Mail Order Guns in NZ, Easy As Taking Candy from a Baby

buying guns in nz

Heather du Plessis-Allan opens her mail order purchase

An investigative journalist (yes, there are one or two left in New Zealand) has exposed a flaw in New Zealand’s gun controls by buying a mail-order .22 rifle without a firearms licence.

Heather du Plessis-Allan purchased the rifle from a NZ company that bills itself as the  “world’s largest gun store” using nothing more than $300, a fake name and fake gun licence. Apparently, there was no cross checking or validation that her gun licence was genuine. Ms du Plessis-Allan didn’t even have to produce ID for her purchase.

The NZ media/police are calling the process a “loophole” but its looks like a dirty great pothole that police have probably been aware of for some time

Buying firearms in New Zealand has been likened to taking candy from a baby: its so easy for crims to buy firearms! Actually,  there are so many firearms in circulation that supply has obviously outstripped demand: Ms du Plessis-Allan could have bought her rifle cheaper on the black market:

University of Canterbury criminologist Greg Newbold doubted that criminals or gangs would’ve been exploiting the suspected online loophole.

“The real issue is the number of illegal firearms held in unlicensed hands,” he said.

“There’s a big underworld trade, with a helluva lot of shotguns, .22s [rifles] and pistols in the hands of people who are unlicensed. They circulate in the black market quite frequently.

“Heather [du Plessis-Allan] could’ve bought an illegal firearm much more easily than going through that process.”

What’s worse, the police have no idea who owns what and how much.

David Tipple, The millionaire owner of the “world’s largest gun store” has threated to take out a private prosecution against the journalist if the police don’t collar her, saying

“I’m ready for battle…she’s going down 100 per cent”

Is that a threat? Rather sinister coming from the owner of the “world’s largest gun store” Mr Tipple has obviously got her in his sights.

Incidentaly, Mr Tipple has got cat least one criminal conviction, and served a year in a New Mexico prison for failing to notify an airline he had firearms in his luggage. In 2002, Tipple was arrested at Los Angeles airport when US Customs officials found 29 guns and 340 rounds of live ammunition in his baggage.Yet he’s still allowed to run “the world’s largest gun store” in lil ‘ol NZ.

As soon as the media released the story police closed the “loophole” and from today will require all mail order/on-line purchasers to have their licence authenticated at a police station prior to purchase. The police will then pass on documentation directly to the retailer.

You can appreciate all the extra paperwork that is going to generate. The police are already understaffed and under resourced and they’re unlikely to receive any new resources, unless of course the price of a licence goes up…which makes you question what the licence fee has been paying for up until today.

n.b. at a conservative estimate there are 1.1 million firearms in New Zealand, no one knows the true number because none of them have to be registered. Just the owners.

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