****..? Censorship is Strong at Britishexpats.com. Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid


Mention E2NZ.org on some sites and the word will be censored.

Proof today that pro-NZ emigration sites are using censorship to prevent people from getting the full picture about New Zealand.

For some time we’ve known that sites like Britishexpats.com use software to replace the word E2NZ with a string of ****. It’s incredible that this form of censorship is used in this day and age.


Internet Brands is a business like any other

What is it that the moderators of Britishexpats.com (a commercial site owned by Internet Brands) finds so challenging about E2NZ.org?

  • Our coverage of the Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes?
  • The exposure of the poor state of the health and education sectors?
  • The high crime rates, child poverty and youth suicide rates?
  • The fact that we don’t censor comments left at the site? People are able to speak freely here if they keep within the guidelines
  • The fact that we have clear anti-trolling rules to keep the nasties out?
  • The fact that we provide a safe place for people to express their disappointment with New Zealand, without telling them it must somehow be their fault for not doing their research/being too weak/need harden up/don’t like it leave/but people have it so much worse in [insert name of third world country]?
  • We expose the 100% pure NZ myth?

It’s well known that we don’t serve kool-aid here and many New Zealanders find that hard to deal with, they’ve been brought up on it since birth. It’s interesting to see that Britishexpats.com prevents its readers from learning about this site. What does it hope to gain by doing so?


Please take some time to look through our Migrant Tales series – hundreds and hundreds of first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand.

Then ask yourself, who is more likely to be telling the truth – a commercial site, funded by advertising revenue?


Or an independent site with thousands of subscribers both here and on Twitter, funded out of our back-pockets and the bits of loose change down inside the dusty sofa cushions of our admin team?

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8 thoughts on “****..? Censorship is Strong at Britishexpats.com. Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

  1. I remember the Rob Muldoon laugh ,he used to do it while he shafted the N.Z public from behind and had a good giggle that anybody with enough cash ,youth and a plane ticket fled this country for Australia.anybody else remember ,you do this really slowly ,”eh,,,,eh,,,,eh”.

  2. Haha all the old timers on that thread know exactly who ****..? is but deny newbies the chance of finding out who they’re talking about. How fascinating it is to watch the tip-toeing around? I know for certain the Buzzy–Bee used to live in New Zealand. He hated it and moved to Australia. Funny how he makes an appearance on the thread. Can you tell he used to be a BE moderator back in the day? Look at jmh. She’s a Kiwi. Not even an ex-pat. She makes money from selling resumes. She has no bias at all obviously!!!

  3. It’s a bullshit website run by clowns. (Britishexpats.com.) There were many butt hurt people when i left a post years ago under another name:

    The first reply called me a ‘troll’. Talk about being an insular minded little bigot. I would never waste my time typing out something like that to ‘troll anyone, and the reason I did it was to WARN people on that site who were being mugged off and lied to by the admin and others telling potential expats that New Zealand was an amazing place to live.

    Ironic how they do nothing but praise NZ on that site, (because they get paid for doing so) but instantly have a problem with someone (me) who has a differing opinion.

    Bunch of Nazis. Thank god for E2NZ.

  4. The truth always come out in the end.
    All the pissed off migrants sold a lie will soon be singing from the highest hills and all the world will soon know.
    This censorship is like the boy with his finger in the dyke, soon he will run out of fingers.

    Already in 2016, many major international newspapers are informing countries about the politricks NZ immigration is using to entice people over.

    Millennials, who have grown up in this toxic PR environment, are fairly wise, like being street wise in a ghetto, out of necessity and experience.

    One thing about the actions of The Beast or The Babylon or whatever, is that you can only fool some of the people some of the time, they wise up eventually [even NZers!] and then the beast has to fool them in different ways, until they wise up again. Its like beasts of prey and herd animals, and we all evolve upward, or sideways, sometimes devolve,, who knows eh?

    The ‘faux’ natural order or natural selection of capitalism, now has the [paid consultant] at the head of the pride of lions, working in unison to trap the weak of the herd.

    Eventually the herd will know of the consultancy and behavioral science that exposes their weaknesses, and will adapt. Shore up their weakness, this is good!! Then the beast will adapt his hunt and on it goes, the perpetual war of good vrs evil.

    In this strange dance of Kali, and as Inuit say, ‘the wolf keeps the caribou strong.’

    NZ isolation make it ripe for imported predators, not just rats stoats possums goats and pigs! Unfortunately the death throes occuring as this extinction of kiwi is happening,, make for a frothing, seething species, angst ridden for losing it paradise lost to global economics.

    Easy meat just like the whalers and sealers had back in the day. Then no more.

    The wised up global citizen is born.

    • One very important thing you never get told. If you leave England and emigrate to NZ you’s better be prepared to serve a life sentence. I’ve spent all my working life in NZ and paid my tax’s which include the pension fund. Now I want to return to the UK to be with family, in what years I have left, I’m unable to take any of my pension with me – that’s NONE of it. Please don’t make the mistake that I and quite a few others I know have made. If you emigrate to NZ that it.

      I’m finding many people from the UK think a NZ pension is transferable like their UK one
      (you paid for is so it’s yours to use where you will). Not so out here guys.


      • The KiwiSaver you can get out one year after emigrating from New Zealand, but you sometimes have to fight for it as I did. Unfortunately, my understanding is that you cannot collect the standard New Zealand superannuation unless you live in New Zealand for at least six months of the year. This is quite distinct to other countries where you can collect your pension abroad. Similarly, if you stay in New Zealand for retirement, the New Zealand government will reduce your New Zealand pension by the amount of any foreign pension that you receive. The devil is in the details and I would strongly recommend retiring elsewhere.

      • Someone once said “I came to New Zealand 20 years ago with £5 in my pocket and today I have $25”. I moved here a few years ago with my Kiwi wife and children and we struggle because of the cost of living. In most other countries I would have a good living based on my income here, but once you strip away tax, mortgage, life and medical insurance, house & contents insurance, car costs, food, rates, electricity, telephone & broadband and whatever else, there isn’t much left. Perhaps “I came to New Zealand with £25,000 and today I have $25” is more realistic. Insurance is very expensive and some would consider it a luxury here. (1 in 4 cars on the road not insured etc). I doubt many people have life and medical insurance which is costing us nearly $1,000 a month, so $12,000 a year on that alone (Very tempted to drop that and take my chances like everyone else).

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