Crimechurch is Living Up to its Reputation, Again. Armed Robberies and Businesses Driven out of Town -updated

The attack on Wednesday evening was the second armed robbery at Cashmere’s Brickworks Bar and Restaurant in a fortnight. In both incidents shotguns were used.

Update 1 April 2017

“Police are seeking a masked man who approached a woman in Christchurch this morning and pointed what is believed to be a firearm at her head. The man approached her from behind about 6am on Riccarton Ave, near the Cricket Oval and pavilions, and pressed something to her head. The woman screamed and pulled away, and the man ran off...he was wearing a baggy grey hoodie, dark trousers and a beige Halloween-type mask, and was carrying what appeared to be a small dark-coloured firearm.” source Weekend NZ Herald

30 March 2017

Thinking of emigrating to New Zealand because its such a peaceful place with a low crime rate? think again.

Christchurch was living up to its reputation for crime well before the Canterbury earthquakes made the small city the earthquake capital of New Zealand.

Earthquake and reconstruction attempts have taken the limelight somewhat in recent years, but the city’s crime problem has continued to impact the lives of residents.

This was published in today’s news:

Glen Vaughan hid in a chiller fearing for his life after a robber blasted his way through the doors of a Christchurch bar with a gun. Two weeks earlier Vaughan, a cook at Cashmere’s Brickworks Bar and Restaurant, was forced to the floor by a man who pointed a double-barrelled shotgun at his head.

There were six employees and several customers in the bar when the latest robbery unfolded about 9.45pm on Wednesday.

As has become custom since the March 15 robbery, staff had locked the front doors early because they were nervous they would be targeted again… read more here

Latest in a string of armed robberies

The attack on the staff at the Brickworks bar and restaurant are the latest in a string of armed robberies in bars and restaurants in Christchurch

The Tavern Harewood in Bishopdale was robbed by a man armed with a 12-gauge shotgun on March 11 as Lino Luafutu, the uncle of hip-hop artist Scribe, played a gig.

Luafutu noticed a security guard and a patron near the bar with their hands in the air and initially thought they were dancing.

The offender was chased from the bar by a security guard and a patron and dropped items related to the robbery, including some cash, while running through Bishopdale Park.

Police are also investigating the aggravated robbery of Trevino’s Restaurant and Bar in Riccarton on March 24. It was understood the man had a weapon and stole cash.

We say its not so much a string of armed robberies, rather the continuation of a trend that has been going on for years, certainly since 2009 when this site stated and well before then.

And with over 1.1 million firearms in circulation in New Zealand, armed robberies are a problem that isn’t going away any time soon.

Also in today’s press:

Division Street. Intimidation, threats and damage drive out Christchurch retailer

Gangs of youths spitting, swearing and damaging property are terrorizing a street in the Christchurch suburb of Riccarton.

At least one retailer is quitting the area in the face of direct intimidation by youths running amok in the troubled Division St / Riccarton Bus Exchange area.

The Art of Sewing managing director Sandra Arnott confirmed this week she would not renew her lease, which expires May 1, and was relocating elsewhere following an incident in February that forced a lockdown… read on

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4 thoughts on “Crimechurch is Living Up to its Reputation, Again. Armed Robberies and Businesses Driven out of Town -updated

  1. Yes, Christchurch really is a deplorable place. The day-walkers are bad enough with hostile impatient drivers so desperate to beat each other and race and cut each other up, myriads of roadworks that either never seem to go away or pop up when you least expect them. Loud construction throughout the day, including wankers who thinks its perfectly acceptable to hammer away in their house at 8pm at night with no regard to surrounding neighbours.

    Degenerates hanging outside bus stations and the like, causing trouble and criminal damage, infesting each crevice like rats. A huge sense of unfriendliness in shops, petrol stations, supermarkets and malls, from both staff and other patrons. Theres a perpetual malingering malaise in this place that will shred you to ribbons if you fall on hard times. Those that already struggle are trapped for eternity here to forever be a victim of circumstance. And that is, being duped and conned into coming to this place with your hard earned cash only to be thrown into a meat grinder. Most become dependant on drugs and alcohol to escape the grim reality.

    The entire place looks like the dilapidated left overs of a Mad Mad apocalyptic esque war zone film set. Only the characters stayed as well. You’ve more chance of being abducted by aliens than ever receiving a smile from any of the curmudgeon sub humans that dwell/exist here.

    Once the sun goes down, the same predictable filth emerges from under the slimey rocks and and runs riot around the city and surrounding suburbs. Hood rats, the mentally ill, piss heads, druggies, boy racers with large noisy exhaust pipes that always drive 100mph down my street and everywhere else most nights of the week. It’s like clockwork. One thing you can bet on is how predictable Kiwis are. You can always be a step ahead of them if you choose to be. To avoid certain areas. They love routine.

    The bumps and screams you hear in the night here are not of your imagination, but some terrible insidious crime taking place. Either that, or some piss head has fallen down a deep man hole while a creeping earthquake emerges, and fries your battered nerves once again.

    Kiwis work best in mobs , they are cowards , brain washed in the guise of repetitions of self hypnosis (the kiwi way is best, the kiwi way is best) from an early age.

    A ‘foreigner’ fits in here like a marshmallow squeezing into a piggy bank slot.

    • Like a videogame, Christchurch is split into areas you should only wander into if you have a high level of experience, weapons or speed to get around the denizens. Perhaps this map will help:

      • I remember being in CHCH while we waited for plane back home after a holiday. It was not interesting then, and that was, perhaps, 10 years ago. We had a good look around while we waited. Most towns in New Zealand are just the same as the next one, but there really was just something not right there. I try to avoid being stuck there.

        The south island down that one side looks like a social shit storm these days.

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