Search For Kiko – Body Found In Car Boot In Hamilton

The press released the sad news today that a body has been found in the search for missing woman Jiayi Li, 18, also known as Kiko. Kiko went missing 10 days ago and her car was spotted parked in Hamilton hours after police released a photo of it and the registration number.

Our deepest sympathies are extended to Kikos’ family and friends for their terrible loss, it’s a such tragic end to a bright, young life.

According to reports in the press two young men from Lynfield have been arrested for her murder:

“Two men have been charged with the murder of the missing Chinese teenager known as Kiko, after a body was found in the boot of her parked car last night.

Jiayi Li, 18, was reported missing on May 22. Her car was found in a suburban Hamilton street last night, with neighbours saying it had been there for several days.

Police said they believed the body is that of Jiayi Li and believe she was killed on or about May 19.

Li was last seen two weeks ago when she dropped two male friends off in New North Rd in the Auckland suburb of Kingsland. Her bank account had not been touched since that day, police said.

Two Chinese men from the Auckland suburb of Lynfield, aged 18 and 20, were arrested last night and will appear in the Auckland District Court today charged with the murder and aggravated robbery of Li.

They had earlier been charged with the theft of some of Li’s property and the attempted use of her documents on May 19.

The body will be removed from the vehicle today and an autopsy will be carried out as soon as possible, police said.

Kiko’s next of kin have been advised and family members have made arrangements to travel to New Zealand. “

There are around 100 murders/manslaughters in New Zealand every year, giving it the fifth highest murder rate in OECD.

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  1. Yet another asian murder here in New Zealand but please remember that they are being murdered by there own kind.

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