The LookSee Wellington Promotion Continues to Confound and Disappoint its Applicants

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Data has been “lost” from the LookSee Wellington portal

Earlier this month we broke the story about the shambolic embarrassment known as the LookSee Wellington promotion.

The scheme was an effort to attract 100 IT professionals over to New Zealand using a ‘free holiday’ as a carrot, and a poorly coded website that allegedly lacked SSL and allowed applicants to see each other’s details.

As is often the case in New Zealand, this was another one of those great ideas that fell apart at the delivery stage. But, do you think by now they’d have sorted out the problem – even if they had to offshore the website design?

Here’s an update, as told by the good people of the Twitter community who responded to the LookSee Wellington invitation to apply.

It appears that accounts have been deleted, personal details “lost”, and video uploads corrupted:

8 thoughts on “The LookSee Wellington Promotion Continues to Confound and Disappoint its Applicants

  1. I suggest that a flatmate who refuses to clean their bathroom however enjoys a western standard of cleanliness provided by me should not leave their toothbrush on the vanity top.

  2. Somewhat related to the IT and website genres:
    MSD says IT system not up to standard after privacy breaches
    Last updated 20:50, April 5 2017


    RNZ CHECKPOINTSecond privacy breach at MSD in just one month
    RNZ Checkpoint
    The IT system for receiving private client information at the Ministry of Social Development has been shut down after a privacy breach, the second in the past month.

    The Ministry of Social Development has been forced to shut down its information sharing portal following a privacy breach.

    Social Development Minister Anne Tolley said the portal, where non-governmental service providers submitted client data, had been experiencing technical issues.

    On Tuesday night the ministry shut down the portal after an error allowed one provider to view another provider’s folder.

    Tolley said she had asked officials for advice on the next steps, which would involve using a different IT platform “that will be robustly tested”.

    “It’s vital clients and providers have confidence that their information is being protected. We will work with the Privacy Commissioner and the Government’s Chief Information Officer to ensure we get this right.”

    The government needed a secure IT system in order to access data about clients, which allowed the ministry to target funding to where it was most needed.

    My comment? Secure systems can be built, but they require more than script kiddies on the payroll. And the “robust testing” can be automated PROVIDED specifications can be adhered to. Computers are certainly not flexible and lackadaisical unless programmed that way.

    Something tells me we can look forward to hearing some magic phrases with the next platform:
    “cost overrun”
    “not fit for purpose”
    “stakeholder expectations”

  3. Hi,
    I am Suresh, working in India as Software Engineer. I would like to know, how long the NZ I.T.companies can wait for a newly hired employ to join in their company.

    Is 2 months okay for them?
    Or, they will strictly wait for only 1 month?

    Any advice is of great healpful!


  4. In my own experience, this kind of blatant incompetence is encountered almost EVERY time you deal with Kiwis. They really are a bunch of blundering morons.

  5. Great scheme … that attracts a lot of people … and it’s unknown whether they select the best … or what the pay rate is.

    Transparent? Of course not. Will be interesting to see who get the job, but of course, pretty sure the candidate(s) will have to stay quiet on pain of being sacked.

    It seems a lot like the way (failed company) Theranos did their staffing.

  6. No wonder NZ needs I.T. jockeys! This is the same lax crap you find all over this Godforsaken country. DON’T COME! SAVE YOURSELVES! Bah… None of them will take any notice. The 100% Clean green lie has won them over. HAHAHA

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