone telling you to get off your lazy ass and do something with your life.

  13. This whole crap of ‘its how you perceive and handle it’ when coming to New Zealand is just the typical ignorant deflection from Kiwis in denial.

    Its how all Kiwis deal with issues here, sweep them under the carpet and ‘she’ll be right mate’, until of course, its not. Then watch them pass the buck of blame when the shit hits the fan.

    New Zealand is like an attractive woman. You get a date with her and discover, after you’ve spent loads of your money, she’s really a bloke in drag, who’s breath stinks, hasn’t had a bath in years, and has every possible mental disorder known to man.

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