Discrimination Against Asians Still A Key Issue In New Zealand

Asian New Zealanders and international students continue to experience racial discrimination and harassment, according to a report released by Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres.

It seems that discrimination has increased over the last year (perhaps this is a result of a ‘kiwis first’ mentality during the recession?) with Asians being the most discriminated against. Overall around 10% of New Zealanders experienced discrimination and it looks like police still don’t collect data on racially motivated crimes, despite recommendations in the United Nations  Periodic Review of New Zealand and the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

“Public perceptions of discrimination against ethnic groups, and particularly Asians, have increased in the past 12 months. Two-thirds of survey respondents nominated an ethnic group when asked who they thought was most discriminated in New Zealand, and 28 per cent identified Asians. In a further question, when given a list of 14 named groups to choose from, 75 per cent identified Asians as the most discriminated against.

The 2009 Statistics New Zealand general social survey also asked questions about discrimination. The survey showed 10 per cent of New Zealanders experienced discrimination. The most common grounds were race, ethnic group or skin colour, and Asians experienced the most discrimination.

Examples of discrimination and harassment regularly heard by the Commission included discrimination in employment, verbal abuse (often shouted from people in cars), having water bombs and eggs thrown at them, abuse by neighbours, rubbish being tipped over the fence, damage to property and cars, bullying in schools, and harassment in the workplace.

“This type of behavior is not carried out by the majority of New Zealanders, but it is common and everyone needs to help put a stop to it,” said Mr de Bres.

Mr de Bres made five recommendations for addressing the situation:

* Encouraging people to share stories of discrimination, harassment and abuse (in the workplace, education sector, health sector and communities).

* Countering the relatively high incidence of discrimination against Asian New Zealanders, through government, businesses, school and community action.

* Ensuring the safety of international students, including effective reporting mechanisms, through the education sector, police and local government action.

* Police collection of data on racially motivated crime, as recommended by the United Nations Periodic Review of New Zealand and the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

* Formally welcoming and acknowledging international students and temporary migrant workers in communities (for example, at Race Relations Day events).

The review of racial discrimination and harassment forms part of the Commission’s annual Race Relations Report, which will be released in Auckland on 11 March.”

In November we talked about how the Maori party Co-vice president Heta Hingston said a lot of racism in New Zealand was covered up:

“racism … in New Zealand, is covert. Very few of the ardent anti-Maori, anti-Islander, anti-Asian front up… (the secrecy) is the worst part about racism that is rife in New Zealand. There are so many good Pakehas being tarred with the brush of those other racists that is all hidden.”

Which is why police need to start collecting data on racially motivated crimes.

And in September we covered a Press report that everyday ‘race hate’ is rife in places like Christchurch. At that time  Joris de Bres said race-hate crimes were a problem not just in Christchurch but around the country and were occurring more often than was reported to police:

“It’s becoming more and more urgent for police to gather data of racial abuse. The Government does agree but has said it’s not a priority. People needed to report their experience and schools needed a culture of tolerance and respect, he said.”

Well his words have been proven to be true and as racial discrimination has continued to increase. Perhaps the government should now give this issue priority and stop worrying about what it will do to New Zealand’s international reputation, or the crime figures.

Measure and deal with this problem before the Rugby World Cup, for everyone’s sakes.

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9 thoughts on “Discrimination Against Asians Still A Key Issue In New Zealand

  1. I was born in Korea and came here 25 years ago. I have done my high school and uni in NZ. I am sick and tired of this racial comments and discrimination.
    – People ask me where I am from just because I am an Asian.
    – They ask me what made me move here? OMFG! ask your nanny why!
    – Asians get shit treated by cops, parking wardens, council officers
    – Even a simple mistake on the road, Asians get tooted like die hard
    – White people drive crazy aggressive and that is acceptable
    – I have better qualifications than my colleagues but they became my boss
    – Housing price crisis is all Asian’s fault. Not govt
    – Complaining about no jobs while being on DOL
    the list never ends.

    • NZ has premature immigration history that lacks respect for diversity. Then there are undereducated unskilled white people (who forgot themselves or their ancestors are also immigrants) who think NZ is the best country (not knowing the different between best at rugby and simply the best country) always blame on Asians.

