The Results of Unannounced Pharmacy Audits are in, The Standards are Lower than Expected

New Zealand’s pharmacies must be brought up to standard for the safety of all concerned.


Thoughts are with Buzz Aldrin, who went to the moon and back. Unfortunately he has ended up at the mercy of an underfunded NZ health system

Spare a thought today for Buzz Aldrin who was medivac’d from the South Pole to Christchurch Hospital by the American National Science Foundation. A statement on his website gave the following information: EVACUATION TO CHRISTCHURCH NEW ZEALAND – 1915 UTC Thursday 1st December. The evacuation flight for Buzz Aldrin has successfully landed at Christchurch, New…

New Zealand’s ‘World Class Health System” Falling Apart?

New Zealand is presented often as having a ‘world class’ health system, however it is underfunded and understaffed, with some regions suffering from a severe lack of medical specialists. By April 2015, according to the World Health Organisation, New Zealand health system ranked 41st in the world, behind Singapore at 6th, the UK at 18th, Australia at 32nd,…