Mexico Safer than New Zealand – Tourist Roberto Arteaga Robbed at Gunpoint in Hawke’s Bay


Mexico could be safer than New Zealand for tourists

After reading the news about Roberto Arteaga, a young Mexican lawyer who was robbed at gunpoint in Hawke’s Bay (a known gang stronghold), one could be forgiven for wondering whether he’d have been safer remaining at home. Tourist attacks and robberies are commonplace in New Zealand, each one adds further damage to the country’s crumbling reputation as a safe tourism destination.

The local media writes:

“The 30-year-old man was picked up on State Highway 2 at the Napier-Taupo Road turnoff, just north of Napier by three men in a ute.

The car was driven north towards Wairoa and stopped at Tutira for petrol.

The driver pulled the car over at the top of the Mohaka Hill near Raupunga about 2.30pm. The tourist was ordered out of the car with one of the car’s occupants pointing a pistol at him.

The car, which was carrying the hitch-hiker’s possessions, including a cellphone and a camera, then drove away…” more

Our condolences go out to the victim, one of many tourists to have fallen foul of New Zealand’s casual criminal element.

The following day police arrested three males aged 17, 19 and 22. Until their trial we’re unlikely to know which gang they were prospecting for.  They are due to appear in court later this week and are charged with aggravated robbery.

Have you got any Mexico v. New Zealand stories you’d like to share with us. The two countries are often compared, usually with Mexico receiving more favourable reviews.

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8 thoughts on “Mexico Safer than New Zealand – Tourist Roberto Arteaga Robbed at Gunpoint in Hawke’s Bay

  1. Anywhere on the East Coast of the North Island is unsafe for non-Maori in my opinion. I never felt safe there. Wairoa is gang country. Ruatoria is absolutely not a place for whites to go. I think the issue is that some of the most beautiful parts of NZ are heavily populated with gang members. Yes, white people live there but they probably do so with the knowledge of where to go/not go etc.

    I would suggest visitors never ever hitchhike and never camp. If you don’t have a good understanding of gang culture you might miss the signs. Anyone wearing red and black – Mongrel Mob (including women and children). Wearing blue and black – Black Power. Those are just the two main ones. Never wear a bandana in NZ is my advice, it could suggest gang membership. Interesting abut Mongrel Mob coming to Aus.

    This poor guy is extremely lucky he was not the victim of violence as well.

  2. I feel bad for the fellow. Mexico has some extremely dangerous areas, but at least Mexicans are willing to acknowledge their country’s shortcomings. They are also much warmer and more decent people overall compared to Kiwis.

  3. This page has been updated to include the victim’s name: Roberto Arteago and details of the three men who’ve been arrested. We presume they will be given name suppression until their families are informed.

  4. Thankfully I am not again reading about a young female hitch-hiker being picked up, sexually assaulted & murdered. This Mexican guy was lucky. When will tourists learn, New Zealand is not safe for hitch-hiking.

    • Given that many of the locals still refuse to view their country as a violent, crime ridden, fraudulent, overpriced, nation that happily embraces abusive behaviour, incompetence and corruption it is of little surprise that tourists would not be fully informed as to the dangers of coming here.

      Fortunately this situation is changing.

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