New Zealand’s Land Care Research and DOC Editing Wikpedia’s Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080) Page

We’ve discovered that computer equipment registered to Landcare Research’s internet server has been used to edit Wikipedia pages.

Landcare Research (Māori: Manaaki Whenua) is one of New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes. The focus of the research at this company is the environment, biodiversity, and sustainability. It now operates as a government-owned company rather than as a government department source

Here’s a screen shot of the edits performed by

landcare research

Landcare Research has an interest in 1080 and Austrian music! (click to enlarge)

Propaganda War

Among the edits from is one on the history of Sodium fluoroacetate (used to make 1080). New Zealand is the world’s largest consumer of this inhumane toxin and buys up most of the world’s supply of a pesticide which has been banned in other countries.

Government departments are often accused of waging a propaganda war to persuade the country that 1080 use is a legitimate form of mass pest control in New Zealand.

Other NZ editors of the Sodium fluoroacetate page

Include “Conservation Ranger” who works at the Department of Conservation (DOC) in New Zealand and an anonymous person from

Interestingly, the page was first compiled by Christchurch man Alan Liefting who has since angrily withdrawn from Wikpedia under less than happy circumstances. He left in 5 August 2013 after making over 137,000 edits. We’re not sure who has control over the page now.

Alan Liefting also set up the ‘1080 usage in New Zealand‘ Wikipedia page in September 2008 and bravely defended it from government interference in August 09 when a DOC staffer removed links to anti-1080 pressure groups.

Liefting resurrected the information within 30 minutes and told The Press

debate was being “stifled” by “bad-faith editing” by public servants wasting their time.

“It’s not up to DOC employees to do this sort of thing.”

The complete revision history of the 1080 use in New Zealand page, with associated IP addresses may be seen here: See also:

For more on that story read 1080: DOC Staffer Censors Wikipedia To Remove Anti 1080 Information(August 2009)

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  1. This is only one small example of all the “reputation editing” they do. It goes without saying that this is a regular practice “offline” as well. Fans of gaslighting – move to New Zealand, you’ll be in heaven.

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