Christchurch Earthquake Workers Threatened with Knives


3 years of stress are taking their toll on Christchurch residents

Thinking about emigrating to ‘safe’ Christchurch to help out with the reconstruction work?

You may want to think about somewhere safer to work.

Long  suffering and angry homeowners, messed about for the last three years are deeply unhappy. Not only are they making heaps of complaints about shoddy work they’ve also been taking repair workers hostage and threatening them with knives and machetes

One contractor, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of an agreement with Fletcher EQR, said there were regular reports of homeowners who were treated badly, but there was little in the public spotlight about the other side of the story.

“It’s getting worse in terms of homeowners’ tempers,” he said. “Some people behave like real a……..”

Some of his 40 employees had been locked in rooms and threatened with knives and machetes.

Shooting, Bomb and Death threats

Incidents of angry Cantabrians threatening to blow up earthquake repair hubs and shoot staff have been documented in The Press…

Fletcher EQR spends thousands of dollars on extra security to protect its 700 staff from threats and verbal abuse from homeowners.

In March, a New Brighton man flung a fire extinguisher at contractors after his “living hell” dealing with earthquake authorities.

EQC had also fielded death threats. One person had said they would go up to an EQC facility with a gun and shoot someone…

Raving, Shouting Lunatics

Last year, Christchurch City councilor Ali Jones helped organise protests against insurance company Southern Response, he told the press

“There is something about dealing with these earthquake issues that turns people into raving shouting lunatics,”

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Did anyone see the CTV report where the ambulance driver referred to the increasing number of elderly suicides and increasingly having to inject people to calm them downTheres no excuse for threatening people who are trying to do their job.

Theres also no excuse for three years of having to work their way through EQC and insurance issues, how can people be surprised that anxiety related mental health and cardiology issues are on the rise. Can the Press write an article on all changes re mental health and cardio. Not just the number seeking medication for depression.

We’re all human beings, not just economic units. That includes tradies, EQC people and customers, Wasn’t there a story in the Press about a tradie stabbing another worker with a knife.

Ray Gardner

You know what , they the contractors and Fletchers and Eqc are all to blame as well as the home owners.
i was lucky or unlucky , depending on how you look at it . To have a IAG assessor come out a few months ago to assess damage due to a leak in the shower , at the same time we showed him some cracks appearing in our living room ceiling , his response was Shoddy repair work by Fletcher’s, and then he preceded to inspect the house and pointed out a few more things that had not been done properly .
At the end of it all, after we pulled out the paper work on the EQC repairs , it was State and IAG that did the repairs , so they tried to back track , hence i am now fixing it all myself at my cost. These company’s are only after 1 thing and that is the money .
Painters in Auckland Charge from $10.per square mtr down here they start at $17.00
If you’re intending to live or work in Christchurch you need to do thorough research before moving there.
Earthquake Commission Truths  – Whistleblower’s website, highly recommended.