DJ Neill Andrews’ Racist Attack Against Indians

Neill Andrews

Planning to emigrate to New Zealand from India?

Just in case you missed it in your corner of the world.

The above screenshot is from DJ Neill Andrew’s Facebook page, posted on 30 December.

Andrews owns Wellington’s Famous nightclub. Guess that’s one to leave off the NZ ‘to do’ list? Absolutely, positively.

Neill Andrews DJ

World famous in NZ, no such thing as bad publicity?

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4 thoughts on “DJ Neill Andrews’ Racist Attack Against Indians

  1. As opposed to a country where five year old girls get ripped apart by rapists on campsites? (Turangi)

    Are you seriously suggesting that no Kiwis commit financial fraud?

    We don’t usually publish trash talk like yours but occasionally we let it through to show the average mindset in New Zealand: kinda helps people to know what they’re up against.

  2. Hey, if you think you are going to solve anything by accusations and exposure, DON’T FORGET that all the world wide and asian migration to a former British colony called New Zealand IS THE RESULT OF THE LIBERAL NON-RACIST POLICIES introduced by it’s government.

    Don’t forget that the decisions of this government could have been very different and well they can be reversed too if things get too hot (don’t forget Germany in the 1930’s, only some 90 years ago, God forbid).

    Yes, some kiwis have a problem with people of foreign origin, but anyone steering things up will get it only worse and it does not mean New Zealand as a whole is a racist country.

    Why it is not racist? See above!

    To my mind a lot of it is just lack of desire in some ethnic groups to integrate into our society and yes, kiwis can tell you about that, sometimes not in a niciest of ways.

    This is exactly why I do not attend to my ethnic community (there is none in fact). Because I came to live in New Zealand, not whereever I come from.

    Good luck fightihg racism and eliminating discrimination.

    • To my mind a lot of it is just lack of desire in some ethnic groups to integrate into our society and yes, kiwis can tell you about that, sometimes not in a niciest of ways.
      Well, integration is a 2-way street, and when people from overseas begin and complete their university education WHILE PAYING 5x THE DOMESTIC FEES, yet are unable to find work commensurate with their education;
      or when they decide to plough their money into dairies selling liquor (because it seems getting blazed and drunk is what many Kiwis choose to spend their money on) and they couldn’t get paid according to the award rates being employed elsewhere …
      it’s very hard for me to disagree that the racism is quite quite visible.

      Also, big hint:
      When people talk about “Asians not integrating”,
      they mean “ASIAN MALES not integrating” …
      they are perfectly capable of accepting Asian women that fit their exotic, sexualised mold.
      In other words, they’re disguising sexism with words designed to make the target group, feel “grateful” that “you’re not like them”.

      On the other hand, add on the years, and suddenly, those women will be “just like them”.

      P.S. “Ethnic” restaurants pay their workers badly, but then again, New Zealanders enjoy their food more than human rights, if the amount of actions taken to put right poor wages are counted.

  3. Looks like things haven’t changed much from 2008 (and if anything, have gotten worse), than when this was posted:
    Heiko Jonkers of Milford Beach writes: “To the European/Pakeha woman protester at today’s Boobs on Bikes Parade who wandered down the street seeking out every brown-skinned and Asian male she could find, hissing at each one, ‘Do you like staring at white girls’ titties, do you?’ Congratulations on undermining the otherwise dignified human rights protest your team was making by being a blatant racist. You confirm that New Zealand need not worry over a little nudity once a year, but ugly racism every day is by far a bigger problem.”

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