Racist Attack On Elderly Indian Man In Hastings

A racist mob yelling “curries” is alleged to have attacked a quiet dinner party of co-workers in Hastings on Saturday night. Diane Joyce in the Dominion Post writes:

“Seven men, all employees of dairy and restaurant owner Rakesh Kumar, were having dinner at an Oliphant Rd house when they were startled by banging on the windows. When they went outside they were attacked…”

The perps were two drunks accompanied by a group of 10-15 men:

“A 71-year-old man’s false teeth were knocked out in what is believed to have been a racially motivated attack by a mob.

The attackers yelled “curries” as they beat him and another Indian man, 36, and smashed windows of a vehicle and a house in Hastings on Saturday night.

Detective Lisa Tod said two drunk men went to the back of a house and confronted a group of people having a quiet get-together.

The pair were aggressive and violent towards the group before leaving. They returned a short time later with 10 to 15 men and continued their attack, she said.

Five Indian men were able to barricade themselves inside the house. The two injured men were treated at Hawke’s Bay Hospital and discharged.”

The Herald on the other hand played down the nature of the home invasion and that it was probably racially motivated. It mentioned neither the nationality of the victims nor the racist comments that were made.

We think it’s appalling that a group of people can’t sit down to a civilised dinner and enjoy each other’s company without being descended upon by a drunken mob and subjected to a racist attack.

Attacks on Indian nationals are pretty common in New Zealand and some sectors will be to keen to minimise any publicity this latest attack generates as it doesn’t look good abroad.

It’s been a pretty rough time for Indian people recently what with the murder of taxi driver  Hiren Mohini and the ongoing trauma surrounding the prosecution of  the murderers of dairy owner Navtej Singh.

For background reading about the problem with racism in New Zealand please take a look at

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4 thoughts on “Racist Attack On Elderly Indian Man In Hastings

  1. Good point P Ray, gangs are largely tolerated within NZ culture so long as they fight it out between themselves but when their victims react they’re the ones that are censured.

  2. Funny how that works in NZ, you have gangs/associations but there is comparatively little outcry about them, compared to the time when Asian Anti-crime Group supervisor Peter Law talks about retribution… then so many try to tell him he is being unreasonable.

  3. Not sure that fighting fire with fire is the best way to deal with this issue. Re-education, the teaching of tolerance and respect for others and an acceptance of different cultures is what New Zealand needs most.

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