100% Pure NZ Barley? Even Hungry Pigs Won’t Touch It. ‘Roundup’ Ubiquitous In NZ.


NZ pigs would rather go hungry than eat locally produced grain. Smart animals.

Moving to New Zealand because you love its clean, green, 100% Pure image? Let’s take a look at reality again.

Our regular readers may recall that a while ago we wrote about the new NZ farming practice of spraying potato crops and tomatoes with Monsanto’s Roundup (Glyphosate) prior to harvest to kill off the foliage. There are acute toxicity problems caused by eating food contaminated with very high levels of the weedkiller, as well as more chronic problems caused by the chemical’s link to cancer.

Today we’ve heard that a similar treatment is being applied to cereal crops grown in New Zealand and that it has become common practice. It’s amazing how New Zealand farmers love their chemicals (and profit) more than their image. It’s not for nothing their britches burst into flames (Google “The Significance of Mr. Richard Buckley’s Exploding Trousers”) they sure do love their weedkillers!

Here’s a message left on the news site Stuff beneath an article about American Amish having lower levels of Pthalates (linked to problems with male sperm) and bisphenol A – or BPA-(linked to obesity and diabetes) in their blood. Smart people. There is a March against Monsanto organised on 24 May in the US, something you’re unlikely to ever see in New Zealand.



“We ingest a lot of chemicals that we don’t pick up on but other animals do. For instance, we raise pigs on our farm in a sty. We had been feeding them barley supplied by a relative. General process is to soak the grain in a bucket so it swells and doesn’t kill the pigs when feed to them. All was going well until we ran out of 2011 feed grain and had to move onto using 2012 years crop. This is where we noticed the difference and so did the pigs after soaking the grain and putting it in the sty for the pigs they would not touch the feed. It took 4 days for the pigs to become hungry enough that they were forced to eat the grain. They would sniff the grain and turn their heads up at it or try pushing it with their snouts out the effluent trap on their sty. Pigs are not a fussy animal by nature and will eat almost anything.

When we approached our relative about what was different with the grain he said the only thing with it was that it had been desiccated with a low level dose of roundup to artificially dry off the crop. When asked how common this was in the industry he replied it was standard procedure now. I have since talked to other grain growers/suppliers and spray contractors through my work and found it is wide spread.
What is concerning is that these grain growers supply a lot of cereals to companies that produce breads, and breakfast products for New Zealanders.

If pigs wont eat it, then I don’t think we should either. What’s this tell you?”

What does it tell you if you’re a smart person? Give New Zealand a wide berth, or eat organic food if you can afford it. Coming soon to New Zealand – The TPP and GMOs:


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New Zealand potatoes contaminated with Roundup: (Dec 2013)

Just before you eat the new seasons lovely potatoes consider this.

I have spent the last 2 weeks feeling very unwell. Today I have been diagnosed with Roundup ( G2 which is the strongest) on my spleen and pancreas. If I had breathed this in it would have been on my liver. Therefore I have ingested it. Turns out that it is from new potatoes.

For growers to get top dollar they have to have their produce in the shops early in the season. To be able to harvest the crop they have to kill the green tops other wise it will block the harvester. You cant pick them with green tops.
If I hadn’t been treated I would have had a growth on my spleen affecting Red Blood Cell production which would have eventually led to Leukaemia.

Any wonder we have the highest cancer rate in the world if this sort of practice is allowed to exist.
Clean and Green, 100% Pure. Yeah Right.” source

Apparently, when potatoes are ready for cropping farmers spray the foliage with roundup to kill off the tops and harden off the skin. Something like this:

“This bloke said that his neighbour, in our town,  grows potatoes, commercially, and when they are ready he sprays the whole crop with Roundup!!  WTF!!!!   I’m not sure if it is true but this bloke has no reason to lie about it.  He sprays the plant and it apparently goes down into the spud and it hardens the skin on the spud and saves the growers 4 to 5 weeks.  Or so he says  Unfortunately, I believe that it is very probable.  This bloke says that he has been growing his own potatoes since he found this out.  …” source

New health concerns surround Roundup herbicide:

Data published in the journal Entrophy, revealed that residue from glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Roundup, has been found in the food supply.

We “have hit upon something very important that needs to be taken seriously and further investigated,” study author Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told Reuters…

Don Hubar, a research scientist from Purdue University said

“Last summer I visited farms that had typical glyphosate damage. I received a call from a potato seed farmer in Minnesota who grows 1000 acres of seed potatoes. There was so much glyphosate in the potato tubers from a previous crop of Roundup Ready soybeans that the potatoes can’t be used as seed and could not be certified,” he said.

So why is Roundup still being used so frequently? According to Prevention, the answer has to do with the business behind GMOs and the Roundup products.. more here

All posts about about Roundup/Glyphosate here e2nz.org/tag/glyphosate


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  1. Its not just grains being contaminated. You cannot buy a commercial loaf of bread or bread rolls that does not contain Soy flour. This is probabley a GE product but most kiwis don’t even know because they never check ingredient labels, nor has this been pulicised.


  2. I notice the ‘source’ comment from trademe at the end of the following quote, has been removed:

    “Any wonder we have the highest cancer rate in the world if this sort of practice is allowed to exist.
    Clean and Green, 100% Pure. Yeah Right. Source”

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