New Zealand is a Country Founded on Fraud


New Zealand is a country founded on fraud

I think it is important to realise that New Zealand is a country FOUNDED on fraud. While other countries may have problems in this area, for New Zealand the problem goes to the very core of the country’s origins.

Many countries have a significant historical document that represents the ideals its people and is the basis for society; for Britain this is Magna Carta (equality before the law), for America this is the Declaration of Independence.

New Zealand’s founding document is The Treaty of Waitangi. This treaty was written in two different versions, one in English, one in Maori. The problem is that the different versions have a significant difference between them. To summarise: the English version has the Maori signing over their sovereignty, while the Maori version has them agreeing to have the English govern the country FOR the Maori, but with the Maori retaining full sovereignty. This is a vital difference in the different versions, and it seems very difficult to believe the English were unaware of this (if the weren’t it would indicate criminal levels of incompetence).

So in other words, the Treaty of Waitangi itself, New Zealand’s founding document, was most likely a deliberate act of fraud against the Maori people (this is exactly why the Maori keep bringing up treaty claims).

After getting away with this it appears that the early immigrants and government of New Zealand simply continued to express the ideals that the nation was founded on, and this has continued ever since. source

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9 thoughts on “New Zealand is a Country Founded on Fraud

  1. What does one expect,our prime minister has reintroduced the honour system of Knights and Dames and he wants to remove the Union Jack from our flag and replace it with a silver fern then give a knighthood to a rugby player,nobody questions this ?

    • That small clip summed it up. And the worst thing about kiwis is it doesn’t have to be a super high level of wealth, it’s ANYTHING. They’ll get you on the smallest things. I just got abused for planning homeschool because of the failure of NZ public schools and it’s like kiwis are scared that my child might get a better education than theirs in those shitty excuses for schools.

      By the way, I was kiwi. I no longer accept that term or consider myself one of these people. I’m just some random guy living here lol. Get treated like that more than half the time so why not?

    • That’s incredible ,I can’t believe their were still people working on the building site ,in the U.S the whole site would have been red tagged and all workers sent off site.N.Z people seem to pride themselves on not suing one another ,the reality is that the ability to make somebody financially responsible avoids this kind of building scam.Someone will no doubt get stuck with these overpriced defective houses and spend the next 15 years in and out of court while the developer protects himself with high priced lawyers.I have seen other building speculators carry out similiar shoddy work knowing they were going to sell the property before the defects became apparent,N.Z people love to rip each other off and then blame the victim quoting the buyer beware law,even though they knowingly sold a piece of disguised crap it’s the fault of the buyer for not doing their due diligence in inspecting the product.

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