NZ – The Most Boring Place On Earth

Earlier today we covered the MSN Travel UK announcement that New Zealand was the most boring place on earth according to the people on their message board.

Here are some more of the comments that were made, why chose NZ when you could have…Wales?

“New Zealand.
Well…dull if you come from UK and then after 30 hours of travel, you realise you could have gone an hour into Wales instead!  …but then it’s your own fault; firstly for giving it the benefit of the doubt and secondly for staying 2.5 months when you were really after a change of culture that you subsequently found in Asia!!
I know many people love ‘the dullest place on earth’ 😉 but for me, Australia beats it hands down.”

“have to agree with you about New Zealand!
Rotura is the smelliest place in earth it was also the most unfriendly – I was walking across a road and 2 guys in a van decided to use the middle finger gesture for no reason!
It is def the southern hemisphere’s answer to Wales!
Just another thing Air NewZealand – they are c*ap as well – the country can’t do anything right.”

“New Zealand is without doubt, although very beautiful, the most depressing place to live, been here for three years, as for shop staff being friendly you are sadly misguided they are more false than Jordan’s breasts, pre proggrammed responses to everyone “how are you today” to everyone but when you respond they are completely flumoxed because they cant engage in conversation or they ask you the exact same question 2 seconds later lol.
Also came here as supposed to speak English but dont understand us even though we speak clear English, really low wages very expensive housing in comparison to wages. Boring lifestyle, bad education system, aggresive drivers, drugs are considered part of normal life as is drink driving.”

“Sorry, but having spent a while working in New Zealand, I was disappointed in the place.  It has its’ redeeming features but moving there should be considered very carefully.  It was boring, the wages suck and the weather can be as bad as the Uk and is often worse.  Beautiful scenery doesn’t pay for the high cost of living and do not get me started on the damp homes and lack of central heating!!!!!!  It’s ok for an expensive holiday but if you want to live somewhere picturesque with a few friendly people and lots of outdoor activities, then move to Wales or the Lakes!!!!!!!!!!”

“New Zealand.Really Dull,with its pompous Population of dead beats who enjoy a strange,boring life style.”

“yes new zealand is 30 years behind avoid at all costs its very overrated.”

“Yes New Zealand is incredibly dull. All you ever get from the Kiwis is how beautiful it is…… but they are actually all completely bored themselves. A vast percentage of them are always in the UK…… probably looking for some stimulation!”

“Either Norfolk, England, or Aukland, New Zealand.
I went on holiday in Aukland, and we were so bored, my father, my sister and I, went to a food court of a mall and gave ourselves a challenge: to eat one full portion of something from every restaurant in the food court. There were about twenty different restaurants.As you can tell, we were bored out of our MINDS!!! Well, it goes to show; the only funny thing about New Zealand is ‘The Flight of the Conchords.’ “

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11 thoughts on “NZ – The Most Boring Place On Earth

  1. Chad was a real credit to NZ’s education system but we don’t think he’ll make it out during the next brain drain.

    Sicily has better pizza.

  2. Chad is an exciting guy and was evidently offended.

    It’s boring in the same way that Sicily is boring. Rural, corrupt and feudal with no snow.

  3. Look out the post headed “Gen X & Y Advised to leave NZ as soon as possible” – TVNZ Breakfast show carried an interview recently with’s Bernard Hickey in which he advised Generations X and Y to leave New Zealand because they are destined to live in two retirement islands and will have to visit their grandchildren overseas.

  4. I used to say all those sorts of things about New Zealand when I was younger, in fact I still think some of those things, but I came to realise that I like boring, and I like living at the end of the Earth far away from wars and arseholes (as many as possible). I hope that the areas where we “lag” can be dealt with properly sometime by one of our governments, but I feel they rely too much on importing ready made skilled citizens and not investing enough making our own.

  5. Congratulations on this post and interesting blog!Me and my family more than we want to visit New Zealand! For the moment we can not ….. can one day …….. We sincerely happy for those that visited New Zealand for reading and dreaming ….Greetings to respect all!

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