More Earthquake Tweets and Images. Donate to NZ Red Cross Appeal People Really DO Need Your Help

Images of the devastation experienced after the Kaikoura earthquake and devastating tsunami have been slow to emerge, no doubt due to the isolation some communities are experiencing.

It looks like it’s going to be a long and expensive road to recovery. Do your bit and contribute to the Red Cross emergency appeal here:

At the moment, water is the greatest need, so water bladders and tap stands will be given out where needed. Just NZ$40 can buy a clean up kit to help a family get back on its feet. $100 can provide pyschosocial first aid to a family suffering emotionally after the quakes.

So far there have been over 860 aftershocks, many of them large scale. In addition to that there has been water damage and flooding from heavy rain and high winds.

Some people have been quick to see the opportunities the quake has presented. This comment was left on Facebook today

Here’s some other information left on social media.

3 thoughts on “More Earthquake Tweets and Images. Donate to NZ Red Cross Appeal People Really DO Need Your Help

  1. The earthquake has proved to be a real blessing for me ,no more ridiculously huge trucks making huge amounts of noise and shaking the ground 100 meters before they pass and 100 meters after they pass my house ,I hope the road never opens again ,Thank you earthquake for getting the ridiculously large trucks off our roads ,why anybody would have allowed freight to be shipped into Auckland and then trucked to Wellington to take a ferry and then shipped up the coast road to Christchurch defies belief anyway thank you earthquake

  2. When the fat corrupt Jerrie Browniee stops eating $1000 lunches on the tax payers back and pledges to go on a diet and eat like a normal human being I will send money to the Red Cross in the mean time send all requests to that fat fuk .

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