NZ TV News Anti-British, Anti-Australian. Everyday Racism in New Zealand


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Are you emigrating to New Zealand and want to get a feeling for the strength of anti-British and anti-Australian rhetoric? then watch the above video, taken only hours after William, Catherine and George left New Zealand for Australia:  A news report by TV3 journalist Hilary Barry, née Pankhurst, “a New Zealand journalist and television personality who currently presents the 6 pm 3 News.” She won the Best News or Current Affair Presenter award at the 2011 Aotearoa Film and Television Awards. TV Guide’s Best on The Box award for Best Presenter. In 2012 she won the Radio Award for Best Newsreader and in March 2013, she once again won the TV Guide’s Best on The Box award for Best Presenter.

This is everyday racism in New Zealand.

This folks, is a national news broadcast but no apology is likely to be given to the thousands of British and Australian people it will offend in New Zealand. They have to suck it up, it’s their problem if they’re sensitive enough to find it objectionable. That’s social progress for you!

And here’s another, can you image the outcry this would cause if a similar advert was screened in Australia, or in the UK about the Irish?

And by the way, other countries allow their free press to make comments about the weather. It’s called journalism and not being part of a PR machine. If New Zealand was wet and miserable it’s actually ok to say that.

Seen on the front page of 19 April

more hate from NZ

NZ is clearly obsessed with feelings of loss to Australia


Not only is this everyday racism pathetic from a country that has just managed to top the Social Progress Index but it’s an example of New Zealand’s lack of joined-up thinking. William, Catherine and George also happen to be British and the monarchy they represent has the  Queen as the head of the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand. But don’t let that come in the way of a good insult, or legitimizing bigotry and hatred.

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28 thoughts on “NZ TV News Anti-British, Anti-Australian. Everyday Racism in New Zealand

  1. I agree with a lot of what I read on here but being anti-monarchy and anti-british are two different things. I am actually surprised at the amount of monarchy loving kiwis there are. And there are kiwis who want to fully cut all ties and good on them. I miss home but I don’t miss hearing about the monarchy, not one bit! Not everyone back home supports the monarchy.

  2. This article has been updated to include the anti-Australian Mitre 10 ad. Note, Mitre 10 has stores in Australia too.

  3. I have a noble idea, why not we migrants form a ‘migrants collective’ and bring a lawsuit against NZ Government for false marketing, and direct economic & emotional damage caused owing to that. If we all could network well, get a lawyer and gel together then we could push our voice instead of just taking the sour pill. If anybody interested, we should do a meetup in Auckland, at least we can create our own network here to help each out of this sinkhole.Heck what we got to loose, we have already lost everything! I am sure there would be many talented people with experience, and only if we could tap into it, we could be heard by international media.

    Anybody interested?

      • Thanks, ‘SafeFromNZ’. And sorry for the delayed response, i didn’t see your reply.

        • vigilante
        • Thanks for writing. This is still something I want to do, but my circumstances have changed and I just do not have the time to do it justice. Sorry about that.

          • Alright. Maybe in future then, yout got my email. In the meanwhile, could i request the admin to remove my email don’t the post above, for privacy reasons.

  4. New Zealanders and their media should be ashamed at publicly broadcasting their giant shoulder based ‘chip’ and debilitating inferiority complex to the world.

    What a pathetic race of insecure morons who have the biggest identity / inferiority complex in the Southern Hemisphere !! Grow up New Zealand …….. the rest of the world is laughing at you, not with you !!

  5. I agree with you 100% Gee. When I lived in NZ for just over two years, it felt like I was living in ‘Bizarro World’. The xenophobia is always under the surface and a shear sniff of an excuse will bring it to the surface by kiwis of all walks of life. I’ve noticed the NZ media omitting Australian content too. One example of this was while I watched live TV of the Pike River Mine disaster, a reporter posed a question of whether the safety standards of the mine were of similar standards of that in Australia. The live feed was quickly cut as soon as Australian standards were mentioned. You’re also correct about displaying Australia flags on cars. An Australian who’d lived in Christchurch for a decade or so had his car vandalised because the flag he stuck on his car was the Australian flag. He did the same experiment a while later this time using a Canadian flag and his car wasn’t targeted. I call it ‘Bizarro World’ because in Australia we welcome Kiwis to Australia with open arms as our brother ANZACs but for Australians going the other way it’s completely different.

