Are the Cows Stranded on Quake Island a Metaphor for Life in New Zealand?


The welfare of the cows is unknown, were they simply left to their fate?

Today we were asked the question: Are the cows stranded on Quake Island a metaphor for life in New Zealand?

(As one person put it: 10 million cows can’t be wrong.)


Stimulus material











3 thoughts on “Are the Cows Stranded on Quake Island a Metaphor for Life in New Zealand?

  1. Last weekend a household near me had loud music late Friday night, I can hear them but can not see them. Must be hell for the immediate neighbors. It got shut down an hour later and then they proceeded to sing. Sounded like a large group.
    Tonight, being Friday night 1 week later, I heard loud group singing again, probably from the same house.

    It began with ‘God defend NZ’, next song was a haka, then some more Kiwi anthems.

    What a pack of shit heads to their neighbors! Its a valley here and hundreds of other homes would have heard them.

    Classic NZ.


    • Er, yes they will…that’s the point. They’re still in New Zealand. Pity those people who left for Christchurch, still largely in ruins and where there was a severe 5.7 this evening at a depth of only 7 km. It was preceeded by a 4.8 just one minute earlier at 6.12pm, then followed by three “strong” earthquakes; a 4.2 at 6.30pm, a 4.5 at 6.31pm and 4.5 at 6.44pm.


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