Today was our most successful day ever – updated

best views ever

Today we had the most views ever. This was the tally by the end of the day

Thank you to everyone who supports the site, keep putting out the word.

If you have a similar site to this one send us the link and we’ll add it to the side bar.


6 thoughts on “Today was our most successful day ever – updated

  1. Congrats and a big hat tip to everyone who’s contributed over the years.

    Admin, just wondering if you should have another link – the 3 E’s


    Environment – covering housing as well


    Basically a summary of info (for those pertinent areas) on the site that could act as the ‘red pill’ for those even contemplating moving to NZ.

    Appreciate it’s already covered but some people might need help finding the pharmacy 😉

  2. Great Achievement e2nz. You have saved many lives from ruining, and probably have costed NZers millions of immigrant dollars.

    Keep going strong.

  3. It’s interesting that the time E2NZ is most popular … is when the NZ economy is beginning to show exposure to the GFC.
    Almost as if they can’t pay the spin-doctors/censors/5cent party 🙂
    To many more years of getting the word out!

  4. Well done e2nz!
    I do believe a realization of reality is commencing. The closely guarded secret that NZ is not all that it is cracked up to be is being shattered.

  5. I believe this reflects the increasing awareness of people immigrating – or leaving – NZ….Congrats!

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