Suspicious, “Carping Kiwis” are Australia’s Most Hard to Please Migrants


New Zealanders in Australia are hard to please


New Zealanders migrating to Australia find plenty to whinge about in the ‘lucky country’ according to new research by Monash University for the non-profit Scanlon Foundation.

New Zealand is the third largest source of new residents for Australia and Kiwis have easier access to work in Australia than any other nationality, yet despite that they’ve still found plenty to complain about.

According to the Australian Courier Mail, lack of access to some state benefits is one thing that’s giving Kiwis plenty to carp about.

“Recent arrivals from New Zealand are more unhappy with their financial situation than any other group, with 40 per cent describing themselves as “dissatisfied’’ or “very dissatisfied’’.

Some 46 per cent of the Kiwi respondents say they are poor, struggling or just getting along – the second-worst result after people from Asian countries other than China/Hong Kong, Malaysia or Indonesia.

“A lot of people see Australia as an opportunity to come and get work and that’s often not the reality,’’ said Sarai Tuuga from the Boystown charity in Logan where one in 10 of the population was born in New Zealand.

“There is a lack of access to income support and limited access to job-seeking services. I don’t know that that is widely-known (before people come),” she said.

Kiwis are the group least likely to see Australians as “caring, friendly, hospitable people’’, with just 1 per cent of New Zealanders nominating that as one of the things they most like about this country…”

Kiwis are suspicious and reluctant to integrate

“They are also among the most suspicious of others. Only 22 per cent said they believed that, generally speaking, people can be trusted and 63.2 per cent reckon ‘’you can’t be too careful’’.

Just over a quarter said they had been on the receiving end of discrimination because of their background – more than twice the level among Brits.

And New Zealanders are in the top-three migrant groups who believe it is unsafe to walk the streets at night in Australia.

Only a third of Kiwi migrants say they identify as Australian – compared to three-quarters of those from India and half from the UK.

And while 92 per cent of Chinese migrants who arrived between 1990 and 2005 have become Aussie citizens, just 41 per cent of New Zealanders have done so – the lowest of any group of arrivals…”

Looks like you can take the migrant out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the migrant. You can read the full article here.

As ever, the devil is in the detail of the comments section of which there was plenty (see a selection below) and they’re sure to grow as word gets round, there were about 30 comments when we first looked and over 100 by 8pm NZ time.

It won’t be long until the NZ press get a hold of this, it will be interesting to see how they spin it and if it is used to whip up some more ant-Australian rhetoric. Keep an eye out for it in the coming days.


Tell me about it! Every one of them I’ve met whinge. They seem to think that Australia is somehow attached to New Zealand and they should be able to fly in and live here with all restrictions dropped. We are 2 separate countries! They can just fly in and work and take our jobs. What more do they want? New Zealand is also a back door to gain entry here. Their government will let anyone in so other nationalities get citizenship there first, then migrate here. I also wish they would drop this “AS” thing following everything they say. Our school kids have picked it up and it’s annoying AS.


A mate of mine who has been working rebuilding Christchurch woke yesterday to 4 deg and didn’t enjoy a max of 13 deg. He rang me last night to say is it any wonder they gravitate to Qld. He can’t wait for his contract to finish. Kiwis have nothing to complain about. If they do, they can go back home and freeze their butts off.


I think you will find that the kiwis claiming to be poor have south sea island heritage, they go through NZ to get to Australia. The loophole is that those countries citizens have entitled access into NZ, once there they get a passport and then are entitled to migrate to Australia, if they tried to come directly to Australia they could not and would be required to undertake our immigration selection process.

Cam S:

Absolutely correct Sue.  The New Zealand Government is at fault here, and needs to tighten up on their immigration rules.  They accept dirt poor, uneducated people from the pacific, who are unskilled, basically illiterate ,and speak very poor English, with the full understanding that they will migrate to Australia, and become Australia’s problem.   Before we have an exercise in Kiwi bashing, I think we need to understand that most of these people claiming to be New Zealanders are actually from somewhere else.


This is a bigger challenge to the Australian economy than asylum seekers.  Far too many of the Kiwi’s who hit our shores arrive without any requirement around skills, financial security or any potential to contribute in a meaningful way to the Australian economy or future.  New Zealander’s should be subjected to the same visa requirements as everyone else.  I have business colleagues in NZ who laugh at Australia’s immigration policy and are grateful for us taking their less credentialed kin.  Saves NZ having to accommodate them.  Why do we insist on being the joke of the world.


I agree. We have too many New Zealand citizens arriving in Australia without properly researching their entitlements and expecting to be propped up with Australian government benefits.  If New Zealand citizens do not have a job to come to in Australia, they should not be allowed to move here. The SCV444 is a temporary visa, but many New Zealand citizens believe they should have the right to vote, and receive pensions and payments that are only afforded to Australian citizens.  Australia must have the right to determine who becomes Australian citizens.


No access to welfare entitlements despite paying taxes”.  Join the queue behind the Aussies.  I have paid taxes all my life and never received any middle class welfare.  Bought my house before there were handouts for first home buyers.  Had my kids before there were baby bonuses.  Never received any child tax payments because i have always just been above the threshold.  Now im probably not going to get a pension.  Stop winging – even hard working Australians arent entitled to anything.


