“How manipulation in the press works here” from Twitter

manipulation of the press in NZ

You may think New Zealand has a press free from interference, but read this (click to enlarge). Link to cached version – https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/news/politics/business-leaders-say-time-for-key-to-go/

If you think New Zealand has a free press, think again. Look at the above tweet from @Alans_world using screenshots from NewstalkZB. Good catch, hey.

But wait, there’s more. Here’s the NZ Herald’s article on the same topic, note the date and time…

NZH spin

Here’s some of the original story…

NZME’s fourteenth annual Mood of the Boardroom survey has shown three quarters of business leaders want a new John Key.

The survey had 110 respondents from the Deloitte top 200 list of chief executives, company heads and heads of industry-leading businesses including the private and public sector.

Business Editor Fran O’Sullivan said last year, two thirds of respondents felt the ‘Key’ brand was damaged and since then it’s only worsened with the pony-gate saga and failed Northland by-election.

Respondents said their favourite replacement would be Local Government and Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett or a comeback from former National Party Justice Minister Simon Powell.

The survey results were announced at a conference in Auckland today where the general attitude was positive despite the slowing economy.

While 64% of executives believe the markets will slow further, those surveyed feel a larger snapshot reveals other industries are performing well.

Performance and manufacturing is picking up, undeterred by parity with the Australian dollar. The Research and Development spend is also on the rise.

Heated political topics discussed in the survey were housing, the Resource Management Act reforms and infrastructure, specifically regional development.

Prize to the first person who can find the original Mood of the Boardroom report before the spin doctors got their hands on it.

Remember this from Nov 2012, dear readers? (link)

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