      Almost all Asians have migrated to NZ legally. This means exact same conditions applied to all including those come from UK, Ireland, South Africa. Yet there are so much negativity on Asians.

  2. I know it’s a bit too late for a comment but thanks for sharing this blog. Yes, it is time xenophobia should be stopped and people in New Zealand need to get real and understand that diversity is here to stay in New Zealand, like it or not.

  3. Reading comments on today’s news stories, Kiwis blaming foreign corporate owners for conditions at rest homes, norovirus outbreaks causing deaths, and the practice of hiring temporary foreign seasonal workers for typhoid found at a kiwifruit orchard. They have national obsessive-cmpulsive disorder about foreign influences and pathogens. But they need foreign money.

    Why can’t all these foreigners just wire Kiwis their money and stay home? The outrage!

  4. I’m not sure how many people in Alfred’s situation have the chance to engage with people who:
    -consider the government and other citizens responsible for their poor choices
    -want preferential treatment/allocation to them in CUP courses/university entry -believe that every overseas student coming to New Zealand, in addition to their hefty fees, culture adjustment and language issues along with misinformation about their rights, definite relational aggression and reduced interest/protection from the law… are somehow acting as parasites?
    -spend more time agitating for their rights, and very little on performing their responsibilities?

  5. Alfred darling, you need more Maori, Pacific Islanders as your friends, then you won’t see them as other, but they will be ‘very’ similar to you. You shouldn’t be so afraid of another race honestly, step up and realise that you are afraid!

  6. What about the biggest victims of racial discrimination and harrassment in New Zealand? WHITE PEOPLE. De Bres you are a racist anti-white commie marxist hypocrite. Marxists have a much higher atrocity count than fascists Mr De Bres. Are you proud of the 200 million people dead because of your beloved satanic Marxism Mr De Bres? Hows your buddy Quong Ming? Still proud of your support for the genocides in Cambodia and Vietnam?

    What about the worst of the racist offenders – MAORI and PACIFIC ISLANDERS? All you Brown, Yellow and Black whingers, haters and hypocrites can kiss my white ass! De Bres – why do you continue to promote lies and hate propaganda against your own people? What are you an anti-White Jew supremacist crypto or just a brain dead blinkered moron? Maybe we should take you from your sheltered environment and make you live in a Maori neighbourhood. However all your communist connections betray the fact that you share the same goal: the destruction of Western civilisation – not exactly the appropriate qualifications of somebody who would be a ‘race relations commissioner’… Whats the difference between a Marxist and a NAZI?

    Marxists want to destroy whites and white civilisation.
    Nazis wanted to destroy Marxists BECAUSE MARXISTS WANTED TO DESTROY WHITES.

    Marxists came first.

    This is a concept widely known as SELF DEFENSE, IDIOTS!!

    Anyone who thinks white people are the instigators and non-whites the victims ARE THE RACISTS. And you wonder why people shout at you to go home from their cars? Maybe because we are sick of being blamed for ‘racism’ when we are being raped, mugged, robbed, burgled, abused, attacked and murdered on a daily basis, by the same Maoris and Pacific Islanders who also target Asians. When we see Asians jumping the queue over victimhood status that pisses us off and proves to us that Asians, being so eager to establish oppressed-by-whitey-minority-status are just as racist towards us as Maoris and Pacific Islanders.

    Cant you see, you blind fools, that by singling out whites like this YOU are the ones being racist? You just invite MORE retaliation. Keep throwing rocks at the sleeping lion morons.

    Mr De Bres, you say that Maori and Pacific Islanders cannot be racist because whites have all the power (Talk about predjudice, stereotyping and generalisation). Would you agree then, Mr De Bres, that Germans in the thirties could not be racist because the allies and the non-indigenous Jewish colonisers had had all the power since 1918?

    If you want to emigrate to New Zealand I would advise you to watch out for MAORIS and PACIFIC ISLANDERS as having been nurtured by Mr De Bres and his fellow communist party travellers, they are extremely racist. The whites are very progressive and tolerant however. I would advise you to look for accomodation near where Mr Joris De Bres lives, and follow him around all day because he seems able to avoid the Maori and Pacific Islander racism that is all around us.

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