@Constantine  how right you are I arrived in aussie 1978 worked hard because of my work qualifications in the justice system  and on my own with no help no hand outs brought and paid for my own home and now am 74yrs old on a pension have paid full taxes since I arrived and never had any pension what so ever Oh I am a kiwi ex vet who found that I was treated by the kiwis when I arrived home from overseas service in Vietnam  by all sorts of names so that is why I came here and lived in Logan city.





8 thoughts on “Suspicious, “Carping Kiwis” are Australia’s Most Hard to Please Migrants

  1. I have worked with many Kiwis (many of who claim to be financial refugees), all of who are hard working and are so very relieved they no longer live in NZ.

    One fellow was reading an article recently about the goings on in NZ and he sighed, looked at me and said, “whenever I hear these stories it makes me beam with happiness that I no longer live there”.

    He has taken out citizenship and plans to spend the rest of his life in Aus…very happily.

    Whilst he holds fond memories of what is good about NZ, he has said many times that is just isn’t enough, and he can’t stand the thought of ever returning beyond visiting the relatives.

    NZ has an inferiority complex (that isn’t actually warranted), and many NZers deal with it by shitting on anything Australian and spending their time trying to prove how much better NZ is than Australia…that’s really all it is.

    It’s like Canada and the US. Canadians are always talking about how much better Canada is than America…and practically anywhere else in the world (including Australia as well).

    Australia has learned to accept its place in the world as a country that nobody really cares about, it’s time for NZ to do the same.

    We simply can’t complete with the economic power of North America, Asia and Europe, as such, we don’t figure in the equation, so we should be supporting each other.

    Its not a bad place to be actually.

    • I came to US 10 years ago, before reside in Australia for decades. All these years, many Americans (White, the well-educated ones) told me that they are ashamed of their government, “your government (Australian, Canadian, NZ, etc)care about you!” they said, “I’m going to Canada!” I don’t know what Canadian think of their country because I haven’t met any here, but I have talked to those well-read, traveled all around the world Americans.

  2. Your government is the reason why kiwis have easy access to your country. If immigration got rid of the special category visa, the problem would be sorted! But no they won’t.. Why?because they can take kiwis tax dollars and not have to support this group as they will not be eligible to claim specific benefits from Centrelink. It’s a win win situation for your government!!!!!

  3. Kiwis are the group least likely to see Australians as “caring, friendly, hospitable people’’, with just 1 per cent of New Zealanders nominating that as one of the things they most like about this country…”
    Perhaps because they know that “people will be disliked, BY those they dislike?”
    That dislike is subtle, and even goes into the magazines released yearly by the Halls of Residence at university:
    “This girl seems alright, but she’s Australian” (paraphrased) was one of the statements I read.

  4. I think Australia should abandon the ‘close economic treaty’ with New Zealand and be done with it, giving everyone who decides to make Australia home a fair and level playing field.

    • I have seen Kiwis revile Australia and Australians as a country and people, but “use the country” much like some immigrants come and “use” America: as an easy place to make money off and eat off the fat, not a new home to commit to and make a better place. It’s all about what they can get out of being there. Because they intend to do the carpetbagger thing when they go over, they don’t seek citizenship. Their heart is no more “in it” than it would be shopping at the Warehouse. They view Australia as a land of plenty, with much to spare, abuse the special relationship and screw the people and culture, and then carp about not qualifying for benefits. Are those the kinds of people Australia wants to sponsor? Australia should abandon the treaty, send the Kiwis home to deal with their own big problems back home, and turn off the taps. Economic times are hard. You need willing citizens on board, manning the oars. Not ones who head for the larder with eyes turned east. You’re not being given their hearts. Only their mouths.

  5. Admin,

    I agree with many of the comments above. In my opinion we, in Australia, are mainly to blame for Kiwis’ sense of entitlement and their apparent arrogance, it’s due to the hare-brained migration agreement we signed with NZ in the 70s and the subsequent clumsy attempts to ‘correct’ the situation.

    I’d remind any Kiwis who whinge about their situation in Australia that they’re not citizens of Australia and they have been granted special status compared with all other nationalities. Of course there are anomalies and some unfortunate New Zealanders are treated unfairly by bureaucratic rules. The remedy is obvious, we should negotiate the end to the agreement, or if necessary, just abrogate it and be finished with the entire debacle, Kiwis would then have the same status as any non-citizen and a lot less to whinge about.

    NZ is not a state of Australia and Kiwis shouldn’t expect to be treated as citizens of a state of the Federation.

    • I have shared this before, but the scores on the Australian citizenship test show the low calibre of people that New Zealand is exporting to Australia.

      Perhaps Kiwi migration to Australia results in the IQ of both countries going down! The “smarter” Kiwis are leaving Retardicon 6, but still dragging down Australia’s IQ in the process!

      The Kiwis love their handouts paid for by others, which is why they are angry that John Howard and company cut off the welfare tap. If I were an Australian, I would demand that my government require New Zealanders to migrate under the same rules as everyone else.

      It is hypocritical for Kiwis to say that immigrants to New Zealand do not assimilate, bludgeon off the social services, etc, when they are the first ones to line up for handouts in Australia along with the refugees.

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