More New Zealand Censorship – “I think we should discuss the fact that our biggest political news of the year was ridiculously restricted here”


Reddit New Zealand is heavily censored and controlled by Area64

Today another example of active censorship in New Zealand, this time from reddit. With an election looming next year, the jockeying for position has already started.

Guess who’s controlling the narrative this time…yes, that’s correct – it’s still the members of /r/Area64.


Far too much material has been removed from the sub

And Let’s not pretend that Dead Rooster acted in anyone’s interest other than his

Our regulars may recall we opened our troll zoo to expose some of the dirty dealings of area64, and the way they troll and manipulate the New Zealand sub-reddit. Its members include the higher placed mods of /r/newzealand (e.g. Dead_Rooster) and a few less savory, intellectually challenged individuals.

It is no coincidence that the same people also troll are now brigading the thread from behind the /r/area64 firewall:


Area64 members pile into the /r/newzealand mod


On the back foot, Sehrah is forced to defend her actions

Currently the moderator sehrah is under concerted attack for deleted threads back linking to The Spinoff about John Key’s resignation. People did try to warn her about Area64 (Dead Rooster operating behind the scenes with SIS-NZ and others) but she chose not to listen.
We’re writing about this to show you how seemingly free and open social media sites are heavily controlled by a few individuals, and to advise you to use common sense when using them as sources of information.

If you want to read about how social media is manipulated in New Zealand, read the whole sorry thread here:

I think we should discuss the fact that our biggest political news of the year was ridiculously restricted here

Here’s an copy just in case: Copy

(This article will eventually be moved to


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