Woman Abused By Dog Killer – Haumoana Beach

Another reminder today that New Zealand is anything but safe.

Our sympathies are with ER nurse Kay Hamilton whose puppy dog was killed on Haumoana Beach in Hawkers Bay by a speeding quad bike hoon.

The driver and his two passengers displayed reckless disregard for human life when they sped past a young family on the beach at well over  50km/hr. Unfortunately they hit Kay’s puppy Rosie, causing fatal injuries.

But instead of the driver apologizing for killing her dog her abused her and told her to fuck-off.

“There were two men and a woman on the bike. The man riding it got off and walked to Ms Hamilton before abusing her. She said he was white, about 1.75 metres tall, possibly in his 30s, with short, dark hair and a piercing near one of his eyes.

The quad bike was dark, possibly blue, she said, and was going “well over 50[kmh]. It was full throttle”.

The speed limit on that stretch of the beach is 20kmh...source

The NZ Herald’s reporter wrote

It was not the first case of a dog being killed by a quad bike on the stretch of beach, Ms Hamilton said.

“I am sickened and saddened that once again a small majority are spoiling it for the rest of us by their selfish antics and I fear before long a serious accident or death will be reported,” she said.

Please take care on New Zealand’s beaches. We published the following advice years ago on our Children’s Wiki

Take care of your kids on NZ’s beaches as you’ll probably be sharing the sand with a variety of motor vehicles. 13 year old Daisy Fernandez was killed and her friend seriously injured by a 15 year old trail bike rider, as they lay in the dunes on a Northland beach where speeding is a problem.

Seems like anything goes, you really do take your life in your hands.

The Dom News’ report also gave the following information


New Zealand Transport Agency records show there have been 115 vehicle crashes on beaches since 2004. Of those, seven resulted in deaths, 35 in serious injury and 47 in minor injury.

The worst year was 2005, with 20 crashes, including two fatal, six serious and seven minor. The last fatal beach crash was in 2010.


2 thoughts on “Woman Abused By Dog Killer – Haumoana Beach

  1. Rural New Zealand is the wild west. Kiwi’s have little respect for themselves, never mind anyone else. Arrogant, ignorant and proud of it too most of them. The Romans were more civilized than these backward farm hands; one generation away from the Uncle dad’s milking shed. Such a great country though; they leave me with little competition from a business perspective.

  2. I have seen this type of thing myself on 90 mile beach / shipwreck bay Northland. Kids riding quads and trail bikes at breakneck speed with no parental control & no cops anywhere. Mind your kids and your pets.

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