Armed Police Storm Christchurch Home


NZ criminals favor heavy weaponry

NZ criminals tend to favor heavy weaponry

Stuff is reporting a police raid on a home in Shirley, Christchurch.

A Christchurch house is cordoned off while a specialist police team searches for firearms. Police carried out a search warrant for firearms at a house on Shirley Rd about 7am.

A spokeswoman said armed police and dog handler squads were searching the property, due to the nature of the warrant. The wider cordon was removed about 7.45am, but a smaller cordon remained around the property while a police “specialist search” was carried out, she said.

The incident happened near Shirley Intermediate School and The Palms shopping mall… read more

Armed Offenders Squad operations are fairly commonplace in New Zealand, scarcely a week goes by without them seeing active duty. It’s remarkable how many of their raids take place on ordinary suburban streets, close to shops and schools.

In June last year we wrote about how a firearms cache went missing on the eve of the anti-gun initiative “Operation Unification” an Australasian-wide two-week campaign aimed at encouraging the public to report those who hold firearms illegally.

The Buckland’s Beach home, from where the cache was ‘taken,’ was metres away from Bucklands Beach Primary school. Months later weapons from the cache were seized hundreds of kilometres away in Northland.

Why exactly did a suburban home in Bucklands Beach need a massive gun cache and 5,000 rounds of ammunition? and why did it all get taken just as Operation Unification started?

New Zealand’s gangs are known to use legitimate, licensed gun owners as quartermasters. Firearms do not have to be licensed in New Zealand, just their owners. This means no-one knows how many firearms are in circulation in New Zealand, conservative estimates place it at 1.1 million.