“Schools Don’t Need To Be Bullied Into Action”

Says Ian Leckie, national president of the union the NZ Educational Institute. Before taking up his post with the union Mr Leckie was principal of Tahatai Coast School in the Bay of Plenty.

Bullying, both within New Zealand’s educational sector and the wider community, has been the focus of much media attention recently.

In a press release issued by the NZEI

Schools don’t need to be bullied into action

The education sector union NZEI Te Riu Roa says the Prime Minister is misguided to think that schools alone can stop bullying, as the root cause often lies well beyond the classroom.

John Key is instructing the Education Minister to write to all schools reminding them of their responsibilities and demanding they review their anti-bullying policies.

“Schools take bullying very seriously and encourage a zero-tolerance approach. They don’t need to be bullied into action,” says NZEI President Ian Leckie.

“They are already very aware of their responsibilities in terms of providing a safe environment for all their students and their programmes and policies around bullying are checked by the Education Review Office.”

“The government is naive to think just writing letters to schools demanding they review their anti-bullying policies will make the problem go away. The causes of bullying are complex and often reflect wider social issues. Parents, whanau and the wider community have a huge role to play in identifying bullying and changing behaviours,” Mr Leckie adds.

The nature of schoolyard bullying has also changed with text messaging and social networking.

“It can be more insidious and sophisticated and can happen in a range of places and contexts. Schools can often be unaware it is going on but always aim to deal with what they are made aware of,” Mr Leckie says.

“The government needs to realise that the problem of bullying does not always rest at the school gate.”


Note the rather mealy-mouthed “encourage a zero-tolerance approach”

Is it possible to encourage something as absolute as zero tolerance?  There is either ZERO tolerance, or there isn’t. There’s no room for half measures here.

Whilst it is true that this problem extends beyond the school gates we think schools have a very important part to play in curbing it. Schools have got to take the lead – these are the places that are responsible for educating successive generations of New Zealanders.

If a child can’t feel safe at school, where can it?

A satirical take on the government’s handling of the bullying  crisis in New Zealand’s schools

Watch an interview with Dr Janis Carroll-Lind of the Children’s Commission to find out how bad the problem is in New Zealand and what schools should be doing.

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He said it was the first time the Government had made legal action for bullying a real possibility, as far as he was aware…”

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The move follows research showing violence toward New Zealand schoolchildren is high compared with other developed countries and that bullying is one of their biggest fears…

It appears that we do have high levels of physical and emotional bullying in New Zealand schools in comparison to other countries. This is historical. We’ve had this for quite some time in our schools,” she (Cindy Kiro, Children’s Commissioner) said…”

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One thought on ““Schools Don’t Need To Be Bullied Into Action”

  1. It’s important to understand that bullying in a school can happen between teachers, between a headmaster and a teacher, between students, between teachers and a student, between a headmaster and a student.
    Of course, in order to acknowledge the bullying that happens between a superior and a subordinate, people will have to wrap their heads around the idea that their leaders (which the people decided were better than them), are not infallible.
    If it is too “unaffordable” for people to have their children taught in a safe environment, or people buy into the “harden up” NZ attitude, this unhealthy condition of bullying will persist and get worse.

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