Its Official – New Zealand isn’t one of the world’s safest countries, its assault rates put it among the worst.


The 2015 safest countries in the world report

New Zealand’s assault rates are almost the worst in the world –  it ranks 102 out of 107.

Half way through a month where violent crimes have dominated the NZ headlines, a new report has revealed that New Zealand is not one of the world’s safest countries, its not even close.

New Zealand is ranked 41st in the world for safety, in an index that is based on seven data categories – population, CO2 emissions, life expectancy; and per capita rates of police personnel, traffic deaths, thefts and assaults.

When just assaults alone are assessed, New Zealand ranks the 102nd worst country out of the 107 who reported their data.

The 2015 Safest Countries in the World report has been compiled by some ‘people in the know’ Value Pengin, a company that “focuses on providing high quality resources to help consumers understand the topics they’re interested in.” (rather like

Value Penguin says it focuses on Value. That’s a word you don’t normally associate with New Zealand, which may explain why the report’s authors are unsullied by the NZ spin machine apparatus. Read more about the company here.

The 5 safest countries according to Value Penguin are

  1. Switzerland with a safety score of 37 (reader SafefromNewZealand will not be surprised to hear that. Ed). The country averaged just 7 violent crimes per 100,000 people and compares favourably with the neighbouring countries of Italy (6th) and France (7th). “Officially known as the Swiss Confederation, its simply a safe place to be. And “the word is out as two million of its population of 8,157,896 are foreigners, the justice ministry’s migration secretariat reported in July“).
  2. Singapore comes in with a score of 42 and a population of 5,517,102 not much higher than New Zealand’s. It is the most environmentally-friendly country in the top 5. (Take note NZ).
  3. Spain is beaten by Singapore by a whisker. It scores 43 for safety and has a population of just over 47 million.
  4. Japan is the most populated country in the top 5 and has an extremely high life expectancy. In common with the Swiss, Japanese people live to an average age of 83. The country is also a “cornerstone” for security for the region and fundamental to its stability and prosperity. Japan has a population of just under 126 million and a safety score of 51.
  5. Cyprus falls into 5th place because of its low theft rates and has a safety score of 63, not bad for a population comparable to the size of Auckland’s – 1,153,058 .

New Zealand doesn’t even make it to the list of the top ten small countries (see below). If smaller means better for you, pick somewhere from the list on the right. Maybe you should give Ireland or Malta a second look?

FBI data

Australia makes it to 5th place to the top ten big countries, and is ranked12th overall – something that many Kiwis will find hard to accept because of the constant negative press that country receives in New Zealand.

New Zealand languishes in 41st place overall for safety, with an assault rate of 839 per 100,000 people and a safety score of 112, far and away higher than Australia’s assault rate of 306 and safety score of 78.

Countries with similar assault rates to New Zealand include

Sweden (845)

Bahamas (842)

New Zealand (839)

Guyana (813)

Botswana (810)

There aren’t many countries with scores higher than those, actually there’s just three

Swaziland (1308)

Mauritius (1045)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1017)

Which means that New Zealand has the 102nd highest assault rate out of a total of 107 countries.

Now there’s something to mull over. Next time you see propaganda telling you how safe NZ is, you’ll know to take it with a large dose of salt.


16 thoughts on “Its Official – New Zealand isn’t one of the world’s safest countries, its assault rates put it among the worst.

  1. The assault rate data don’t surprise me. Frankly I feel safer walking the streets at night in Boston than in central Auckland with the drunks and menacing groups hanging around on the streets.

  2. The Wild West of Auckland

    ‘A group of Mongrel Mob members have been jailed for at least four years as a judge rejected the explanation they were performing a community service by breaking into a suspected drug den.

    Christopher Ivan Stephens, Warwick Rua Taylor Karaka, Nassey Te Ngahuru August and Jermaine Anderson were involved in a violent home invasion in West Auckland in the early hours of October 16, 2013, during which a woman was doused in petrol and threatened with a lighter.

    Another defendant – who was given permanent name suppression – is the father of the 13-year-old boy who was accused of the manslaughter of Henderson shopkeeper Arun Kumar. The teen was acquitted at trial in June.

    His father, who has 73 previous convictions, admitted the aggravated burglary, along with Stephens and August.

    But Karaka and Anderson went to trial where they were found guilty of that charge and counts of aggravated robbery and unlawful assembly.

    The men, dressed in Mongrel Mob regalia, arrived at a Henderson property in the early hours of the morning.

    They kicked the door in and immediately scoured the house for valuables.

    A female resident was stripped of her jewellery and a man had a pot plant smashed in his face when he tried to help her.

    Another woman at the house was groped by one of the gang members and told to lift her top so they could make sure she had not concealed anything.

    Moments later, one of the men found a petrol container in another room and poured it over her telling her: “I’m going to make an example of you, b***h”.’

  3. Wow omg. I studied in new zealand for 6 months at 2012. And i had a assault! Some mori guys hit my back head for NO excuse. It was near to my accomadation on hobson street auckland. Most kiwi people were kind to me. But those guys were so terrible. Anyway if possible i wanna go back with my girlfriend. But not is if too too dangerous

  4. I can just imagine someone saying this “Wow, it’s nearly the most violent country in the world” and getting confronted and threatened in NZ with “You say what? Wanna get the bash, cuz? Cheeky little so-and-so!”

    • P Ray August 13, 2015 at 9:44 pm

      “I can just imagine someone saying this “Wow, it’s nearly the most violent country in the world” and getting confronted and threatened in NZ with “You say what? Wanna get the bash, cuz? Cheeky little so-and-so!””

      This is so funny and so typical of the dysfunctional messed- up mindset. The very worst offender in New Zealand is the one who tells the truth and speaks their mind.
      Even though the person responding is confirming everything that the perceptive first person has said in his statement, they would be too thick and fully mutated to understand this. A response of violence would be seen as appropriate and deserving / legitimate in some way.

  5. I actually have a couple of horror stories about NZ (warning – this is pretty hard hitting). This happened to a friend of my husband’s.

    This guy travelled alone to NZ to see the sites (thinking he would be completely safe), and somehow managed to find himself in a pub with all of these big burly Maori guys. They offered to play billiards with him and during the game a group of them assaulted him and pack raped him…yes ‘pack raped’ him…men! He has spent years in therapy trying to recover from it, and will never be the same again.

    I also used to work with a guy who was an ex-Maori gang member (and moved to Australia to escape the gang life). He said that it was common place for the gang to seek out young white teenage girls, invite them to parties, fill them with drugs and booze and then pack rape them. He said the final straw for him was being at a party one night and seeing a guy bring in two young white girls. He knew in the pit of his stomach that those girls would be raped so he decided to leave the party and knew then that he had to get away. Hence the move to Australia.


    He said “I know it’s not right, but that’s just the way it is over there”.

    When I travelled over the NZ a couple of years ago (completely no point did my mother or I feel unsafe at all), but we did have an incident with a bunch of Maori rugby players grab their dicks as my mother, two other female travellers and I walked past them in our hotel (that was interesting).

    Also we had a young Swedish guy that we met on our tour of Hobbiton who decided to hitchhike back to his hostel from the city, even though the tour guide advised him very strongly not to. He was a really slight blonde guy and the tour guide was really worried about him. Hope he made it back safely…

    It does seem to be very much a Maori thing though. I’m not saying the non-Maori are never violent, but there is definitely something in Maori culture that fosters violence. There are some serious problems there.

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