Beehave Beehive – New Episode

A new episode has been to the Beehave Beehive series of videos on YouTube.

A while ago we blogged about Steve and Angel’s campaign to draw attention to the lack of government control in private schools, since then the couple have been busy working away on a series of satirical political programmes.

We discovered that their films have been uploaded to YouTube. They’re linked into the work they’ve been doing on the the Education Amendment Bill #2 and to what the couple describe as the “government -sanctioned lawless world of private schools with regard to children’s welfare” in New Zealand.

Using a well developed sense of satire, and skills that put British impressionist Rory Bremner in the shade, Steven and Angel said

“Beehave is a new political satire show focusing its gaze like a laser on the kiwi parliament, aka the Beehive, along with the various high jinks of New Zealand’s politicians. You can watch future episodes here …YouTube or on our website, Safe to Tell,

and gave assurances that no politicians were harmed in the making of these viral videos, the first batch of which we embedded here.

The fifth episode has just been released, enjoy.