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“I might go on there and add my complaints about the very low wages and the fact they cut the tails off dairy cows.”

“I totally agree with alot of the things said on the site. Most Kiwis know of the huge problems, but just don’t like being told it by a foreigner. I actually took the time and looked, on my way to work, 40km through good old rural NZ, and there was rubbish everywhere. In the streams, all along the sides of the road, on the road and in fields. Clean Green NZ is a total myth and a lie, I won’t even swim in the local river, let alone eat anything that comes out of it. I don’t go out at night into town unless I am working, as it is not safe. The issue shouldn’t be why are foreigners saying these things about NZ, it should be why aren’t Kiwis doing anything about the shitty state this country has gotten into?”

“The moaning on that site above takes on quite another level. I believe that many migrants leave their own country because of what they perceive as a lack of opportunity in their own. That they don’t “make it” in yet another country is because they fail to either recognise or grasp it.”

“true, but alot of people choose to come to NZ because of the way it is marketed overseas. Clean and Green, low crime rates, gorgeous beaches and fantastic weather, incredibly friendly locals, and so on…. When they get here and the image painted by Tourism NZ and the Embassy in London is a complete fabrication, they get a little bit upset, and who could blame them.”

“We all know that there are aspects of the clean, green that is a myth, but as a person who has been fortunate enough to have travelled and lived throughout the world, I can say hand on heart that apart from Sweden, Denmark, France and Australia no other country provides the lifestyle and opportunities for outdoor sports that we do.”

“What lifestyle? Alot of people say that the lifestyle in NZ is the best in the world, but what does it mean? What is unique about the “lifestyle”? And, also having lived all over the world (I have been to every continent and nearly every country) the outdoor sports in NZ are no where near as good as those in other countries. The skiing in Austria, Germany, France, the US all eclipse NZ. The watersports in Greece, the Balkans, the Baltic area, all match if not surpass NZ. Unfortunately, anything that NZ offers is available elsewhere in the world, normally to a higher standard.”

And this is how Kiwis see the Brits:

“Or they could just move to Spain!
It has everything most people want-sun,beaches,affordable housing and it’s only a quick trip back and forward to the UK to see family and friends.
If my partner wasn’t a Kiwi that is where I would choose over NZ anyday!”

“LOL – yes we see your sort on that programme Benidorm… the Poms that go to Spain all whinge over there too. Screeching for your mushy peas, train-smash for your pork pies, warm Watney’s Red Barrel and dropping your “h”s… Off you go.”

I think there are 2 types of Brits that go to live in Spain. The mushy pea, ‘don’t want any eat any foreign muck’, heavy drinking types have been hard hit by the recession …many of those ones have gone back to the UK. I can’t wait to see the Malaga beachfront again …now that the ‘bangers and mash’ crowd have closed up

“Hardly daffodil, they all screech in their appalling regional accents and expect the poor Spaniards to understand Inglisi…”

“Yeah there’s them and then there’s the British criminal element – oh wait they’re both the same.”

Still interested in emigrating to friendly New Zealand ? Why not take a look at our popular Migrant Tales series ,  just click on the icon in the side bar or here.

Also read our “What Kiwis say about New Zealand” pages for some real eye openers, there’s lots of them. Click on the What’s it like to live in NZ tab at the top of this page and browse through our two chapters of comments under what Kiwis say about NZ, here’s a taster:

Top 5 things wrong with NZ:

For anyone wanting to get a feel for good old grass root opinions and issues in New Zealand you can’t go far wrong by logging on to the message boards at the NZ auction site Trademe.

Here’s a thread that was started on Wednesday about a topic that’s always guaranteed to get a good response. It drew the usual righteous indignation and denial, some people obviously didn’t understand the question and launched into what was right with NZ. However there were some who were capable of developing the theme further.

We picked up a distinct dissatisfaction with the justice system’s ability to deal effectively with crime, tax payers fed up with supporting a benefits culture, concerns over child welfare issues, problems with home affordability and New Zealand still being a country that’s divided on race with a lot of work to do to sort out both bigotry and racism…

100% Pure Rip Off:

Oh dear, bet the guys who coined the “100% Pure NZ” are cringing right now. It will be interesting to see how well the brand’s image survives this latest onslaught on the slogan that lends itself so easily to abuse. It is currently being used to highlight how expensive New Zealand has become.

It all started with an article in the NZ Herald under the header “NZ: 100% Pure Rip-off. Rip off New Zealand?” written by Peter Bills, an international writer for Independent News & Media…

Nice scenery, good wine, shame about the inbred psychopaths

This was found on a site called TrueSlant.com and we’re including it in our Kiwi Talk pages.

It was written by New Zealander Scott Alexander Young, aka ‘Jet Set Hobbo’, and is about the recently released New Zealand Institute’s Report that stated that New Zealand has one of the worst murder rates in the whole of the OECD.

We’re including it because it shows why some of the country’s brightest and most talented people leave and never return,  and how a once decent and peaceful society can be changed for the worse within a couple of generations…

Returning Kiwis views about NZ

There’s a great discussion going on today in the blogs section of the online New Zealand Herald, the topic centres around the number of expat New Zealanders returning to their homeland and their thoughts about it. It’s worth a read, if you have the time, because their comments are so similar to those of many migrants in the country. Read them here: “As an expat, what are your thoughts on returning home?“

Here’s a selection from the many, many pages of responses:…

Kiwi longs to escape cargo cult lifestyle

“This Kiwi Talk entry was taken from a thread on  ExpatExposed a self help and support forum for migrants in New Zealand.

Occasionally New Zealanders contribute to the discussion and their experiences demonstrate that it’s not just migrants who have problems. Locals have have them too and struggle to work out their feelings about a country that they’ve been conditioned for a lifetime to think of as ‘Godzone.’

If Kiwis are having a problem marrying up the reality with the illusion is it any wonder that migrants are finding it hard, even if they try to maintain a positive outlook on life?  This Kiwi’s account explains why so many of them leave (a quarter of the population live abroad) and why so few return:..


3 thoughts on “Quotes Of The Day

  1. “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us”.
    — Albert Schweitzer

    The worst feature about New Zealand, we found, was the depressing dearth of people who rekindled our light. In that way, it is a black hole. It took a visit back home and feeling sparked by others, even by strangers, that caused us to see the urgent necessity for us to quit waffling and leave this holeful of lockstep scenery worshipping boozers with two digit IQz as soon as we could manage it.

  2. For those Kiwis who ask unhappy migrants why they didn’t “do their research before coming”, this book may be worth a look –
    Destination Branding, Second Edition: Creating the unique destination proposition
    by Nigel Morgan et al. You can Google this book with keywords New Zealand and various others.
    (on the tourist industry)
    “Much of the industry is represented by pressure groups such as the Tourism Industry Association and its various member bodies, and thereby almost by default the NZTIA has assumed some political influence. Within this scenario it becomes possible for individuals to achieve significant levels of influence…”

  3. Would love to see a page of factoids about New Zealand on your great site.
    Here is one to start you off:
    The second local Church of Scientology to be set up, after the one in California, was in Auckland, New Zealand. In New Zealand, Scientology is recognized as a religious charity.

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