Top Cop Stood Down for Hiding Files, But You Won’t See the C Word Used.


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New Zealand’s crime problem

A top Auckland cop has been stood down from duties for allegedly hiding case files.

The reasons for his actions are unclear. It could’ve been his contribution to lowering reported crime figures, or he could’ve been accepting kick-backs from offenders. Who knows, and we’re unlikely to find out.

Whatever his motivation the NZ public is unlikely to see it called “corruption.” But why is that? because there is a low perception of corruption in New Zealand, and people want it kept that way.

You can read about the case in today’s NZ Herald…

A top Auckland police officer was stood down after allegedly hiding case files in a cupboard behind his desk, stalling several investigations.

The Herald on Sunday can reveal the senior detective was stood down in January but is now back on restricted duties while the investigation continues.

A source confirmed the officer works at Auckland Central Police station and as part of his role allocates case files to other detectives to investigate…

His actions resulted in detectives being unable to investigate cases further. Yet despite that “Auckland City district commander, Superintendent Richard Chambers, was confident victims had not been let down.”

The revelation comes days after police were heavily criticized in an IPCA report into the Roastbusters botch-up.

The Roastbusters was a Facebook group of numerous West Auckland young men engaged in predatory paedophilia of young teenage girls. Two of the group were exposed as having influential parents (a local cop and a well known film actor) and no-one was ever prosecuted.

You can read more about the Roastbusters investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission here

Report on Police’s handling of the alleged offending by ‘Roastbusters’ 

19 March 2015 – An Independent Police Conduct Authority report released today has found a number of significant deficiencies in the original Police investigations into the alleged offending  by a group of young men in Auckland who called themselves the ‘Roastbusters’. Public Report (PDF, 601kb). Speech Notes (255kb). Media Statement

The investigation was headed by Judge Carruthers for the Independent Police Complaints Authority..

the authority found investigations into original cases were not “robust and thorough”. “In a number of cases police failed to adhere to the basic tenets of any form of criminal investigation.”

Judge Carruthers also said police failed to undertake adequate follow up enquiries and pursue positive lines of enquiry. He said there was also a lack of record keeping and assessment of evidence during investigations.

The report also found that officers investigating the matters tended to approach each case on a “case by case” basis to consider whether there was sufficient evidence to prosecute offenders for sexual violation. Mr Carruthers said in the authority’s view, the officers should have identified connections between the various cases.

“Victims were let down by their failure to do so,” Judge Carruthers said… read on

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Despite having 10 years experience of UK policing he was treated as a probationer by his colleagues, some of whom were so incompetent it reminded him of the TV series Life on Mars – 1970s version.

His tale confirms what many people in New Zealand already suspect – crime statistics are a work of fiction and a criminal underclass has free rein over the country. He also talks about some of the most common problems that migrants encounter in New Zealand – read on…

New Zealand’s Under Resourced Police. Insider Says “Creative Accounting” Pushing Down Crime Stats

Police bosses are pushing staff to drive down reported crime rates and staff play the system to reduce statistics.”

In 2011, a national operating strategy was implemented in the department known as Prevention First. It aims to drive reported crime down 13 per cent by 2014/2015.

Much of the push was based on statistics, the source said. “The only stats you can’t twist in the system are deaths, such as road toll – everything else does get twisted. A lot of crime doesn’t get reported because people are seeing, well, there’s no point – and that’s true.” The source gave examples, such as an informant who doesn’t wish to pursue a crime. “It will get turned into a 2i or an information job. And information doesn’t show up as a stat because it’s not a crime, it’s just something there, so they’ll do that.”… read on

5 thoughts on “Top Cop Stood Down for Hiding Files, But You Won’t See the C Word Used.

  1. E2NZ,

    “something needs to be done,” Agreed.

    Royal Commissions are often very effective in getting at the truth and exposing corruption and incompetence–if they’re given adequate terms of reference. “A Royal Commissioner has considerable powers, generally greater even than those of a judge.” Interesting?

    • Perhaps this is the reason why requests for a Royal Commission for the dirty politics allegations went unheeded?

      Even when they are instigated, the terms of reference are often restricted so as to avoid too much embarrassment for the government.

      • E2NZ,

        Yes, sometimes a change of government is necessary, for obvious reasons–there is also the possibility of bi-partisan support. Royal Commissions can also produce some unexpected results.
        Some years ago, here in Australia, a conservative Federal government set up a Royal Commission to investigate union corruption. Unfortunately for the government, the trail of corruption led from the unions to the business sector, the conservatives natural allies, numerous corporate tax evasion schemes were exposed by the Commission. I wonder if the absence of an Upper House in NZ is also a problem, since there appears to be a ‘winner take all’ mentality.

  2. Justice Carruthers has published his report into the police handling of the Roast Buster gang. Key outcomes are:
    – No prosecutions of the Roast Buster gang
    – No investigation into whether authorities actively encouraged victims not to pursue their complaints
    – No meaningful consequences for any policemen for inexcusably poor work
    – No accountability for anyone in authority
    – No change in the status quo

    No surprises here. Carruthers’ report is the final act in what is the classic New Zealand script for ensuring no accountability for those who commit child sex crimes and those in authority who cover up child sex crimes. The same formula is used time and again to ensure no consequences for child sex crimes.

    New Zealand continues to be the paedophile capital of the world and another generation of innocent children and decent families are at risk.

    Unfortunately, we have experience in this area. Our 14-year old child was victim of sex crimes committed by the St John ambulance gang aged in their 20s. NZ authorities determined that their group sex was “love and romance” and prevented our family from pursuing justice by gagging us. We were threatened with imprisonment if we spoke of the sex crimes, and threatened with bankruptcy if we dared challenge the gagging orders.

    NZ authorities actively encouraged our under age child not to pursue her police complaint (after she had made a written statement to police). 3 of the 6 victims of the Roast Buster gang, also made written statements to police, and then subsequently decided not to pursue their complaint. Hello? Carruthers’ “investigation” did not examine why these Roast Buster victims decided not to pursue their complaints. This is a glaring and telling omission, especially in the light of the massive evidence of poor policing already in front of Carruthers’ enquiry. If Carruthers had conducted a proper investigation, he would likely have uncovered the reason for all these sudden complaint withdrawals by victims, and revealed a key reason why NZ paedophiles are able to act with impunity.

    We have detailed our experiences and named those in authority in NZ who seek to promote or cover up child sex crimes:

    We look forward to the day when there will be meaningful consequences for those who commit child sex crimes and those in authority who cover up for them.

    • Frank, something needs to be done, no other child should have to go something like this and their abusers escape the consequences of their actions.

      The site has published a lot of criticism of the NZ police’s handling of pedophilia cases. The more people who draw attention to this internationally, the more likely something is to happen. Change comes from without in NZ, thanks for telling your story here.

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