Violent Attack by Christchurch Youths – Unsafe Streets, Gangs of Hood Rats Lay Claim to City – updated

Are you under the impression that Christchurch, New Zealand  may be a good emigration destination for your family?

Are you aware that even before the earthquakes the city had a shocking reputation for casual violence? To make matters worse residents are on the edge after three years of unrelenting stress due to the earthquakes that still shake their city.

These messages were left on the Christchurch Quake board at If you’re emigrating to New Zealand we strongly recommend you find a way to join this forum.

Police don’t want to know

A restaurant was terrorised and a group of young women were attacked by predatory teens, yet Christchurch police don’t want to know because the attackers are under-age.

Perhaps it also keeps down the numbers of recorded crimes if incidents like this are kept off the books? As far as we know this attack was not reported in the press.

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violent attack

violent attack two

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violent attack four

German Tourist Attack

This attack happened a week after a German tourist was turned away from Christchurch hospital in the early hours of the morning. Alone and unable to find accommodation for the night, Soenke made his way to the town’s bus station. There he was beaten by a gang and robbed:

I lay on the ground and they kicked me just for fun. One kicked me in the face.”

The men stole his laptop, cellphone and his bag and its contents, including gifts and his passport.

The attack left him sore and bleeding from the lips and knee, but otherwise uninjured.

Gangs of Hood Rats Stalk Christchurch City

Gangs of intimidating “hood rats” have re-emerged in central Christchurch. Locals want the police to re-instate their inner city squad. Source “Hood rats scurry back”

Retailers, police and security workers say they have noticed a significant increase in miscreants congregating in the Re:Start container mall, the bus exchange and the Oxford Tce riverbank.

Their behaviour included intimidation, spitting, bad language, harassing shoppers for money, gang colours and graffiti, they said.

One security worker said those responsible appeared to be “hopeful gang member types” as young as 12.

Another guard said the attack on a German tourist at the bus exchange last Saturday was symptomatic of the increasing problems.

He found help at The Club nearby. Security guards phoned police, who arrived about 30 minutes later.

Soenke said he left the police station about 5.15am, convincing the officers to escort him back to Christchurch Hospital and request permission for him to sleep in the emergency waiting room for a couple of hours. That time the request was granted. He left about 7am…” more here


Christchurch Cop Gets Name Suppression

Meanwhile, in other Christchurch crime news an ex-cop is given name suppression after admitting to accepting cash payments given to him by 12 people.

In an article that avoids using the word ‘corruption’ the man has reportedly been given name suppression, the nature of his work has been suppressed and so has the name of his station. Now he’s applying for discharge without conviction, presumably so he can travel abroad or find other work and can continue to live the life of an innocent man. More here.

Update. Name suppression was later lifted on 63-year-old Trevor James Hinkley who ran the traffic diversion scheme.  Under the scheme, first offenders can avoid a conviction if they make amends and often pay a donation.

Trevor Hinkley reportedly “binned” those cash donations, meant for Victim Support, because of confusion and ill health. However, his version of events was disputed by cleaners at the station who said they would have noticed if cash had been thrown away.

The judge said his offending was a significant breach of trust as a serving police officer. As far as we know the name of his station is still suppressed.

Our readers may remember another disgraced Christchurch ex-cop Gordon Stanley Meyer, who was recently convicted of corruption and  sex offences against women. Read corrupt cop worked at ‘unhealthy station’ (19/11/2013) for the details.

It would be interesting to find out if the two men both worked at Christchurch South Police Station.

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  1. Unfortunately the situation in Christchurch does not come as much of a surprise. The city has always been a violent place. Its had a problem with gangs for decades, and is well known for issues with youth gangs, particularly around the suburb of Shirley. It is also the New Zealand capital for child prostitution.

    Throw into the mix post traumatic stress disorder on a large amount of the population after the earthquakes and the complete ineptitude of the authorities connected with the city recovering and you have a powder keg ready to explode.

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