Cumbria Shootings Similar To Aramoana Massacre

We are shocked to hear about the mass shootings and deaths in Cumbria, UK, overnight.

Our deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to the communities involved and the shattered families who have lost loved ones.

Sadly, incidents such as these happen all over the world and Britain, like most countries, isn’t immune to them.

The Cumbria shootings are very similar to an event that happened in New Zealand back in the 90s and it is sure to stir up memories of the Aramoana Massacre. Read Armed Seiges and Gun Politics in NZ

On one summer day 33 year old unemployed man, David Gray, began shooting indiscriminately at people in the small community of Aramoana with a scoped semi-automatic sporting rifle after falling out with his neighbour.

He shot 13 people to death (3 of them children) and wounded 2 more children and a police officer in the deadliest criminal shooting in New Zealand’s history.

After the rampage people in the community burned his house to the ground, part of a cleansing process.

Today the two countries will be united in their grief and remembrance of those who have died.