Guilty Of Murder – Libby Templeman’s Killer Convicted

The 16 year old youth who killed British school girl Liberty Rose Templeman was today found guilty of her murder by a 11-1 majority verdict, he was also found guilty of indecent assault.

The boy, who is thought to come from another southern hemisphere country, possibly South Africa, has been granted name suppression until overseas relatives have been informed of the verdict. He had already been named some time ago on a social networking website and comments were left beneath a  disturbing video of himself which he’d posted on the net. He repeatedly lied about the events leading up to Liberty’s death and changed his story a number of times.

The trial’s conclusion was shown on  ITN News in the UK

The verdicts, which came after a lengthy jury deliberation, will provide some relief for Libby’s family, who are still left wondering why this kid did what he did. Was it a spur of the moment act or something that arose from a personality disorder that renders him likely to re-offend? we may never know. It’s such a tragic waste of life. They boy will be sentenced next month.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the Templemans and to Libby’s friends and school mates. Hers was such a bright light, lost far too soon.

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