Kaikoura Pimping Up the World Tourism Awards


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If you ever wondered how New Zealand does so well in all those ‘voted-for’ type of awards here’s an example ^^^.

The Kaikoura Star published an article telling its readers that a local company had been nominated for a responsible tourism award. Whilst you may be forgiven for thinking the whole article was simply a cut and paste of a press release, you may be intrigued to see the public being encouraged to vote for something they don’t experience from a tourist’s perspective.

Surely the people at the World Travel Awards are wise to this sort of thing? Perhaps not.

A list of the 2014 nominees for all of the Australasian categories may be found here




8 thoughts on “Kaikoura Pimping Up the World Tourism Awards

  1. A vote cast by a registered travel professional is worth two votes of an unwashed person not in the profession of making money off of unsuspecting visiting foreigners. Clearly a fair poll.

  2. I laughed when I read this because the practice of encouraging “locals” to vote their local town as the best from a tourist perspective is widespread, despite most of these retardicons never travelling or limiting their travelling experience to getting drunk in a bar in London or Bangkok.

    My wife and I just returned from a wonderful holiday in Italy. We stayed at relatively nice hotels in Milan and Venice for significantly less than it would have cost us to spend nights at inferior hotels in Retardicon 6. One could get a decent meal made by people who could actually cook for less and one was able to see truly marvellous things. The Cathedral in Venice is a work of art, far superior to any of the “architectural wonders” in Retardicon 6.

    My wife did complain that the organisation in Italy was much lower than it is at home in Switzerland, but I reminded her that it is even worse in Retardicon 6 and one pays more for such lousy service. Thank God I am out of that place.

    • so true!
      I spent 6 weeks last NZ winter in France, we stayed in B&B’s that cost 70-100 Euro a night for the 2 of us. In NZ a basic B&B starts at $120nzd, anything to the standard of the places we stayed, if they existed, would have cost 300-400 a night.
      In NZ customer service is a word they like to bandy around, but have no real grasp of its meaning!

      • Yes – same with even chain hotels in the States. They are less expensive, kept to a better state of repair, and cleaner for a given sum than they would be in New Zealand.

  3. The problem is that Kiwis NEED the recognition these international awards bestow. They’re so insecure they need constant validation to re-enforce the notion that their lives aren’t wasted on that god-forsaken rock. They lap this shit up. But when when exposed to international scrutiny they’re always found wanting.

    • Foreign revenue is brought in by reputationcraft. They need the money, so they continue inventing these shameless sparkly porkies.

  4. this a fairly typical behavior in NZ, and possibly in other countries (?). Where I live we have a weekly farmers market. Its OK, about 20 regular stalls, but in reality only 4-5 that are true local growers and producers. Others to my mind would for the general stall category of non seller produced but simple ‘value added’ IE Baked Goods, Coffee etc. And given we don’t produce sugar or coffee beans in NZ much of it imported .
    This market have for the last 3 years been voted NZ’s top Farmers Market, this has been achieved by the management by running an annual competition where people fill out a form to go into a lucky prize draw. The staff at the local information center take all these entries each week and go online and ‘vote’ for each entry. SO the punter thinks they are going into a prize draw, which there is, but the small print also says they are voting for the market as the best in the country. Something its a long long way from ever being.
    To add to the deception they market humiliated itself and the town 2 years ago during the visit of Charles Windsor and his misses when the Government decided to include “NZ’s best farmers market” in their tour. Charles is a well known figure in support of the grow local and local food/food miles subject. Knowing the market was small, and doing the typical colonial panic when royal comes to town they dragged in ‘ring ins’, so what they ended up with was a mish mash of junk and crap that was embarrassing to behold.

    • I read about this. I heard they used a hand drill on a potato and tried to get the Duchess to eat it.

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