  6. The newsreader is Hilary Barry. She was taught ”how to read the news” by the puerile racist Paul Henry. No wonder English speakers require an interpreter to be able to understand her broadcasts. No wonder at the vitriol that spews forth. Get a life Barry.

  7. Thanks for sharing E2NZ. The fawning over the Royals amazes me as well. The Retardicon 6 inhabitants have such empty lives in their damp, cold, and mouldy houses that they must live vicariously through celebrities on the other end of the world.

  8. Pleased to see that someone has been able to capture what has been happening on NZ television for years. As an Australian that lived in NZ for 3 years, the amount of racism, inherent nastiness and hatred towards Australians is astounding. With the Royal tour, the Australian television networks, newspapers and media in general have been positive and displayed daily updates of William and Kate’s tour in NZ. Looking at the media (NZ) on internet this morning…. barely a mention or photo of them in Australia. We have now returned to Australia. Our time in New Zealand gave an insight to just how much hatred exists in their psyche. Having lived and visited for a number of years, people there “forget” where I come from, and thus have openly voiced many opinions about Australia, and all of them vicious. All walks of life, professions, gender…. As a woman in a professional course there I was derided on the first day of class by the institution’s heads of administration, and becoming so bad that other class mates checking to see if I am okay… I wanted to put Australian flags on my car during the world cup, and being told “officially” not to do so, as my vehicle would be damaged and destroyed, & always, national television presenters & news people putting Australians down at every opportunity. I notice many times in reports that the word “Australian” is deleted from their news, as compared to those in international and Australian reports. A very interesting interlude there in NZ, not enjoyable. Beautiful landscape that they take for granted and keep damaging… but their people…. not so beautiful hearts.

    • It amazes me to see the inability of Kiwis to differentiate between their accent and the Australian accent. I am not Australian, but I had the misfortune to live in New Zealand for three years. Some of the better mates I made were Aussies and it shocked me to hear so much vitriol and hatred directed at Australians.

      • I think, technically, that the Kiwi accent is a modified Australian accent. I remember working with an older generation of New Zealanders here in Australia, their accent didn’t seem to have those peculiar clipped vowel sounds, perhaps it’s a recent development.

        • I notice watching old newsreels from the 1950s that Kiwi and Australian accents were practically indistinguishable. They sounded very British compared to today.

        • The transfered vowel. An “E” is pronounced as an “I”. So, just be careful if a NZer asks if they can sit on your “deck”. We were used to clothes dryers, hadn’t used/seen a clothes line in decades. We were told to just get some “pigs” to hang up our clothes.

          • LOL, I’ll remember your advice, although at my age genuine offers are extremely unlikely. Some years ago I saw a video of a Kiwi schoolgirl competing in a US spelling bee, the bewildered judges needed a replay to work out what she was saying–I don’t know how Kiwis understand each other, context must very important.

    • Gee.,

      Informative, and to this Australian, rather depressing comments. I’ve never visited NZ and sometimes I’ve wondered if I’ve got the wrong impression from the media and that Oz- bashing is neither as intense or as generalised as it appears, apparently it’s even worse.
      The obvious question is “why?”, we’ve never invaded, bombed, used drones, financed coups or seriously damaged NZ’s national interests, the only plausible answer is ‘envy’. The bungled Trans-Tasman migration agreement has certainly caused even more resentment from Kiwis towards Australians

        • Hi Carpentaro, you are absolutely right! New Zealanders are a sad bunch. I am from UK and having visited both NZ & Australia & lived in NZ 4 years. New Zealand is definitely the poor retarded cousin to Australia.My experience of New Zealanders is also that they are jealous and envious of
          Australians and British people as well. New Zealanders like to rubbish other people and countries but deep down they know that New Zealand is inferior to Australia and many other countries in the world.New Zealanders envy & jealousy of other people/countries reflects their deep insecurity about themselves and their 2nd world nation.

  9. Well, luckily we haven’t p’nched their accent, Oz English has more than one vowel.
    This is an example of Oz bashing from people who really should know better, sour grapes are so,so bitter, aren’t they?

    We can also indulge in some trans Tasman bashing, however it’s in a different context.

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