New Zealand Loses Its Perception of Being Corruption Free and “Screw You, New Zealand”


An independent report by Deloitte has revealed New Zealand isn’t free from corruption.

A Deloitte survey has shown almost a quarter of public and private organisations have experienced domestic corruption in the last 5 years, more than half occurred in the last year.

Deloitte lead forensics partner Barry Jordan said there was no excuse for complacency.

“Apart from the legal ramifications, which can include heavy fines or even jail time, the long term reputational damage from corruption can have serious long term flow on effects on an organisation’s bottom line,” he said.

No industry was immune, with every sectors experiencing at least some reported incidents.

The most common types of corruption included undisclosed conflicts of interest, supplier kickbacks and personal favours.

They were mostly uncovered through management reviews, internal controls and tip-offs from employees.

In larger organisations with more than 5000 employees, dedicated hotlines for tip-offs were the most effective, which Jordan said highlighted the importance of having such a facility in place… read more

Screw you NZ”

Also in today’s news, Victor Cattermole, a businessman involved in the Christchurch rebuild has been quoted as saying “Screw NZ”

“I’m going to pack up all my business and I’ll move away. I’m not going to invest any more time, money, create any jobs or invest in this country. I’ve had a gutsful of people like you.”

The attitude of Christchurch was a “sad, sad indictment of what used to be a great country”, he said…read more

Cattermole, born and raised in Christchurch, is also a consumer advocate for people with quake damaged properties.

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6 thoughts on “New Zealand Loses Its Perception of Being Corruption Free and “Screw You, New Zealand”

  1. Campbell Live, one of the very few programs on New Zealand TV that features investigative journalism, and the only one on prime time that sometimes asks difficult questions of politicians, or questions John Key on his illegal spying activities, for example, may not be long for this world. Claiming low ratings, the network wants to replace this show with a completely unfunny, goofy satire show that contains no investigation.

    There’s a petition running currently to try and prevent the show from being cancelled:

    I have written in several posts previously about the lack of investigative journalism in New Zealand, and to lose this show is actually disturbing. I wouldn’t doubt that John Key or his cohorts pulled some muscle to get Campbell Live off the air. Campbell was beginning to expose Key’s lies. Perhaps they were just waiting for an appropriate time well after the election to get rid of him. If this show is cancelled Key will NEVER be asked difficult questions by anyone in the media on prime time television.

  2. This type of activity has become so ingrained that often it is not identified as being corupt. It is just the way things have always been done, so “she’ll be right”. Clueless.

  3. Unfortunately New Zealand has long been regarded as one of the most corrupt nations in the world, only that corruption has taken very clever forms, are hidden, or just called something else. New Zealand I know by names as “The Nigeria of the South Pacific”, scammers Paradise”, “retarded”, etc.

  4. A line that pushes home the idea that people didn’t like those findings being made public, appears at the end of the article.

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