Thoughts are with Buzz Aldrin, who went to the moon and back. Unfortunately he has ended up at the mercy of an underfunded NZ health system


We wish Buzz Aldrin a speedy recovery

Spare a thought today for Buzz Aldrin who was medivac’d from the South Pole to Christchurch Hospital by the American National Science Foundation.

A statement on his website gave the following information:


The evacuation flight for Buzz Aldrin has successfully landed at Christchurch, New Zealand and he has been transferred to hospital for examination. He is currently has fluid in his lungs but is responding well to antibiotics and being kept in overnight for observation. His condition is stable and his manager, who is currently with him, described him being in good spirits.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the team at the American National Science Foundation for accommodating Buzz and his manager on one of their flights from the South Pole to New Zealand via McMurdo.

There will be further updates when additional information is available.


 Buzz Aldrin has been evacuated from the South Pole.  He was visiting the Pole as part of a tourist group operated by White Desert and while there his condition deteriorated. As a precaution, following discussion between White Desert’s doctor and the US Antarctic Program doctor, Buzz, accompanied by his manager, was evacuated on the first available flight out of the South Pole to McMurdo with the USAP under the care of a USAP doctor.  His condition was described as stable on hand-over to the USAP medical team. 

 This flight is still in progress and there will be further updates when additional information is available.

Buzz’s condition is trending on social media in both the US and NZ:

5 thoughts on “Thoughts are with Buzz Aldrin, who went to the moon and back. Unfortunately he has ended up at the mercy of an underfunded NZ health system

  1. And another one. Christmas is coming early!
    Looks like somebody benefited from the meritocratic academic system in New Zealand, to become a doctor despite substance abuse issues, intolerance and a poor vocabulary! Chur bro! Looks like “only the best” become doctors! /sarcasm
    Drunk, stressed doctor visits patient in hospital video
    Last updated 16:00, December 18 2016


    [Garbled mumblings]

    Robert: Why have you been out, where have you been out on it tonight?

    Doctor: Yeah man, f… you know you’ve got to do it. You know what I mean, you’ve gotta f…ing do it.

    Robert: How did they not notice you get in drunk?

    Doctor: ‘Cause I’m f…ing [unclear]. I’m f…ing stealth bro. That’s why.

    Robert: F… bro, you’re like pissed as and all.

    Doctor: I’m not f…ing pissed faggot. You think I’m f…ing pissed? You wanna see me pissed? You wanna f…ing see me pissed? F…ing whip out my bottle of whiskey, you faggot.

    Robert: What, you look wasted as.

    Doctor: It’s not about me cuz, it’s about you, bro. CF, bro, it’s tough s….

    Robert: Yeah.

    Doctor: Felt like just couldn’t be a doctor and then, halfway through [giggle], they were just like nah. And I was like oh f…, buggers. F…ing loving being a doctor.

    Robert: F…, it’s like four o’clock in the morning bro.

    Doctor: Oh, f… off, like time matters to you, faggot. You wanna sleep? If you want to sleep I’ll f…ing let you sleep, faggot.

    Robert: Nah, I’m alright bro.

    Doctor: Yeah, eat a dick, eh.

    Robert: I’m just worried about you.

    Doctor: It’s not about me, faggot, you’re the f…ing sick. F…ing come up, see a f…ing exacerbation. You know how much s… I’ve got to type because of you? Every time you come up I’ve got a tonne ball of s…. And then you f…ing swear at all the doctors and s…. You know, half of these kids they’ve been trained for 20 f…ing years trying to help you, bro. They’re so f…ing qualified. [sigh]


    D: You know that? You f…ing know that?

    R: Yeah.

    D: Looking out for you. Out of all the people on this ward, [Name], she’s got you the best bro [unclear].

    R: Oh f….

    D: What happened?

    R: Nah, nah, you’re right. I just need to turn on the light cuz.

    D: I’ll grab the nurse if you want.

    R: Nah, nah, you’re right. [Pause, light comes on.] Well, I do have a colouring in book.

    D: Hey, don’t look at me faggot.

    R: Are you all right bro?

    D: It’s the first time I do this s…. ‘Cos you’re being a little s…. You know that motherf…er [unclear] been training for…

  2. Valiant defenders of the right “to self-medicate and refuse medical attention (sometimes violently)” are being smeared in the press! /sarcasm
    “St John ambulance staff punched in face and threatened as abuse increases
    Last updated 18:30, December 18 2016
    Ambulance officers in the Central North Island were physically assaulted 98 times in the past nine months.
    Ambulance officers in the Central North Island were physically assaulted 98 times in the past nine months.

    Ambulance crews fear they are losing the community’s respect after staff were physically assaulted more than 98 times in the past nine months.

    St John staff were also verbally abused 219 times when they went out on jobs, making the Central North Island one of the worst places in the country for ambulance crews.

    Only Auckland, with 791 incidents, and Canterbury with 383, were worse. Wellington and Wairarapa are serviced by Wellington Free Ambulance.”

    It’s too bad the ambulance staff in Auckland are not Jaffas with Goa’ulds!

  3. Buzz Aldrin has escaped with his life! (9 Dec 2016)
    “Bye bye New Zealand! Hope to see you again! (But next time for vacation and not evacuation),” Aldrin’s manager, Christina Korp, tweeted overnight, along with a photo of Aldrin smiling while sitting on a plane.

  4. This man has a manager ,hopefully the first thing he did was fly in a real doctor from the U.S ,can only imagine how many people die each year from similiar conditions in N.Z and the hopeless doctors don’t know how to treat the patients and don’t really care to much so long as they can drink wine and eat special cheese at the weekend.

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